How Do I See God In Union?

How Do I See God In Union?

By Fred Pruitt

(FP Note – While I’m still doing the “AntiChrist” series via William Law – I have the next one near completion – I thought I would slip this in for the interim. A few questions came in a couple of days ago from a reader that I thought would be good on the blog, with my reply (which has been edited). This is, in comparison to the “feel” of the ongoing series on “AntiChrist,” like what the high school bands at the high school dances used to say, “We’d like to do a little change of pace now. We’re gonna play a slow-dance.”)

Dear Fred,

I am not sure how to ask this question and am pretty sure that I will need some back and forth to clarify. But here goes. 

Your message is union. And it is the lesson Jesus has been showing me even before I found you. However, it is creating some practical and thinking issues that are troubling and affecting me. I know it is not a conflict. But a paradox I don’t yet know how to rectify.  Thus, this text in a search. 

Jesus has immersed me in union thinking, and experience. But, being a very black and white thinker, unfortunately, I am losing sight of the nuances of the other. I am not God. God is God. Yet, I am only truly me in union. We are one and he is my life. And I am an expression of him. And I don’t exist without him. Yet. He exists without me. Can you give me some perspective on the other (God as only god) and what that looks like with the knowing we are one?  And what does that relationship (I know they are not really separate in a way, and yet they are in some way)  

He lives in me. We are in union. I live as an expression of him. Or, express him. But, I know, it is not I who live but he who lives in me and through me and is my life in union. 

This is truly not a question of separation. But a question of how do I now see him as an individual. React, pray, believe?

I find myself asking nothing because it seems like it is silly. He is my life. Living as me. But where does the distinction fit into my thinking. I am not him and he is not me, but living as me in union. It has kinda screwed up my entire perspective of who he is in the details and in thinking. Which kinda creates some confusion in me. 

I have been just trusting and giving it to him but am realizing I need some perspective from elsewhere.  What might you have to share in this. It is affecting me in some not so pleasant ways. 

It feels I should know the answer. And maybe my struggles with where I came from created a “throw the baby out with the bath” situation in my thinking. But I have hit an intellectual wall that is beyond my ability to solve. And it is hard to hear with what I know, knowing I don’t know, but having no perspective and ways of thinking about it in my own head. I just keep going in intellectual circles and, like I said, affecting my living. 

Does that make any sense at all?  

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

My Reply

Dear _______,

Thanks for writing. Always good to hear from you. After reading yours, let me be perhaps one of the first to congratulate you on arriving at the “God Who is past finding out.” You are not alone. Practically every one I’ve known over the years who has by the Spirit discovered “union life,” has had many of the same questions you have. Including me.

You mentioned “paradox.” I remember using that word quite a lot in my yester-years, but it’s just now when you bring it up that I realize I haven’t used the word or thought, “Gee this is a paradox,” in quite a long time. I think the reason for that is that (all accomplished by the Spirit within us, TOTALLY HIS show) as we grow in understanding and fixed consciousness, daily accumulating more knowledge, understandings, insights, etc., things fitting together, etc., the sheer weight of having it all swirling around inside our rational thought processes that can’t quite fit A with B anymore like we used to. Definitions, where things were, who was in what location — relating to the things of God and the Spirit, don’t make sense anymore. He is beyond our intelligence or intellect.

You mention difficulty with the mechanics of prayer, “now that we know union.” We ask silly questions like, “If I’m in union or oneness with God, who do I pray to?” Just try “God,” that always works for me!  Or “Father.” That’s Who Jesus mentioned when He prayed. I haven’t become the Father, even though He lives in me and is “one” with me.

So, here’s where we get to explore just a little bit the “we’re not God,” part. You are absolutely correct. “It is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves.” If He “made us,” then obviously we cannot be “God.” He wouldn’t re-make Himself, because if there is anything He cannot DO, it would be to make a duplicate of Himself. He would be “re-creating God,” and that is confusion to the mind! (And this is also essentially the temptation in the Garden – to “re-create God” in themselves by the “Knowledge of Good and Evil.”)

