Axe Commentary – Audio

Commentary on

“The Axe Laid to the Root”

By Fred Pruitt

These audios below are my “commentary” on the book. Many people have asked for a “manual” or “study guide,” for my little book, and this seemed the best way to go about it.

Following along with the text would probably be a great help to the listener. There are two ways to acquire the book. It is for sale through the publisher, Authorhouse, or through any reseller such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. It is also available for download free of charge in PDF format. See below for a link to a page where both of those options are available.

I am using a new audio service, “Spreaker,” which allows me to publish as many audios as I like as part of an “internet radio show,” as well as live broadcasts — which we will perhaps get to in the future. To listen to the “Axe Commentary,” click the links below, and choose the episode to listen to. They are also available for downloading as mp3 files and for RSS feeds.


1 – Introduction

2 – In the Beginning




To purchase or download a pdf copy for no charge, click  “Get Axe Laid to the Root”

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