Old Testament Journeys of Faith

Old Testament Journeys of Faith

By Norman Grubb

Old Testament Journeys of Faith

Dee Dee Winter has just published “Old Testament Journeys of Faith,” from transcripts of talks Norman Grubb made in the 1970s. This is what I wrote her regarding the book:

“I think the OT characters – the book you’ve put together, Dee Dee – are the ultimate NPG. Everything in his books, his talks, his histories, are the Word made Flesh in this book. Everything he was and taught and shared and wanted us to see, are in these stories. It doesn’t make sense until you see it in human life and subsequently realize it is our “my” human life.

We are all very blessed you have gotten this masterpiece together!!! Thanks be to God!


I just have to stress this point again. All of Norman’s other books take “flesh form” (the Word made flesh) in these off-the-cuff talks he gave. People are always asking, “What does this union life with Christ look like? How do we get there? How do we walk it?”

We might not think we could answer those questions with Old Testament stories. But we find the Holy Spirit hid the Gospel on nearly every page of the Hebrew Scriptures. Through the lives of these men and women, every aspect is covered, from new birth, through spiritual childhood, adolescence and adulthood – the Good News of Jesus Christ alive by the Spirit in these foundational people! But it doesn’t end there, because what we get in the final analysis, is we find out how the Spirit has grown US up, and how His Life has been operating in us from the beginning.

Someone wrote a while back asking if Norman had any more “knowledge” that he shared with fewer people. Norman wasn’t like that – but everybody hasn’t read or heard everything. Because those Old Testament characters were sitting for years on cassette tapes, not getting around to that many people. Dee Dee and others started working on this project at least 15 years ago when I first heard about it, and I think much longer. But this is it! This is the “ultimate” NPG in my opinion. The other books led to this as his finale – the Word made flesh! His final “Intercession in Action!”


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    • Hi Tim, there is a link at the top of the article. You should be able to click on it which will take you immediately to Amazon’s order screen. If that doesn’t work let me know.

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