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Free Will vs Election
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Seeing As God Sees
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9 thoughts on “All Articles Lists

  1. Hi Fred, I so enjoy reading your articles and Website. I purchased your book, “The Axe Laid to the Root,” and it is excellent. Thank you for your ministry.

    I have a question. Norman Grubb often said that God never gets angry and that, we, as sinful mankind, only interpret God as angry. However, how do we account for all of the Scriptures in the Old Testament that talk about the wrath of God and that God was bringing judgment (i.e., Sodom and Gomorrah, many passages in Ezekiel, etc.)? How do we make sense of the Book of Revelation, which also outlines God’s wrath and judgment at the end of time? Furthermore, some are saying God will soon release his wrath and judgment on America. To me, it seems God gets angry and sends judgment, but perhaps I missing the point. Thank you.

  2. Hi Fred, lol! That’s fine—I know you are busy, and it’s hard to remember everything. I really do appreciate your ministry. I read many of your writings and am always blessed by them. And I was thrilled and honored that you responded to my question with that wonderful series. If you are ever visiting Pittsburgh, PA, let me know. I would love to meet you. God bless you. Jim

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