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March 13, 2019

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Follow-up to Glorious Response P1

Glorious Response

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An Hypothetical Dialogue on Good and Evil

Report from the Trenches

Understanding Soul and Spirit Major Key 3

Understanding Soul and Spirit Major Key 2

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The Promised Land

Worshipping in Spirit & in Truth P2

Worshipping in Spirit & in Truth P1

The Glory of Temptation

The Inner Mystery of the Whole Scripture

Neither Anxious Nor Disappointed

Whats In A Name II

The Best News

How To Live From Your Spirit

Transcript of The Truth that Edifies Part Two

Transcript of The Truth that Edifies Part One

A New Flurry of I AMs 2018 Part One

A New Flurry of I AMs 2018

Intro to The Truth that Edifies

The Struggle to Be You Part Three

The Struggle to Be You Part Two

The Struggle to Be You Part One

Having Ceased From Our Own Works

Cause Me to Hear And to Know

A Calling Without Repentance Part Two

A Calling Without Repentance Part One

The Wine At Cana


The Good Samaritan 2018 Update

The Apostles’ Doctrine Four P2 2018

How Can I Know 2018

No  Enchantment

Sound of Abundant Rain

Some Thoughts The Power of Reckoning

Don’t Believe the ‘wicked one’

The Apostles’ Doctrine Four 2018 Theology P1

What About Prayers for Healing and Miracles Etc?

The Apostles’ Doctrine Three 2018

The Apostles’ Doctrine Two 2018

The Apostles’ Doctrine One 2018

The Story of Everyman

The Love of Money

Rejoice You Barren One

The Laughter of God, Part One with Audio

New Shorts 2018

Keep On Keeping On

What If Deliverance Never Comes 2018

Am I Really Born Again?

The Union Is In the AS


Why We MUST Say As Us

Are Some Not Kept?

Gal 2:20 Talk — Full Text with Audio and Video

The Ground of Our Being

What’s In A Name?

Take Up Your Redeemed Humanity

The Answer Is Always the Same

What the Heck Am I Up To?

The Seed of Christ II

The God of All Knowledge and Comfort

Completion in the Self

Whom I Uphold–Says the Lord

Revealing Christ WHEREVER He IS

Updated List of All Articles

The Man Who Turned the World Upside Down

Divine Sponaneity

Being Filled and Staying Filled with the Spirit

Finding Love in ‘The Hiding Place’

Love Is the ONLY WAY

Seeing Through the Enemy’s Trick

Mercy and Judgment

Our Inner Life Is Our True Life

Fear or Faith?

Giving Your All for Jesus Update

Single Eye Seeing Q & A

Lazarus Come Forth

From What Trough Do We Eat? P2

From What Trough Do We Eat? P1

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Talking About Galatians 2:20

Walking in Heaven Now Pt 1

Walking in Heaven Now Pt 2

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Special Anouncements

The book, Hearts of Flesh, is now available to order a printed copy, an ebook from the publisher, or download here as a pdf file, free of charge. Click here: Hearts of Flesh


New Book by Fred Pruitt

Free Will (Printed version) — Available now on Lulu.com — Now available as a pdf file on this blog, free of charge! (See above)

For printed version, click here: https://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/free-will/18753195

English – Spanish Video

Thanks to Ted Angell and Andrea Garzon, we recorded a new video of our Christ in us as us message for the Spanish-speaking world when we were in the Washington DC area in November. I spoke and Andrea translated.
Here is the link to the new video in Spanish:


Brazilian Website Link Repaired.

See new link to Brazilian Grace Site on Videos Page.

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The Truth That Edifies


Video of the Day

Now “God Is Love — The Spaghetti Series” in one 29 minute video