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July 16, 2018

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The Man Who Turned the World Upside Down

Divine Sponaneity

Being Filled and Staying Filled with the Spirit

Finding Love in ‘The Hiding Place’

Love Is the ONLY WAY

Seeing Through the Enemy’s Trick

Mercy and Judgment

Our Inner Life Is Our True Life

Fear or Faith?

Giving Your All for Jesus Update

Single Eye Seeing Q & A

Lazarus Come Forth

From What Trough Do We Eat? P2

From What Trough Do We Eat? P1

Poking A Dead Dog

The Terror of Judgment

Confirmed Again

We Do Not Operate Ourselves

Order in the Chaos Reprise

Every Man Perfect in Christ Jesus

This Day I Have Begotten Thee

Blessed Are the Pure in Heart

Twoness Supplanted by Oneness-Encore

With Open Face Beholding … Part Two

With Open Face Beholding … Part One

The Law of the Spirit or Self-Effort Part Three

The Law of the Spirit or Self-Effort Part Two

The Law of the Spirit or Self-Effort Part One

What Is the Election of God?

If Anyone Be In Christ

Will God Deliver Me From Fear?

Blessed Are the Meek

The End of Phariseeism (Updated)

Self-for-Others Life

Get Ready and Shine

Love Is Always the Answer

I Don’t Feel or Hear God Anymore 2018

Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

Update and Personal Note 2018-1

Blessed Are They That Mourn

Love in Eternal Freedom

Loving the World

Letting Go of Self Effort

Finding the True Pearl of Great Price

No More Mister Something

No Other Answer in God

What Happened that Night 2017?


The Only Kind of Christmas

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Joy to the World 2017

Revealed Unto Babes

Nick Cabbiness’ Testimony About Grandson’s Death

The Crazy Machinations of ‘The Law’

Remembering Our Foundation

Getting Settled in Who We Are

We Cannot Sin is Not Our Emphasis

Heb 11:6 and Grace Part Two Reprise

The Greatest of the Greater Works

A Musical Cross 2017

The Fight of Faith

The Earnest Expectation of the Creature Part 3

The Earnest Expectation of the Creature Part 2

The Earnest Expectation of the Creature Part 1

Do We Still Experience Temptation?

Living the Eternal in the Temporal – Part Two

Living the Eternal in the Temporal – Part One

The Good Samaritan 2017 Update

Consciousness Series Part Three

Consciousness Series Part Two

Consciousness Series Part One

Take Up Your Humanity

New Wine in New Wineskins 2017

Our Inner Confirmation

As the Waters Cover the Sea

Divine Adequacy

Is It Always About Sin?

In Spirit and in Truth

Where’s the Wrath? Part Four

Where’s the Wrath? Part Three

The Odd Conundrums of Spirit Living

The Happy Fault

Beginning at the Beginning

Where’s the Wrath, Part Two

Where’s the Wrath, Part One

Cooperating with the Spirit

Faith Completed in Struggle

Sounds Like We Are Automatons?

Am I Really Born Again and in Union Too?

Temptation and Condemnation Part Two

Temptation and Condemnation Part One

On Condemnation 2001

A Flurry of I Ams 2017

Shaking the ‘Change Me’ Syndrome

Finally_the New Covenant Part Two

Finally– the New Covenant Part One

The Election of God Part Two

The Election of God Part One

On Field or On Bench? Reprise

From Two to One

God’s Got You No Matter What

Short Trip Announcement

Some Clarity on ‘Dying Daily’

God’s Specialty — Messy Lives

Road Trip!!!!

Love Penetrates All Offenses

Order In The Chaos

The Word Made Flesh

It Starts in the Spirit

Revisiting the Transition from Flesh to Spirit

Sermon on Mount 2 Beatitudes 1

A Man Sent by God 2017

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Talking About Galatians 2:20

Walking in Heaven Now Pt 1

Walking in Heaven Now Pt 2

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Special Anouncements

The book, Hearts of Flesh, is now available to order a printed copy, an ebook from the publisher, or download here as a pdf file, free of charge. Click here: Hearts of Flesh


New Book by Fred Pruitt

Free Will (Printed version) — Available now on Lulu.com — Now available as a pdf file on this blog, free of charge! (See above)

For printed version, click here: https://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/free-will/18753195

English – Spanish Video

Thanks to Ted Angell and Andrea Garzon, we recorded a new video of our Christ in us as us message for the Spanish-speaking world when we were in the Washington DC area in November. I spoke and Andrea translated.
Here is the link to the new video in Spanish:


Brazilian Website Link Repaired.

See new link to Brazilian Grace Site on Videos Page.

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The Truth That Edifies


Video of the Day

Now “God Is Love — The Spaghetti Series” in one 29 minute video