How May I Help Financially?

Fred and Janis 2013

People ask us point-blank how they may help financially. In 2005 it was clear to me to leave my job, trusting the Lord for daily needs, to give myself full-time to this work of getting out to the whole church in the whole world what Norman Grubb called our “total truth,” boiled down to, in simplicity, Christ formed in us (Gal 4:19), so that Christ is manifested in the world “as” us. That “work” is really a labor of love, something which I love to do and cannot help but to do, and during these past fourteen years the Lord has confirmed us over and over by keeping us going day by day. We trust the Lord for the regular daily needs of living, as well as expenses for the work, wherever it takes us.

The past couple of years we have slowed down our travels for the work. It hasn’t been by design on our part. We go when the Lord says “Go,” and likewise do not go when we aren’t given that Word. We may yet travel extensively again. However, for His own purposes the Lord has kept us at home where there is always plenty to do. One issue that has kept me close to home, is that Janis had major surgery in the fall of 2017, and it took her well over a year to recover, and even today she still says she doesn’t feel normal. I’m glad I was home with no plans when that occurred. This year has seen the return of our second son and his children back to Louisville from Alaska, where they have been living for a while. We had been footloose and fancy free for a while with neither children or our children’s children in town, but that changed along with new responsibilities that came with them.

But we find a way to keep doing what we are doing. I’m always busting at the gut to share what God has given me, so I haven’t slowed down in written output (people complain I write too much). But that seems to be the slot the Lord has me in at this juncture. In a way I feel most at home typing the things of God on my laptop. While sometimes (not often) the words just flow out and I just type and type and type when a big flow comes, writing for me most often is tedious, slow, gut-wrenching, and seems so “earthly” a process when I do it — because it FEELS LIKE strenuous work — that I am surprised often when it is finished, because I say, “Wow, look what the Spirit did!” It is always a miracle to me. While at the moment we are not making any plans for a tour by car, I do remain available for short forays here or there to share as invited.

Much thanks and appreciation to those who have continued to support us financially. Thank you, thank you, thank you! There is never any charge whatsoever to come and share or teach. As we have freely received, so we give freely also. We trust the Lord to supply the necessary funds to live daily, for the vehicles, equipment and supplies we need for the work, as well as funds to travel to any place He sends us, that we might be without cost to those who invite us.

Of course all that does require money, and it is by the hands and pocketbooks of those who love and support us, who are with us in heart and mind and touched by the Spirit to help in this way, that the Lord sends us the necessary funds. It is that simple.

There are two ways to make a contribution: mail a check through the postal service, or online via Paypal. I need to clarify the tax deduction situation. Apostolos is a 501-C non-profit organization, and can issue US tax deductible receipts to anyone who sends to me or others through Apostolos. However, funds sent to me directly do not fall under that category. That includes sending via Paypal or sending a check made out personally to me.

To send a check please do the following:

1. Make check out to Apostolos.

(Apostolos is an organization created in the 1980s to provide funding to independent missionaries, foreign and domestic, who are not supported by other missionary organizations. To find out more information on Apostolos and its work, please contact John Collings via email at

2. If it is to support my work, on the “For” line, designate “Fred Pruitt.” John has asked me to underline to make checks out to Apostolos and not the intended receiver. The intended receiver goes on the “For” line.

(Undesignated funds go into the Apostolos general fund.)

3. Mail to the following address:


2931 Ridge Rd., Ste101-141

Rockwall, Texas 75032

To contribute instantly online, click the Paypal button below:

(One does not have to be a member of Paypal to use this feature.

Only a bankcard is required,  and it is a secure transaction.)

20 thoughts on “Support

  1. First of all Fred let me say your post are right on target. Still yet I am unable to break these fleshy ties & apply these truths to my life & walk in the Spirit .I am really struggling right now with alcohol &food ,the 2 worst things for my health. I am diabetic & over indulge daily & can’t stop even though they are slowly killing me . I am 65 years old & should be smarter than that I attend Full Gospel Church but I d

  2. I attend Full Gospel Church but I don’t seem to have what majority of them have I believe God saved me at 12 Yrs old in a Baptist Church. But I got out of church as a teenager & got into the worldly life (so called good life & times) Right now I’m miserable .

