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June 3, 2023

In Whom We Live and Move

Finding Your Teacher

A New Chapter in the Wilderness

One Of Us Is Chained None of Us Are Free

Is This Life in Christ REAL???

Neither Anxious Nor Disappointed–Really

A Meditation on Psalms 10 — Revisited

The Rabbit

Are You Trinitarian?

Starting from the Beginning

Bind the Sacrifice with Cords

No Shortcut Around Faith

What If I ….

The After-Party Part One

Pouring Milk

Enter the Rest 2023


Don’t Fret It So — He’s Got You

What Are We All About?

Blessed Are the Meek Reprise

The Unction Comes with Blinders 2016-23

Love’s Power Through Human Weakness

Foundations Foundations Foundations

“It” Does Not Work But God Does

The Debate Team — the Spirit’s Prep School

Living the Presence

Have You Found THE Pearl?

Travels With John Bunting Three Reprise

Do Not Listen to the Accuser

Christ Confirmed In Us — Part One

Another Home for Christmas Miracle

Christmas Is Here Again

Free Indeed

Living In, With and By the Spirit

Moses — The Very Human Man

Ol’ Slewfoot Has No Home Here Forevermore

For the World

Wilderness Training for the Fully Complete P2

Wilderness Training for the Fully Complete P1

The Life of the Spirit in Us

Judging Ourselves

Why I Am Not Ashamed of Scripture 2022

Laboring in the Father’s Vineyard

The Inner Mystery II P2 Saul and David

The Inner Mystery of the Whole Scripture II P1

Thoughts on the Raising of Lazarus P2

Thoughts on the Raising of Lazarus P1

Give Me Humility and I Want It Now

Pentecost Today Linda Bunting

Pentecost, Union and William Law

Arise, Shine, Thy Light IS Come

As Many As Received Him 2022 Reprise

Anti-Christ Part Three B

Mystics and Finding Union

Three Thoughts Part Two

Three Thoughts Part One

Avoiding Automatonity 2022

Clarifying Faith

Let’s Be About What We Are About

Separated Unto God

My Who Am I Obsession

An Exhausting and Never-ending Task

A Reminder of Our Foundations

What’s In A Name — Again

How Do I See God in Union?

AntiChrist Part Three A

From Something to Nothing to Something P2

From Something to Nothing to Something P1

Something Greater at Work

The Key to Rest in Soul and Spirit

Being Saved

Love Is A No-Brainer

AntiChrist Two by William Law

Anti-Christ One By William Law

The True Light Shines

That’s What It’s All About

The Testimony of Christ Confirmed in You

Election or Choice or .. Part Two

Election or Choice or .. Part One

Overwhelmed by Past Trauma and Memories

JS2 The Life Who Is the Light of Men

In the Beginning Was the Word JS1

\We Have Found Him Reprise

Resplendent in the Sun

Behavior Modification Consciousness


Why Was Esau Rejected? 2022

Brother Cardinale: Only Believah 2022

The Central All-Pervasive Truth

To Whom Much Is Forgiven

Signs of the Times 2022

Where and What Do We Eat?

What’s Up With Joshua and Caleb?

The Wedding Feast — Part Three FINIS

The Wedding Feast — Part Two

The Wedding Feast — Part One

The Person Within the Person Without

Joy to the World — 2021 Edition

Look Up–Your Redemption Draweth Nigh

The Tree of Life Redux

One With the Lamb of God

His And Our Annunciation

How Do We Settle Something Is God’s Will?

As Many As Have Received Him

FDR Was Right About Fear

Understanding Hebrews 11:6

Whosoever Shall — Three Thoughts from 1 John

Reprise Meditation: Let’s Give God Some Credit

You Do Your Part and God Will Do His?

The True and Only Real Liberty

Seeing With the Single-Eye — Pt Three

On Condemnation 20th Anniversary

Golden Oldie Audio — Lean Not

Seeing With the Single Eye Pt Two

Seeing With the Single Eye Pt One

Temptation’s Marvelous Defeat and Victory

The (Possibly) True Story of ‘The Lyin’ Baptists

You Are All Abraham’s Seed-Christ

God in a Human — You

Eating and Drinking Christ — Part Two

Eating and Drinking Christ – Part One


From Bondage to Freedom

Oneness Through Involuntary Servitude 2020

The Spontaneous Life of Christ In Us P2

The Spontaneous Life of Christ In Us P1

The Dichotomy of Us

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

The Crazy Machinations of the Law–Reprise

Quick Words

Christ Our Wisdom

The Essence of Personal Being

Wingback Chair Still Holding After 39 Years

About Tonight

Renewal of the Mind 2020

Foreword for NPG Old Testament Characters



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Talking About Galatians 2:20

Walking in Heaven Now Pt 1

Walking in Heaven Now Pt 2

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The book, Hearts of Flesh, is now available to order a printed copy, an ebook from the publisher, or download here as a pdf file, free of charge. Click here: Hearts of Flesh


New Book by Fred Pruitt

Free Will (Printed version) — Available now on Lulu.com — Now available as a pdf file on this blog, free of charge! (See above)

For printed version, click here: https://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/free-will/18753195

English – Spanish Video

Thanks to Ted Angell and Andrea Garzon, we recorded a new video of our Christ in us as us message for the Spanish-speaking world when we were in the Washington DC area in November. I spoke and Andrea translated.
Here is the link to the new video in Spanish:


Brazilian Website Link Repaired.

See new link to Brazilian Grace Site on Videos Page.

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The Truth That Edifies


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Now “God Is Love — The Spaghetti Series” in one 29 minute video