Follow-up to Glorious Response P1

Follow Up to Glorious Response Part One

By Fred Pruitt

(As the title says, this is a follow up to the previous article, “Glorious Response.” I’ve highlighted portions of the reader’s passages to respond to or comment on.)

Reader: He (Spirit) told me today self (law) is swallowed up in Christ as I focus upon him. He also revealed even all those years of being told to meditate on the written word without results and even now.  The Holy spirit revealed he its meditating upon Christ the living word and only then will he illuminate truth and bring it to life within. Also revealed a moment ago, the more I keep confessing and STICKING to my confession of truth the more the Holy spirit goes to work bringing it to live inside of me.

Fred: I am so excited at what is happening in you. There are moments in most of our lives, where we know we have been somehow visited and touched by the palpable Presence of God on High. They were not ordinary moments, even though in “ordinary” moments we believe ourselves to be walking in Him and He in us, still, those special visitations are a notch above the daily. They are Life-defining moments, where the Hand of God suddenly swoops into our personal lives and upends everything in it, and all of Life from then on is shaped by that moment. I have many such moments in my life, each one leading to the other, in the ongoing Life of Christ being lived out, by the Spirit, in our mortal flesh. I think you’re smack dab in the center of one of those moments in your life.

Let’s talk about this meditating and confessing a little bit. You’re about to run off with it again into self-effort. Here the Spirit reveals to you He is the One doing the meditating. Why would the Spirit meditate upon Christ or even the written word? Does the Spirit “need” that stuff to grow inside you and come out? Of course not! The Spirit IS the sufficiency in you. So if the Spirit in you is meditating on Christ not out of need to do so in order to activate the Life within, but rather to express outwardly, i.e., the outflow of the love of God, would that not be your reason also, in your participation in that mediation?  Are you not one, in union with the Spirit, and after His goals? It is not a matter of you “sticking to it” or “confessing and confessing,” but of the Spirit to realize He has already brought all these things to pass, because He Himself is the Answer! Don’t let your mediation be, “I’m doing this so this Life will activate in me,” i.e., still out of need, but rather, coming from faith, “He and I are one in meditating inwardly on Christ,” and the Spirit reveals within us just how that is and operates in each of us individually. Your confession doesn’t make the Spirit work more. Rather, your confession is your Truth in the here and now. It is recognizing, “It is finished,” rather than to keep expressing unbelief that the work has yet to be done. He did it and it is finished! We don’t make it happen by our believing, meditating or confessing. Rather, we hook into what already is through those ways the Father has determined to make His Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding available to us by the Spirit.

Reader: I see where I have allowed satan to come in again, blind me with emotions and feelings. When I speak the word there is no peace, but fear and anxiety so I am not sure, is this a sign I am not believing the truth? Because true believing is supposed to bring peace.

Fred: The ONLY way for Satan to divert your attention (because that’s all he can do, once you’re the Lord’s), is to make you temporarily believe the old lie of separation, i.e., that you are “just you,” a island of self all alone, and once we focus on that separation, it all comes flooding back in again, especially in condemnations and self-focused anxieties. And the way out is always the same and instantaneous, “Oh wait, I remember, Christ and I are one. He’s living my life, not just me alone.” Turn on the light – where’s the darkness? It is gone instantaneously. No sackcloth and ashes. No more, “What kind of person am I, to fall for that?” No, none of that! We got tricked temporarily, that’s all. No big deal. Happens now and then to most everyone.

But let’s briefly mention this “speaking the word” and believing prayer in general. Let’s assume you are walking in the Spirit when you “speak the word,” but do not experience a sense or feeling of peace. Instead you continue to feel fear and anxiety, and wonder why. You ask is this a sign of not believing the truth, because, as you say, true believing is supposed to bring peace.

What would be good for you to look into is the difference between soul and spirit. Understanding that aspect of Truth is one of the greatest liberators of the saints of God. The concept comes from the book of Hebrews –

“For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”  (Heb 4:12).

Let me just give the briefest of explanations of this, and you can look further into it later if you want.

I’m sure you know, Scripture describes human beings in terms of spirit, soul  and body. Spirit is our innermost place, and is the seat in us of Christ, if we are His. If not, we are inwardly driven by the spirit of error, or the god of wrath, as Paul calls him in Eph 2:1-3. Spirit is where we are begotten of God and where we are one with Him in Christ. Spirit’s main aspects are spiritual will, spiritual knowing, and divine love or desire. “Spirit will” is where we say “yes” to God and is the inner Source of the “mind set on the Spirit.”