The Lord’s eternal answer to that question: “I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside me.”  (Is 45:5)

Paul Tillich, a well-known 20th Century theologian, called God “the Ground of all being.” In other words, God is not a separate “being” far-off or far-above who lives in a “place” called Heaven. Paul the Apostle made it plain to the Athenians when he spoke to them about the “Unknown God,” Whom they “ignorantly worshipped,” that He was not far from any of them. In fact, Paul explained, “In Him we all live and move and have our being.” In other words, Paul has told them that their very existence comes from God and is found IN God. He says this to people who are not believers, but pagans! Everyone (even the pagans), Paul says, lives and moves and has his “be-ing,” i.e. existence, in God. Contained within the existence of God is the existence of us all. (Acts 17:22-31)

In English usage we have somewhat muddied the meaning when referring to a person as a “being.” We have made the word “being” to convey something physical or palpable. Another “being” to us is someone physically manifest to us, a “creature.” An “alien being.”

But that isn’t what “being” means. It literally means the state or act of existing. Now there is great depth in this. Just “existing” has no meaning by itself because there is no movement or motion in it. God doesn’t just say He is, “I AM.” He told Moses “I AM THAT (OR WHO) I AM.” It’s “I AM” with a plus. That implies motion, a reaching out of the most inward Center in the Heart of God where pure BEING is still, peaceful, having all and needing nothing, an endless sea of Love and Possibility. This pure stillness of bliss and peace undisturbed by any kind of contrariety or division could have been eternally just that and no other, were it not for one thing.

In the heart of the Throne of the Most High God there is a weak, vulnerable, easily killed Lamb as the symbol of God’s True Heart from Eternity. It is the picture of self-giving Love, the chief “attribute” of the Holy Godhead, that in order to express and demonstrate that God goes out of Himself from His peaceful serene center through travail to eternally “birth” the Son He declares – “I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee.” (Ps 2:7).

The Love Drive/Desire continues. The Holy Wind, God’s Breath, moves the Son Who leaves His Divinity, gives it up, empties Himself from it, to be born a Son of Man. Fully completely man in every way. He comes as the Last Adam, the Man of the Spirit, to redeem the First Adam, the Man of the Earth.  

You are part of that now. The love drive that brought forth the universe as a location that God might bring forth a vast family of sons who live exclusively to do His Will, is now working in you! It always has been but it is so much better to know it! It’s a REALLY BIG DEAL and at the same time we live these wonderful truths out in sometimes the most mundane of circumstances.

Think on this. How much is a teaspoon of sea water compared to all the water in all the oceans? A teeny-tiny-miniscule amount, right?

Well, that’s the level we all are in knowledge and understanding of God. A teaspoonful of the ocean of truth. I say that not to denigrate our small understandings and knowledge, but only to show how much MORE THERE IS that in these moments we are only seeing through the mist. More than can be contained or imagined, exceedingly above all that we can ask or think!

Most of those questions you ask will answer themselves as you walk it out in the Spirit. They don’t have black and white, line upon line, precept upon precept answers. You cannot put it into a manual of “How the Holy Spirit works.” He’s the teacher and ultimately our only theology. After a while you settle in to Who you are and the “mechanics” of “how” you operate.

Just get up every day and say this is God’s day. Then relax and let Him bring it about, whatever He’s got going. Thinking this all through is helpful, but you can never arrive that way. It defies analysis. Consider this and that and all the in’s and out’s, but in the end it is always only one answer, the faith of God, working in us perfectly according to the Spirit. He makes no mistakes.

I think you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, and the One in you will see to it that it continues to be that way all the way to the end.

Much love,


3 thoughts on “How Do I See God In Union?

  1. Wonderful. God, always patient in the mundane day we fail to appreciate until by the wind of the Spirit we are arrested, our eye, by the Spirit made single, where we are caught up in unexplainable joy unspeakable in the most simple moment. The questions dissolve and we see and relax.

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