    • Hi Jerry, I am glad you wrote. I identify with much of what you have written. It’s a faith walk, Jerry, not a behavior contest. It amazes me often that Pentecostals who know the Holy Spirit through signs, wonders and miracles, have a hard time understanding and walking in Christ in oneness with Him through faith. The “obedience” the Lord calls us to, is the obedience of faith. What do we believe, that is, where do we “put” our faith. We really have only one faith stand — all others arise out of this one — and that stand is believing and living Jesus’ Word when asked by the crowd what must they do, He replied, “This is the work of God, that you believe on the One Whom He has sent.” We fix our faith there. All that stuff you wrote worrying about is just fluff, a smokescreen that distracts us by our seeming inability to “live up to” God’s commands, You must understand and hardly anyone does, unfortunately for now, that you do not operate yourself. You never have. You are not just an independent entity, like an island, isolated from everyone else trying to live right. You were operated by the deceiver before you knew the Lord, just as we all have been. But when Christ came in he kicked the snake out of there. However, the enemy left a boobytrap in his leaving us. This did not go unnoticed by the Lord. What boobytrap? The boobytrap of trusting in my own adequacy and ability to live the Spirit’s life. The devil put it there to trap us all, but the Lord knowingly left it there for a time until it fulfills God’s purpose in it, which is, to break that false understanding to pieces in my inner consciousness, so that I know and declare, Christ in me, Christ through me, and Christ as me. At the point of that confession it doesn’t matter one bit what your life is like or what your habits are. So I encourage you to quit worrying about all those things you mentioned, where you don’t measure up, and you sin daily and fall short and you over-indulge are diabetic, and drink alcohol, etc. As long as you focus on those things and think “you should” be able to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and over the fence to liberty in Christ, they will never be yours. You will never arrive. Do you know why? It’s because only Christ through the Holy Spirit can live the Life in me. I (as a stand-alone single entity) cannot live the Life and that will never change. The only way up is down. Huh? It means you died on the Cross with Jesus and three days later you rose again with Jesus’ resurrection. You have been baptized into His death. So have we all. When we realize we have died to being separated self-responsible selves along with the enemy who decieved us all with that lie, only then can true resurrection Life begin. Because what baptism signifies is this very transition. We go from death to life. We don’t do that by quitting bad habits or by learning new “good” habits. Your second sentence contains the key that came out of your own mouth when you said, “Still yet I am unable to break …” Compare that to Paul’s statement in Romans 7:15-17. He came to the same impasse that you are experiencing now. Covetousness arose in him and he couldn’t shake it. He thought like you, he should’ve been smarter. Paul found his answer and it had nothing to do with working harder, dedicating more, praying more, studying more, get along better with our family and friends. It’s none of that! Drop all those thoughts about you bad habits and not-Christian-enough daily living, and leap with the Spirit’s leaping to Romans 8:2 as Paul’s ultimate discovery (and will be our ultimate discovery as well). Romans 8:2 — “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.” Notice the tense of the verb. Christ Jesus “HATH,” meaning past tense. Meaning it is done. What WE could not overcome, He overcame IN US. So we’re quite free to walk out of Romans 7 which at the end seems to leave us “double-minded,” and find the fulfillment in faith of Romans 8:2. We don’t do it. The Spirit does. The “double-minded” idea comes from the 25th verse: “So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.” That’s not meant to be an area to camp. However, most of the Church has never seen this simple truth because they stop at that 25th verse and think it’s going to always be like this and some days will be glorious and some won’t. But that’s not what that verse is saying. It’s just review, really, Paul is summarizing and in his sum up he mentions these two “mindsets.” The mindset that says “I can’t do it I”m a sinner and can’t quit,” is the flesh-mind. All that mind can see and dwell on are appearances and emotions. It does NOT trust the Lord. It doesn’t even seem that it even acknowleges the Lord. Self-reliance, alone and independent of anyone. The other mindset sees in its vision Life, Peace, Reconciliation, Christ, recognizing that it was by the Spirit Who is the author of that mindset. The double-minded man spoken about in the book of James, is that same potentially double-minded man mentioned here. Which are you? Jerry, obviously we cannot discuss all there is to discuss like this. If you want to speak more about this, email me please and we’ll get it going. Oh, if you haven’t read it you should download my book “The Axe Laid to the Root.” That book deals with what we have been talking about. Ok, God bless! My email is

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