Jesus prayed in John 17:3, “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.”  Spirit “knowing” is not the same as empirical knowing of this world’s facts and realities. It is the spiritual equivalent of the Biblical phrase, “And Adam knew Eve, his wife, and she conceived.” It is an intimacy of oneness in the flesh, in sexual intercourse, so that the man and the woman become one flesh. In human marriage that is representative of a deeper and an actual true “oneness,” that of Christ and the Church, or Christ and the Believer. To “know” God is to be one with Him, a “mixed with” knowing. Also, to “know” a thing in the sense we mean, we’re just “one” with it and live out of that knowing. It’s like knowing one is a doctor. After training for years and years, one day the trainee becomes the doctor. As the person grows in understanding and operating in who he is, it begins to be like second nature. Being a doctor becomes who and what that person is. That’s what “knowing” really is. We are one with it, or become it, it is the natural life we live.

So “knowing” God is not me sitting here and Him sitting over there and we’re having a conversation. Instead, God has no particular “form” but is seen in all the forms, and we live both receiving His Life and transmitting His Life. We are not necessarily conscious of this at any given time, it just is. When we “know Him,” as Jesus said which is the key to all life, we “be” Him. Rather, it is He being us. Sometimes we know Him as “Other” and sometimes we do not, we just walk along being, doing what turns up to do.

And then God in spirit in us is love or desire. In God love starts as a desire to reach out and BE the Son that He might raise up a vast multitude of Sons in THE SON, to populate the universe in His Glorious Plan still much to be revealed. As He promised Abraham would have a “seed” which should bless all the nations of the earth and that his descendants would be more numerous than the stars in the sky and the grains of sand on the beaches, that also is the Promise to the Son. God IS love and because love is this overriding desire to bless and bring light and love and truth and wisdom and create a glorious heaven and a Paradisaical earth – one day – and that is the love that is within each of us in Christ, and we have the inner evidence and experience Paul describes in Romans 5:5b – “because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit Who is given unto us.”

Now soul is different. Soul is our worldly self-awareness, perhaps we could call it ego psychologically, as well as our emotional state, and our intellectual capacity or reason, all of this mainly geared to trafficking in this world. I don’t mention “body” but all these faculties are tightly geared toward and in the body.

Now I don’t mean to put these faculties all in a state of sin just for existing. These are all wonderful faculties built into humanity by our Creator, and in right usage in the right hands, they become wondrous in many ways again. The problem is, these faculties were hijacked by the serpent in the garden, and he became the hidden master of them.

From then on they lost their right and first usage, which were to be as instruments the Spirit used in them to bridge between the world of Eden and the present Heaven of God which held them in safety until the serpent deceived them. Inner peace was replaced with inner strife and contention, fear, distrust, etc., all coming from the false spirit who had invaded them by trickery. That is the source of “the mind set on the flesh.” (Rom 8:6)

However, in Christ, they become the faculties of the Spirit’s usage, and He just moves right in and starts using us. Normally we don’t like for someone to “use” us, but this is the right kind of “being used.” Because we’re in this together. In fact, I rarely have a sense of someone else on the job other than just me doing whatever – such as now when I’m writing you! Here I am at my desk typing on my laptop, just me in the room. I KNOW it’s not just me, and that’s the point, not whether I “feel” it or not. I don’t live for goosebumps.

So what we do for years is we keep asking Him to do what He’s already doing. But one day, the Day the Spirit appoints and no one second before, He says, “You know, all that’s already done and you have been living it unconsciously all this time that you have consciously been trying to find out how to live it. You had to have that time to thoroughly know it’s not you, it’s ME, but now it the time to wake up and see. You have a well in you that never runs dry, always flowing, always loving.”

You begin to realize that if you speak the word and don’t feel some outer “emotion” of peace, you KNOW the peace within, felt or not. Think of it this way – lots of people describe it this way. Spirit is the calm in the deep of the ocean. Soul is the up and down of the waves on the surface. Same ocean, same reality, two different manifestations or states. One within peace and calm. The other outer, up and down, in and out, feel good, feel bad. You can let all that go knowing the Spirit has it perfectly in hand, and it is not something you need to “work on” the rest of your life. Be at peace, rest in Him.

That’s not to do “nothing.” It’s to do “nothing of yourself.” Just as Jesus said of Himself. When you do nothing of yourself, i.e., not acting as a separate entity, but realize He is the TOTAL Doer in you, you find yourself Doing in His doing!

So that’s the beginning of our complete liberty, to find the “rest” of God. “Ah, Lord, You’ve got this, and You’ve got me and You’ve got Yourself living as me!”

I’ve got more to say but let’s leave this right here, enough for now.


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