Glorious Response

Glorious Response

To ‘One Who Seeks to One Who Has Found’

Posted by Fred Pruitt

(This below is from the person I was writing in From One Who Seeks to One Who Has Found. I have left it completely intact as she wrote it. She is bursting with new Life in the Spirit! Can’t dampen that!! Our next post will be a follow-up to these from her.)

2/21/19-1 …. Oh boy, where do I begin. YOU are right. Jesus told me I am under and have been under onslaught from the enemy. Dealing with horrible spirit of fear. It gripped me up like this a few years ago after my sister died tried to convince I was not saved. Thanks be to God The Lord delivered me from that. I am hearing other voices, but I do mostly recognize Jesus most of the time. Loving and encouraging.  There has been a voice telling me I need to repent and believe the gospel and be saved. Jesus has been bring some clarity. He told me today self(law) is swallowed up in Christ as I focus upon him. He also revealed even all those years of being told to meditate on the written word without results and even now.  THe Holy spirit revealed he its meditating upon Christ the living word and only then will he illuminate truth and bring it to life within. Also revealed a moment ago, the more I keep confessing and STICKING to my confession of truth the more the Holy spirit goes to work bringing it to live inside of me. The Lord also revealed I have confessing “its hard to believe and I can’t seem to trust Jesus for quite a long time and showed me the fruit of that. He revealed that was not even from me but a lie from the enemy to me and I just bought it. I began to turn my confession around when he showed me about 2 weeks ago but, out of so much fear and panic began confessing it again.  He has been telling me I will have a damascus road experience. See, God has just been revealing to me the whole truth, that everything single was already DONE AND PAID for by Jesus at the cross. The only thing left to do is awake and believe it. I never knew that all people are spiritually asleep and all that needed is an awakening to the truth. I see where I have allowed satan to come in again, blind me with emotions and feelings. When I speak the word there is no peace, but fear and anxiety so I am not sure, is this a sign I am not believing the truth? Because true believing is supposed to bring peace.  As I ‘m sure you know, the type of biblical believing is not mental assent but true heart- level trust believing. The Holy spirit also been saying to believe for trust from the Lord. He is trying to bring me to the end of all self-reliance. He said today….the mind set on the flesh(self-effort) is death, and boy did that send a shocker! That is how I have been feeling like death! but I am not going to confess that ever again. See Fred I never knew..through revelation that Jesus LITTERALLY does it ALL! he is starting to show me now.  I am sure this is why Paul said, I put no confidence in the flesh. The Holy spirit said the other day, determine to know nothing but Christ crucified. Did it take you alot of time a practice to just keep turning to the Lord? That does take commitment and effort because the self naturally loves self! My self has been loving me for 49 whole years! Thank you for everything ministered by You, it REALLY is helping me alot..realizing that Jesus does it ALL and I hear him saying now,he never wavers! OH my! So, do I put my faith in his faith?

2/21/19-2 …. wow, DOn’t mean to keep bugging ya, but just having MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH HALLELUJAH!!! God showing I just been trusting in my own faith. I would speak the word and wait to see if I believe it in my heart and then have been trying to manifest it myself! Oh my gosh, in all the fear and panic I have been running to and fro…reading…looking at videos trying to find an answer to believing and trusting God! I see, they have been misleading me! All those things are not from God! The holy spirit revealed another  astounding revelation earlier….if Anyone is teaching, preaching, anything that is putting or showing people to confidence in themselves and NOT CHRIST alone its not truth and not God! I have seen and read so many things trying to teach people how to have faith, and its all flesh! The only truth is Christ alone and him crucified and ME crucified with him! consider it DUNG…says Jesus! Glory what a MEGA BREAKTHROUGH I SO NEEDED! Glorryyyyy God!

2/22/19-1 …. Fred, first let me start by saying absolutely you may share my stories and testimonies.  Now let me say….oh my word! I ma listening to your podcast on salvation and I AM FREEEE!! All these years I was lost and not knowing the real truth about salvation. I had no clue I was still trying to earn my way to God by keeping the law. I was doing it life everyone else from what I have been taught and preached and taught my self. Mixture of Law and grace. I thought, the repenting needing to be done in acts was works….stop fornicating, drinking, smoking and so on.  No wonder Jesus has been telling me to repent and believe the Gospel. First he was saying just repent. I thought he meant to repent of my attitude and pride, but now I understand all this time I was in unbelief. Unbelief because I was ignorant of the true gospel. I was trying to earn and find grace to be saved, not know I was already completely forgiven by God forever for every single sin and would never ever be charged again! Through the years this is what I was holding against God unconciously. I would say to myself, I don’t really see why the gospel is called the good news because I felt like if Jesus did all the work why do I still have to work…repenting for my sins to earn my salvation? I was so confused! As I listened Jesus said many things to me, one being…MESSAGE OF RELIEF! whew! and is it! I am truly freeeeee!!!!! I don’t have to try and earn from God or even do anything to be or stay right with God like so many churches and denominations teach and believe.  We all have been deceived into believing a lie! Now I can honestly freely say…THIS IS REALLY TRULY GOOD NEWS! I am on part 2 of salvation. Let me go and finish listening. I am sending these to everyone I know so people can be set free like I am. Thank you!

2/22/19-2 …. This is just so amazing!!!!!! I just keep thinking I don’t have to do anything to be right with God anymore!! Even If I went out and committed horrible acts of sin tonight..which I don’t even come to close to wanting to do….I would still be right with God all day..all night! I clearly see  now how people just fall so in love with God all the time. I just wanna just sit on his lap and kiss him all night! I went to church years ago, and tried my best to live right, but One day I got so angry with God! I yelled and screamed at him, accusing him and asking him if he is so loving and kind how could he send people to hell. That day I had discovered I had been harboring such anger and resentment towards God for years and did not even know it. It was because I had believed a big lie, like so many others. Oh fred you have NO CLUE what you have done for me and my heart! Even though I believed I had forgiven God, I would blow up at him over the last 2 years not knowing really why? Jesus told me it was resentment. I see clearly now this was it all along!  Now Jesus is telling me he is going to fill me with his spirit. I am not sure now about the truth about how this filling and baptism even works. I am sure its not even what I have believed in the past.

2/23/19 …. Hi Fred, I just wanted to tell you again, thank you thank you thank you for waking me up to my true identity in Christ! I have become litterally a new creation in Christ over night! I am back from the dead! This is just amazing!! I have been on the phone and ministering all morning telling people!!!!! I ONCE WAS LOST BUT NOW I HAVE BEEN FOUND!!! I HEAR JESUS SAYING RADICALLY FOUND!! GLORRYYYYYYYYYY God bless you

(Our next post will be building on this one!)


4 thoughts on “Glorious Response

  1. Fred , thanks for post. I always love hearing Christ working in so many different ways. It always helps me see God working with clay in his hands and producing new and glorious ways to renew the exchange of Christ in me. I am always reassured when I hear people I come in contact with tell me that they love the Living Word understanding that helps activate Christ in their lives today. Of course I remind them that its the Christ in me loving the Christ in them. I am always amazed how many people are so connected to repentance for the released for the freedom they so look for. For myself I find being in Him and having His love running through me the branch is much more reviving . Continuing to be sin repentance conscious never allowed me to hand over my total self(ishness) to Christ. God has everyone in the center of His will… and I have embraced the zillions of ways His Love brings people to His Living Water and Words.

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