The God of All Knowledge and Comfort

The God of All Knowledge and Comfort

By Fred Pruitt

(This is a dialogue between a gentleman from England and me that over several months moved from “knowing the message,” to “the message lived in us,” in difficult circumstances. In other words, true in the nitty-gritty of life. True in all circumstances. We believe first. Then the Spirit shows us its workings.)

From: __________

Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2012 5:38 AM

To: Fred

Subject: What do we do now?

Hi Fred, a big greeting to you and all at Christ as Us. I came across the teaching of Norman Grubb and others through Paul Anderson Walsh and I have to say that I have no way of describing the way this Truth has so filled me with that ‘joy unspeakable and full of Glory’.

I have listened to the messages on itunes over and over again and they are so enriching, filling and full of Christ, oh what joy brother!

Me and my wife have been around quite a few churches and we know this is the consummation of all our wanderings, no servant can be above his master and when we realise our oneness with Christ there is no higher ground to stand on, no greater truth to abide in than our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I dont know if you guys are due a visit anytime to England but keep us informed if you are making a trip, we will make every effort to have some fellowship together if you felt you had time and a leading. We believe we are being called to the mission field whether that be just up and done Britain or abroad is all in the Lords hand.

Fred I have quite a lot to share and emails can only serve so far. If you were willing I would like to phone you when convenient and share what the Lord is saying to us. I know you have been down this road by your messages for quite some time so I know you would have some good things to share with us.

I spent some time under the grace message and not wanting to take anything away from this message but for some reason Norman Grubbs teachings seem to hit every point in me, this Union life encompasses everything and defines the life of grace in very practical ways.

I really enjoy listening to Linda, Burt and all the other guys that get together and hear their testimonies and insights, its very encouraging. This message must get out and increase and I know God has called us to be a part of promoting this glorious  gospel, there is nothing higher.

We believe we are at the beginning of something wonderful in the Lord, despite the seeming aridness of spiritual life in many a church in the UK.
Hope to hear from you soon

From: Fred
To: ____________
Subject: Re: What do we do now?
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2012 13:42:54 -0400

I’m thrilled by your letter and everything you said and I want to get back with you more completely.

Let’s talk later, if you don’t mind, maybe send me some of those emails you mentioned. We have out-of-town company coming for a few days and I belong to my wife’s work detail right now, etc., so we can coordinate our schedule next week some time if you want. Like I say, I am thrilled, because I can tell you’ve been “truly moved” and I know the One Who does it!

Looking forward to hearing more from you!


From: ____________
To: Fred
Subject: RE: What do we do now?
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 10:45:05 +0000

Hi Fred,
Hope you are well. I have contacted the people you mentioned and the hope is that we shall be able to meet up soon.

I praise God that I have discovered this wonderful life in Christ, Him in us as us, and now  I just wait in a sense to see how God will cause us to share this message.
I have been a professional actor and singer it the west end of London theatres,  the broadway of England and still believe that God wants to affect the Arts as much as any other cultural mountain and having led worship in the past in churches and written songs in the past I  am finding a pull and rising desire to write songs  that lay out this union life message on the table,plain for all to see and hopefully recognise. The Lord has been working amongst a small group of us to form a troop, that will go out and tell this good news. It is hard to put into words what I am feeling, but I do know now when I sing it is Christ singing, when I speak it is Christ speaking through me.

What a gift we had in Norman Grubb, Dan Stone and still have in you guys at Christ as Us  that continue torch bearing this truth, we are glad that God has called us into His ranks to do battle with deception and break open the gates of truth within and without the Body of Christ.

Oh may we grow continually in the grace and knowledge of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Fred I have passed through many camps in church but now I know that the greatest truth is that I camp with the Trinity NOW and FOREVER. So ends camp hopping but can I ask you when you visit all the different camps or have associates with others how do you relate this truth effectively(of course I understand that it is the Spirit that must be at work effectively) or practically? If you are led to a camp where God has a purpose to share this truth and the lines are not yet straight  with your message in the place or group what wisdom is needed to minister? What are your thoughts?Ii guess what i’m really asking for is a sharing of your experiences when you have ministered in a place which previously was without this truth, as I realise its not a formula with God, but faith.

Bless you brother, hope to meet you someday, this side of eternity,


To: Fred Pruitt March 20, 2013

Subject: RE: What do we do now?

Hi Fred, how are you. I was also wondering if I sent you a booklet I have written called WEEDS IN THE GARDEN about the arts and Christ in Us as artists I would like your feedback. I will wait till your reply and if you are interested or have time because i can imagine you being busy taking this great message around. I will send the booklet as an attachment, next time round.

Bless you brother and all jn the Louisville camp.


