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May 27, 2021

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Seeing With the Single Eye Pt One

Temptation’s Marvelous Defeat and Victory

The (Possibly) True Story of ‘The Lyin’ Baptists

Avoiding Automatonity

The Ultimate Meaning of Easter

Don’t Give Up the Fight of Faith

O Happy Fault Reprise 21

A Long Talk About Our Walk Pt 6 Final

A Long Talk About Our Walk Pt 5 Coming to Ourselves

A Long Talk About Our Walk Pt 4 Hitting Dead Center

A Long Talk About Our Walk — Pt 3 Not My Will But Thine

A Long Talk About our Walk — Pt 2 Inner Sufficiency

A Long Talk About Our Walk – Pt One

Does Acts Mention Union – Part One

As Many As Be Perfect — Part Three

As Many As Be Perfect — Part Two

As Many As Be Perfect — Part One

The Pine Tree Parka Story

Human Nature 101 Reprise

Joy to the World–2020

Persevere Until the Glory

As A Little Child 2020

Introducing the New Improved ME

The Temporal in the Eternal

Moses Said … But I Say Unto You

You Are All Abraham’s Seed-Christ

God in a Human — You

Eating and Drinking Christ — Part Two

Eating and Drinking Christ – Part One


From Bondage to Freedom

Oneness Through Involuntary Servitude 2020

The Spontaneous Life of Christ In Us P2

The Spontaneous Life of Christ In Us P1

The Dichotomy of Us

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

The Crazy Machinations of the Law–Reprise

Quick Words

Christ Our Wisdom

The Essence of Personal Being

Wingback Chair Still Holding After 39 Years

About Tonight

Renewal of the Mind 2020

Foreword for NPG Old Testament Characters


Where We Look — End Times and Such

A Blessed Pentecost to You

Sorrow and Joy in the Cross

One Who Seeks Becomes One Who Finds

This Day I Have Begotten Thee

Travels with John Bunting 3

Affirming Why We Are Here

My Dearest Darling

Still Walking in Jacob’s Limp

Two Meditations–Part 2 Behavior Consciousness

Two Meditations — Part 1 Parables

Let’s Get On With It O Mighty God

Playing the Game or Sitting It Out

Throw Out the Old–Embrace the New

Lazarus–In Three Parts–Part Three

Lazarus–In Three Parts–Part Two

Lazarus — In Three Parts — Part One

What Happened That Night? 2020

The Melancholy Man by Joel Cooper

Hippie Tales 2020 Part Two

The Humility of a Child

How Did They Know?

The Promised Land 2020 Update

Hippie Tales 2020 Part One

The Being of All Beings

The Law of Love and Mercy

Human Nature 101

Is God Fair?

An Hypothetical Dialogue on Good and Evil 2020

Break on Through to the Other Side

To the Heart of the Matter

He That Cometh to God — Heb 11:6

Who Am I and Obsession

Establishment of the Will

The Three Greatest Miracles

You Must Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood 2

You MUST Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood P1

Finding God’s Rest

On Being An Actual Person

The Debate Team

Graduation Part Two

Graduation Part One


Holy Struggle and Joy

Doubt and Double-Mindedness Reminder

Level of Responsibility

What We Did This Past Weekend

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Talking About Galatians 2:20

Walking in Heaven Now Pt 1

Walking in Heaven Now Pt 2


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The book, Hearts of Flesh, is now available to order a printed copy, an ebook from the publisher, or download here as a pdf file, free of charge. Click here: Hearts of Flesh


New Book by Fred Pruitt

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English – Spanish Video

Thanks to Ted Angell and Andrea Garzon, we recorded a new video of our Christ in us as us message for the Spanish-speaking world when we were in the Washington DC area in November. I spoke and Andrea translated.
Here is the link to the new video in Spanish:


Brazilian Website Link Repaired.

See new link to Brazilian Grace Site on Videos Page.

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The Truth That Edifies


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