List of All Audios Alphabetically

All Audio Talks, listed alphabetically, 2/9/2019


Date Location (Louisville unless otherwise noted.) Title Length Subject Talker (Fred Pruitt unless otherwise)
3/4/2013 1st session Discussion 19:15 First session discussion Melbourne FL John Bunting, Fred Pruitt et al
2/10/2008 Sanford FL 3 Phases of Spirit Life 38:30 Talk at House of Prayer
3/30/2012 A Little Snippet on Ditching Religiosity 4:12 Short article about being non-religious
7/5/2018 Being Filled & Staying Filled 1 15:07 Walking in the Spirit
7/5/2108 Being Filled & Staying Filled 2 9:31 Walking in the Spirit
7/31/2018 Completion in the Self 9:08 Complete in Christ
3/4/2013 Daily Living in Union 1:10:09 2nd session in Melbourne FL
3/25/2010 At Winter’s in Arlington TX Desperate 59:10 Desperation brings us to the truth
5/10/2013 Discussion – no Ishmael, no Isaac 1:16:03 Group discussion John Bunting, Fred Pruitt et al
3/4/2013 Discussion w John and Fred 36:52 3rd session in Melbourne FL John Bunting, Fred Pruitt et al
7/13/2018 Divine Spontaneity 16:37 Walking in the Spirit
9/21/2011 Louisville Reunion 2011 Eli & Sons 21:12 Christ in the Scriptures
6/15/2010 Sacramento CA Fred & Moseley’s Story P1 25:18 Our story of coming to Christ in 1972
6/15/2010 Sacramento CA Fred & Moseley’s Story P2 25:16 Our story of coming to Christ in 1972 Moseley Collins and Fred Pruitt
8/24/2009 Pensacola FL Galatians 2:20 57:31 Sharing about living Gal 2:20
3/4/2013 Getting the Bigger Picture 1:03:26 1st talk, Melbourne FL
3/2/2013 Give What You’ve Got 1:11:28 Talk in Sarasota FL
1/16/2006 Palm Bay FL God’s Pleasure Is Us 56:22
9/15/2008 Louisville Reunion 2008 Hands of Esau, Voice of Jacob 45:51 The glorious plan of God
2/28/2010 Orlando FL Lean Not 52:25 Spirited Talk on Prov 3:5-7 at Bethel Chapel in Orlando
6/22/2018 Love Is the ONLY Way 22:53 No love without God, and no God without Love
11/15/2012 Love Your Weakness 1:24:31 How the divine is seen through human weakness
7/18/2015 Waldorf MD No Fire No Light 1:17:34 Talk at Christ’s Church Fred Pruitt and John Bunting
8/20/2013 On Earth As It Is in Heaven 44:24 Union is bringing heaven and earth together
9/17/2012 Only Believah 26:02 Article about Brother Cardinale’s faith.
6/13/2018 Our Inner Life is Our True Life 16:52 Living the inner in the outer
10/26/2011 Paul Interviews Fred 59:01 Paul A Walsh interviews Fred at Louisville 2007
10/17/2011 Perfection 10:16 Short word on perfection
4/20/2007 At Winter’s in Arlington TX Possessing Our Possessions 1:01:01 Living Out of God’s Resources
4/10/2012 Regarding the Choice 15:56 The constant temptation to separation
9/13/2018 Rejoice Barren One 21:09 Walter C. Lanyon
7/24/2018 Revealing Christ Wherever He Is 14:19 Seeing Christ in everything
3/29/2010 Leawood KS Seed of Christ 31:58 Talking about Abraham’s “seed”
5/6/2013 Showing Eternal Life 56:42 A talk on 1 John 1:1-4
10/9/2018 Silver and Gold 14:06 Walter C. Lanyon
6/4/2018 Single Eye Seeing Q and A 13:18


