My Dearest Darling

My Dearest Darling

John to Linda – Letter from Nairobi

Linda Bunting asked John Collings and I if we would post the following letter excerpt on our respective sites, John posting for Linda on Christ as Us, and me on my site Voice in the Wilderness. As Linda phrased it, it was from John’s “one and only letter” to her from Kenya. It says everything that needs to be said.

Linda also mentioned that we might say a word or two about John. I can’t quite yet so I’ll save that for another time. Here are these two wonderful paragraphs from the dearest brother I ever knew …. FP


John Bunting , Nairobi, Kenya. Sept. 27, 1995

“My Dearest Darling:”

Well I started this letter just like Norman, I knew he had inspired me to come here, but I didn’t think his old Irish baloney would come out of this typewriter, Ha Ha. No, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him, and C.T. and how it was when they were here. The changes are great, but the culture remains the same. I have found that it is the major difference, and the major hinderance of them seeing total truth. As you said they are too tied to their old ways of religion, but I know that the Spirit is bigger than their old ways, and by Faith they will know and I see it NOW and As Norman would say, “ It’s just a little mist on the mountain.”

All of that is of no importance, I now see ITS GOD ONLY, and that’s all that matters, You know, Honey, I see Jesus everywhere, in the so called good and  bad, but you know they are both the same and they look just alike when you look with the eyes of Jesus. Things that seemed so big now seem so small. And things that are important just seem to consume me and the only one important thing is Him and how he expresses Himself through me as me. Oh what a wonderful truth we know; how it lets you know what His mind is and how He wants a thing to be. We don’t need to be bothered with the small things of the flesh anymore., we just look inside and He will give us what we need and He always does it RIGHT. So freeing but yet so involved. When you know who you are in Him, you finally are able to understand why things are and you don’t have to question anymore.  Its Him in me and I in Him. That’s all we need to know. What else makes any difference when you know that the God of the Universe lives in you as you, ALL is made right.

With all my LOVE and His LOVE,




3 thoughts on “My Dearest Darling

  1. Thank you for this. It is amazing to have been included into this knowledge you and John shared to others, I assume, for decades. If my memory serves me right, it was Linda who sent me a couple of Norman’s books to Finland in 2011, the year when I got my first glimpse of this true evangelion you guys have so persistently been proclaiming. All best to all of you.

  2. Sometimes John could be so quiet but say the most profound truths in so little words. Amen John. Until we meet again.

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