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July 10, 2020

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Renewal of the Mind 2020

Foreword for NPG Old Testament Characters


Where We Look — End Times and Such

A Blessed Pentecost to You

Sorrow and Joy in the Cross

One Who Seeks Becomes One Who Finds

This Day I Have Begotten Thee

Travels with John Bunting 3

Affirming Why We Are Here

My Dearest Darling

Still Walking in Jacob’s Limp

Two Meditations–Part 2 Behavior Consciousness

Two Meditations — Part 1 Parables

Let’s Get On With It O Mighty God

Playing the Game or Sitting It Out

Throw Out the Old–Embrace the New

Lazarus–In Three Parts–Part Three

Lazarus–In Three Parts–Part Two

Lazarus — In Three Parts — Part One

What Happened That Night? 2020

The Melancholy Man by Joel Cooper

Hippie Tales 2020 Part Two

The Humility of a Child

How Did They Know?

The Promised Land 2020 Update

Hippie Tales 2020 Part One

The Being of All Beings

The Law of Love and Mercy

Human Nature 101

Is God Fair?

An Hypothetical Dialogue on Good and Evil 2020

Break on Through to the Other Side

To the Heart of the Matter

He That Cometh to God — Heb 11:6

Who Am I and Obsession

Establishment of the Will

The Three Greatest Miracles

You Must Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood 2

You MUST Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood P1

Finding God’s Rest

On Being An Actual Person

The Debate Team

Graduation Part Two

Graduation Part One


Holy Struggle and Joy

Doubt and Double-Mindedness Reminder

Level of Responsibility

What We Did This Past Weekend

Featured Audios:

Talking About Galatians 2:20

Walking in Heaven Now Pt 1

Walking in Heaven Now Pt 2

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Special Anouncements

The book, Hearts of Flesh, is now available to order a printed copy, an ebook from the publisher, or download here as a pdf file, free of charge. Click here: Hearts of Flesh


New Book by Fred Pruitt

Free Will (Printed version) — Available now on Lulu.com — Now available as a pdf file on this blog, free of charge! (See above)

For printed version, click here: https://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/free-will/18753195

English – Spanish Video

Thanks to Ted Angell and Andrea Garzon, we recorded a new video of our Christ in us as us message for the Spanish-speaking world when we were in the Washington DC area in November. I spoke and Andrea translated.
Here is the link to the new video in Spanish:


Brazilian Website Link Repaired.

See new link to Brazilian Grace Site on Videos Page.

Audio of the Day

(Check out our new “Audio” Page on the menu at the top.)

The Truth That Edifies


Video of the Day

Now “God Is Love — The Spaghetti Series” in one 29 minute video



9 thoughts on “What’s New Page

  1. I subscribed to your email and I look forward to reading it every day. Explorer doesn’t seem to function properly. I was unable to open any of the featured older articles.Explorer says they can not find them. Can you send them to me please.
    Thankyou Sally Porter

  2. I subscribed to your email and I look forward to reading it every day. Explorer doesn’t seem to function properly. I was unable to open any of the featured older articles.Explorer says they can not find them. Can you send them to me please.Thankyou Sally Porter

    • Sally, I have many featured older articles so I would not know what to send you. It would be much easier if you could simply log into the blog. Even if Explorer will not find the links when you “click” on them, which sometimes happens in emails, if you copy the full “link” and paste it into your Explorer’s URL window, then press Enter, the links will work and they will come up. It is a problem of links not working between different email programs, not with the links themselves. That is why I always put the full text of the links on my blog, so that if it does not work by simply clicking it, it can be copied and pasted into the URL window and will definitely work that way. If you have problems let me know. You can always go to the main page of the blog any day any time by going to https://thesingleeye.wordpress.com. From that entry point everything in the blog is available to you.

  3. Hi Fred, just finished your book the ax laid to the root…Wow ! You have laid out quite succinctly in my understanding what four or five commentaries of Romans haven’t been able to. Just read a bio on Amazon that says you are from Nashville. My wife and I live near Providence Marketplace in Mt. Juliet. If you have the time I would love to buy you a coffee and spend some time talking with you, if you do indeed still live in the area…. Ed

    • Hi Ed, thanks so much for your compliments. Lots of people have said something similar about Axe. I am just glad it edifies. Regarding Nashville, I suppose I need to update that bio. When that book went to print in 2008, we were in Nashville. For the past two years, my wife, Janis, and I have been living back in our home town of Rome GA. We come to Nashville a few times a year since our daughter and two of our five grandchildren are there. (The other three are in northern California.) I know Mt. Juliet. We lived in Nashville originally 88-90 in Donelson, and we used to take our daughter to Mt. Juliet, out Lebanon Rd forever it seemed, to take dance lessons. Anyway, we’ll look to some way we can get together, though it seems pretty evident to me at the moment it will not be until after the new year. I’m pretty full up for now. But would love to correspond some as it suits you! Thanks for writing. Blessings — Fred

  4. Hi Fred
    I found your site by searching ‘Norman Grubb’ and then following other links (who I saw referenced in John Crowder’s Mystical Union). I feel like I’ve been ‘stuck in Romans 7’ for years and this truth about union is making me a bit giddy with joy! I am a bit stunned as to why this isn’t understood more by the church, and i wonder if I’m off track, but the scriptures about union back this up! To good to be true but actually true!

    • Bless you, Sam! Thank you. Yes, there is something of a struggle to “believe” this fact of union with Christ, and it is meant to be so, because it can only be by the quickening of the Spirit and can come in no other way. We are divested of all our human means because by the Spirit we have seen that we cannot bring forth (Rom 7). Except the LORD build our city, we realize, we labor in vain. God has called all of us into a oneness which is present in Father Son and Holy Spirit Who are “One,” and it is the same oneness into which we are called, because we are the sons born in the One Son, and it is our right heritage. The “Lord’s house” is ourselves, and we come to realize as did the Firstborn Jesus Christ, “The son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father doing, the Son does the same.” This was Jesus, and it is now us. Yes, it is almost “too good to be true.” But, as you say, it is! Let me recommend to you my little book, “The Axe Laid to the Root.” It is something of an overview of our life and growing understanding in Christ, and about the Rom 7 time as well. There is a link at the top of the blog on the home page to it, and you can download it for free. It isn’t very long for a book, about 42 pages. Please let me hear from you again as you can.

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