What it means to see with Single Eye
7/13/2013 Sticking with Who You Are 1:12:12 Finding out & standing in Who we are
8/12/2018 Take Up Your Redeemed Humanity 17:41 Living full bore as a redeemed person.
9/18/2007 Louisville Reunion 2007 Temptation 51:27 The purposes of temptation
8/9/2018 The Answer’s Always the Same 15:30 Faith is the key to everything.
9/17/2018 The Apostles’ Doctrine 1 2018 21:08 The Spirit and the Word
9/20/2018 The Apostles’ Doctrine 2 2018 34:44 Fatherhood and Intercession
9/21/2018 The Apostles’ Doctrine 3 2018 21:51 Fellowship of His Sufferings
9/25/2018 The Apostles’ Doctrine 4 P1 25:31 Theology Part One
10/1/2018 The Apostles’ Doctrine 4 P2 25:44 Theology Part Two
3/6/2010 Lamesa, TX The Constant Constraint of the Spirit 1:04:04 How the Spirit drives us on
2/27/2012 Palm Bay, FL The Exercise of the Senses 47:27 How the Spirit exercises us
10/4/2018 The Good Samaritan 2018 17:05 Seeing Christ in all
8/15/2018 The Ground of Our Being 11:07 God behind everything
9/12/2018 The Laughter of God 18:21 Walter C. Lanyon
9/23/2006 Louisville Reunion 2006 The Life We Now Live 45:24 Normal life lived in glory
9/14/2018 The Love of Money 9:00 Loving Money Not God
6/28/2013 The Mysterious Will of God P1 47:54 Walkin in His will, part one
7/19/2013 The Mysterious Will of God P2 Walking in His will – issues
11/14/2012 The Shekinah Is In You 1:17:10 Revealing the real glory within us
3/2/2010 Sanford FL The Simplicity of the Gospel 1:42 Talk at Miracle House of Healing


The Story of Everyman 15:06 Walter C. Lanyon
4/30/2012 Arlington TX at Gary & Winter’s home The Truth that Edifies 51:10 Talk on the inner life
8/23/2018 The Union Is in the AS 16:04 Why we say “AS US”
4/11/2011 Lauter’s in Tyler TX Time for the Meat 1:05:12 Going into the purposes of God
11/6/2011 South Boston, VA To Live Is Christ 49:30 Every moment is living Christ
5/3/2012 Arlington TX at Gary & Winter’s home Today Is the Day of Perfection 36:07 The perfectness of now.
9/17/2013 Universal Salvation 1: Self 20:08 U.S. and Self
9/17/2013 Universal Salvation 2: Hell 19:25 U.S. and Hell
9/17/2013 Universal Salvation 3: The Scriptures 21:34 U.S. and the Scriptures
9/17/2013 Universal Salvation 4: The Gospel 20:14 U.S. and the Gospel
3/29/2012 Update & Personal Note 2012-2 4:53 Short article about the work.
7/27/2013 Walking in Heaven Now 1 1:00:17 Talk on living a heavenly life
7/27/2013 Walking in Heaven Now 2 1:00:16 More on living a heavenly life
11/23/2011 Walking in Jacob’s Limp 38:45 Talk at 2010 Louisville Reunion
9/23/2011 Louisville Reunion 2011 We Are Christ in Our Forms 42:47 Underlining Who we are!
4/9/2011 Postlethwaite’s in Wetumpka AL What About Prayer & Bible Study? 23:22 Discussion John Bunting, Fred Pruitt et al
4/18/2012 What Does the Bible Say? 17:03 Finding the Word in all things
9/7/2012 What If Deliverance Never Comes? 23:57 For years the most popular article on my blog
2/29/2012 Palm Bay, FL What Is My Part 55:18 Talk about OUR responsibility
11/5/2011 Brentwood, TN What Was Wrong With Me 1 36:07 Finding the real truth of my being
11/5/2011 Brentwood, TN What Was Wrong With Me 2 16:33 Finding the real truth of my being
8/13/2018 What’s In A Name? 9:57 What does “I AM” mean?
4/8/2012 Why Was Esau Rejected? 42:32 Examining Grace and Election
3/4/2013 Wrapping Up Q and A 1:26:44 Session in Melbourne FL John Bunting, Fred Pruitt et al
11/15/2012 You Are An Intercessor 1:01:14 Talk on how we are all intercessors
2/26/2012 GraceLife, Woodstock GA You Can’t Be Somebody Until You’re Nobody 1:12:31 Learning who we are
2/27/2012 Palm Bay, FL You Have the Father’s DNA 22:24 The quality of the oneness we live in John Bunting


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