Follow Up to Glorious Response Part Two

Follow Up to Glorious Response Part Two

By Fred Pruitt

(Continuation of a dialogue with a new reader)

To read Part One:

Reader: See Fred, I never knew..through revelation that Jesus LITTERALLY does it ALL! he is starting to show me now.  I am sure this is why Paul said, I put no confidence in the flesh. The Holy spirit said the other day, determine to know nothing but Christ crucified. Did it take you alot of time a practice to just keep turning to the Lord? That does take commitment and effort because the self naturally loves self! My self has been loving me for 49 whole years! Thank you for everything ministered by You, it REALLY is helping me alot..realizing that Jesus does it ALL and I hear him saying now,he never wavers! OH my! So, do I put my faith in his faith?

Fred: Yes, yes, yes! It is arguably the most important aspect of Truth we are given to see! HE DOES ALL THINGS! Everything in the universe, animate and inanimate, spirit or flesh, shows forth the Person, Purpose and Love of God. He is the BEING of all beings. His Glory is shown in vessels of honor as well as in vessels of dishonor. One expresses God as He IS in HIS PERSON, full of Mercy, Grace and Lovingkindness. The other expresses contention and conflict, rebellion and self-will, each thinking he or she reigns supreme in his own life. Thinking themselves to be like free agents in professional sports (able to sign a contract with whatever team wants them), they have been given to believe they have escaped out of the hands of an imposter god, in order rule their own lives (and everyone else’s, too, if given a chance). But, of course, they still serve God and the cause of the Sons of Light (from Whom they thrust themselves away), not out of willingly loving God, but by virtue of the fact that their evil deeds and persecutions are all part of the working “all things together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”  (Rom 8:28).

Question: Did it take you a lot of time a practice to just keep turning to the Lord? That does take commitment and effort because the self naturally loves self!

Fred: You have just hit the main nail, or the linchpin by which the human race has been subjected to the lie from the beginning. The “linchpin” is what holds it all together, and without it, the whole deception falls to the ground into nothingness, for that was all it really was in the first place. I don’t usually quote Shakespeare, but this following passage from MacBeth expresses the lie that possessed (and still possesses much of) the human race from the beginning.

“The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.”

Such is the pitiful lie. You may wonder what I am talking about, since I haven’t plainly said. It’s this – the lie of independence, that we operate ourselves either in good or evil. Look at the world today, and the turmoil that is growing exponentially by the day. Everybody thinks they are better than others. The most common pastime among contemporary human beings is to sit in judgment on everyone else, especially those not in the room.

The “world” system, promotes independent self-effort as the means to everything else. The world motto is to get, to acquire, to accumulate, to hoard, to withhold from others unless it looks good to be benevolent. And since everyone in the world who has not yet come into conversion is still flesh, flesh has to control flesh. That is, we have to have governments, armies, and police, etc., to keep order in the world, or at least to keep at bay the aggressiveness of evil that never seems to subside.

We are born with independence and self-effort barraging our consciousness every day as we grow up. It is impossible to think or believe any other way. We get what we work for. We believe, at least I used to believe, that whatever we put our minds to do we can do. That’s the way of the world

It is not the Way of the Spirit in Christ, however. Living in and by the Spirit of God through Christ Jesus, does not come from our efforts. The problem is that by and large the Body of Christ still does not know that Truth.

In one way or another, preachers and teachers the world over in every denomination and sect have said at one time or another, “You have to do your part. Then God does His.” And what is the people’s part, in that scenario? Well, it would be to redouble our efforts to get closer to God. Read more scripture. Pray more. Try to stay focused on Jesus and look away from distractions. Learn and live by the principles taught in Scripture.

So pretty much all of us think that sounds good, the first several years we hear it, (“You do your part, God will do His”). Slowly it may begin to dawn in our understanding, that maybe that “Way” doesn’t work. Why? Ever hear a chain is only as strong as its weakest link? Well, I’m the weak link! And the Spirit agrees with this, when Paul writes in Rom 8:3, “What the law could not do, because it was weak through the flesh …” He had just stated in the previous verse, “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.”

In other words, what the law could not do, “deliver us from the law of sin and death,” because the law only operates in the flesh, was accomplished WITHOUT OUR EFFORT by “the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus,”  Who, of His own accord, took us out of bondage and into the glorious liberty of the Sons of God.

So to answer your question, don’t “try” to do anything. Trust the Spirit to keep you and relax in “being still and knowing” God within you. Don’t look for sensations, or visions, or words, or feelings. If they show up, fine, but we’re not after that stuff. You don’t have to “keep confessing” as a “method,” but if doesn’t hurt to remind yourself now and then Who you are and Who is the Real Life inside your life. Take it as fact.

Reader: Did it take you a lot of time a practice to just keep turning to the Lord? That does take commitment and effort because the self naturally loves self!

No, it takes no effort at all. You know why it seems difficult to turn away from “flesh?” It’s because we still believe we have not died, and that we are still the “old man,” because we still feel and think “flesh” things or for whatever other reason. So we seem to wrestle with a live opponent who will not let us have the victory.

That’s another of those places where we’ve been hoodwinked. How can something dead cause us trouble, unless we give it a life in our consciousness it no longer has in actuality?

“For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.”  (Col 3:3). There are lots of passages that say this. When Jesus died on the Cross, to sin, we also were there and by His becoming Sin, which had us in its grip, when His Spirit gave up the ghost and departed from His body, and even took him to Sheol, He went into death and took us with Him, and then when He was raised by the Power of the Father He brought all of us out with Him, ”He led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men.” (Eph 4:8).

In other words, we don’t “battle” self. Actually, we don’t “battle” anything. The Lord fights for us. When I said above it is not difficult, is because the key to it all is to see that he LORD IS DOING IT! But – and this is the BIG BUT – it’s also You! That’s what union is all about. We find Him within our own being, where He dwells in the inner temple within all of us.

Speak truth and faith! Same answer to that comment by Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane when He caught the disciples sleeping, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”  Because we’ve only known the lie from birth, most people when seeing that verse immediately think, “Oh, I really need to buckle down and overcome the flesh.” Did Jesus say that? No, He said, “The Father that dwelleth within Me, He doeth the works.”  (John 14:10). There was no “self” to overcome because Jesus saw only One person, as He and the Father are One. When we “try” to resist temptation and to redouble our efforts to become “Christ-like,” we are giving life to something that was never meant to have life in itself, the false consciousness of independence from God.

Peter I’m sure “tried” to not betray Jesus on that night outside the High Priest’s house. But he did anyway, because he thought he could do it by his own self-desire. But he could not.

Some 50+ days later, He stood up and declared Christ Jesus the Messiah to the whole world, and 5000 were converted that first day of the Church of Christ.

What was the difference? In that failure on Peter’s part, undoubtedly the Spirit enlightened him on His workings within him. The Spirit is the One Who picked Peter to speak that day, and then was every word coming out of His mouth and every gesture and deed. From cowering in fear the night of Jesus’ trial, to boldly proclaiming Christ in public for all Jerusalem to hear and to know. It was not fleshly bravado that made that happen. It was God.

Reader: Thanks Fred! Last question how did you come to get filled with the Holy Spirit? Also, can you send me the link for your blog where you will sharing the blogs with the questions and answers.

Fred: Thanks for writing. I think this is enough for the moment to digest, and I’ll save the “Holy Spirit” question for the next time.



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