From: Fred
To: ______________
Subject: Re: What do we do now?
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 12:49:31 -0400

Dear _________,

I don’t know any news of the __________, but I will find out if I can. I have no idea why they have not contacted you back.

I didn’t mean to palm you off to them, I just thought it might be beneficial to you to have someone close to home, but no matter.

I would be honored top receive your booklet, and re-reading your email from October below, it seems I owe you a reply. So forgive my tardiness.

As far as transmitting the truth in various situations “effectively,” you ask what wisdom or information is helpful. Here’s the thing. We never ever plan anything regarding what we will say or when. We often go into places “cold,” not knowing them, they not knowing us, which can be quite scary, but the Spirit always comes through. We have learned to rely only upon that and nothing else.

I remember when I came back from the first of my trips with John Bunting in 2005. I had feelings of I needed to “remember people’s names better,” brush up on my scripture knowledge, be more attentive to the words of others, etc., all little tweaks I thought I needed for the next trip. Well, the Spirit brought me up short on all that. Not that any of that stuff is “bad” stuff, no, it’s all good and wonderful when it happens, but the Spirit made me realize that He was my adequacy in every present moment. “Open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it,” the scripture says. So we believe.

What do we say, how do we say it? Dunno! I truly do not know. When asked how do we do what we do, we reply, I don’t know, the Father does it. That’s all I know. The Father does it. (Or the Spirit does it – same difference!).

I gave a talk on my recent trip titled, “Give What You’ve Got,” that sort of covers this. I use that phrase all the time, because it was Norman’s answer to someone who came up to him saying, “Mr. Grubb, I really want to share this truth with others, but I feel I don’t know it well enough, what do you suggest I do?” Norman replied, “Just give what you’ve got, more will come.” And that is how it is.

Start with where you are. Out of our innermost being flows Living Water. So it’s already there. Have you ever primed a pump? In a sense, we are “priming the pump” when we consciously by faith agree, that there are rivers flowing out of us, or at least we can believe, as Norman also said, “in a muddy trickle.” “He that believeth on me” is the only requirement, and the “believing on Him” is as simple as the “I do” when reciting wedding vows. I felt no different before the “I do” than after. However, I WAS (and AM) married, just by that simple word. Needless to say, that little word set the course of my life. There have been a few others like that, too, during life, major moments that came out of a “little word.” But daily life is just the same. Everything starts with the “word,” “I’ll do that,” “I’ll go there,” “I believe you, Lord!” And everything comes out of that word.

You are definitely on the right way, if I do say so myself. I’ll look forward to seeing your material when you send it.



From: _________
To: Fred
Subject: RE: What do we do now?
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2013 00:00:21 +0000

Hey Fred thank you very much for getting back to me so quickly. I didnt feel that you palmed them on me at all, I was very glad to have made the contact through you, so we will just wait and see if I will hear from them again.

Thank you for your advice about presenting our knowing in the degree that we know it, takes the pressure away of trying TO BE and just being.

I really enjoyed and was greatly encouraged by Hearts of Flesh, so much good stuff in a flowing truth, easy to read and yet greatly settling and steadying. Bless you.

Well this little booklet was written as I had just been reading Norman’s Knights of Faith.

This is my first attempt at writing something spiritual  that really came out of the union messages that just kept working more and more freedom within me, I guess as you read it  you may one hopes hear a touch of that which the Lord has worked within  concerning our Oneness with Him.


Subject: RE: What do we do now?
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2013 10:10:28 +0000

Hi Fred, I was just following up with this email to see if you had gotten the attached Booklet with the last email as I know sometimes it has not got through.

Incidently having read through it again I realise sometimes there is  a sounding for social change within the pages more so than the spiritual change, but I guess the reality is that a person walking with Christ as his or her life will be savour enough for life or death to those they meet.I praise our God that Christ is always in us as us toward all. Death is swallowed up in victory and we have a true eternal, unbreaking, unbending message of TRUE LIFE, Jesus.


April 30, 2013  To Fred from ________

Hi Fred, I just wanted to tell you that I am sitting in the living room of a rented home in which I am now about to leave in the next hour. I have been asked to leave by my wife because of an argument that just went too far.. I slapped her in anger and I know it was wrong. I dont know what to say, I feel this is a greater emptying than I have ever had to face as I leave my wife and kids behind. I am in that hole, and to think I thought that I had just come through a dark night of the soul and here I am being plunged into another one! I have been listening to your messages on the wilderness site and just want to thank you for the messages God has put in you and your sharing of them. I have been a fool and see a picture of a man, in chains (myself) being taken away to be in that solitary confinement with no one but God!  I know that God is with me but so  are the flashing moments of my stupidity and they dig at me. I am in that place where the marriage breakdown is real on the one hand and a shield of faith that deflects the accusations with ‘no condemnation’. I feel the sorrow but I struggle to feel the hope side,may be because I’m scared of what I now dont know will happen.

I know I am not without hope for although I feel I am drowning, an inner truth is saying I cannot drown! It is an estranged feeling. I just wanted to share this with you, if you are led to pray for our family, I will appreciate it, although as you have said in one of your messages, ‘you must go up the mountain alone’. I hope I am not presumptous in asking this but where I am there are many christians but few, dare I say, true brothers who have that inner light to walk with.

Bless you,


From: Fred
To: ___________
Subject: Re: What do we do now?
Date: Sat, 4 May 2013 00:20:33 -0400

Dear Brother ______,

I haven’t meant to leave you in a pickle, but yours arrived just as I was as busy as I could be, getting ready to leave and then leaving on this trip to Texas that I am on now with John Bunting. I have read yours a couple of times, and I know your circumstances are the toughest imaginable, and you probably feel worse than you ever have going by what you have said, but all the faith things and “God” things you have said are the absolute truth. Perhaps circumstances are somewhat better than when you wrote this or not, but either way, I believe you are on the right track with God. You may have deeply offended and hurt your wife – I can’t speak to that since I do not know her nor any other circumstances – but you are fully allowed to view even this as God’s plan. Not that God “plans” specific “deeds” such as what happened with your wife, but that whatever deeds do happen, are not surprises to God though they are to us, and you can take heart, that God gave you the promises and revelations He did, regarding who you are in Christ, etc., and meant those promises to you and is faithful to perform them and bring them to fruition, and He knew ahead of time when He gave you those promises that this day (slapping your wife) would come. Do you see what I am meaning? He ALREADY knew you were going to do that, but He gave the promises anyway and it has never been up to you to make sure God’s promises are fulfilled. He does not need our help to keep His own word. So you’re back to trust, and by what you have written, you know that and are doing it.

I cannot help you “feel” better, but I can tell you God always brings Life out of difficulty, and that is an absolute! You will see it!



From: _____________
To: Fred
Subject: RE: What do we do now?
Date: Sat, 4 May 2013 23:17:22 +0000

Thank you Fred. I know there can be no condoning of what I’ve done but your words are a stream of hope and comfort when others would stand aghast, unable to trace God in the worst of times. Its the language of ressurrection and life out of death, Be blessed on your trip to Texas, I am sure you will be a blessing. It is a precious word you and John carry to the saints and I am at home when you and John are in my room through your messages on my computer! Do you have an opinion or perception of how God works in saints who are actors or script writers, Do you see a role for believers in this arena. Just would like your thoughts if you have any.

Bless you brother


From: Fred
To: _____________
Subject: Re: What do we do now?
Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 17:48:51 -0400

Dear brother ______,

First, take heart and do not despair, God hears you! This has not happened outside of His awareness or even love. Since He is all and in all, your circumstances have taken place inside His borders, and I will give witness to the fact that He has not brought all this to a head to destroy you, but to resurrect you into fulness of life, as well as those with whom you are involved.

This is a hard thing, but you must first of all believe in God’s goodness, that He only wills good, and that everything that happens in some way works into God’s goodness. This is a universal truth, that is ever present in every thing.

Secondly, it is important to recognize that you are His, and that Galatians 2:20 is true for you – that when you live, it is Christ living! Given the current circumstances, that might be hard to do, or a big pill to swallow. But I am not asking you here to say the emperor has clothes on, when he has no clothes on, but to tell you that this truth of oneness with Christ has no particular appearance outwardly, and we can only know it in our faith as God gives it to us. Faith never starts in the visible. If something is present and we are already experiencing it, there is no need for persevering faith. But we are calling into being, or recognizing something so that it comes into being particularly in us, something which the outer eyes cannot see, and the outer emotional and reasoning faculties cannot detect. What I am saying is that we are confronted with “believing” something which cannot be seen nor heard with any normal human senses, and therefore it must start when circumstances are screaming the opposite. It could not be any other way.

So, as I see it, you are for a moment in a pit. I’ve been in pits before, a different pit from yours, but a pit nevertheless. The thing about a pit is, you can’t get yourself out of it. That’s the whole idea of a pit (in medieval terms). Throw somebody down a pit and they can’t get out. So that puts you in a particularly advantageous situation. Why? For the reason that you cannot get yourself out of it! That’s what is good about it!

Of course, I am speaking spiritually when I say not being able to get out is good. The reason why it is good spiritually, is because you are without recourse, without options, and require a miraculous rescue from powers greater than your own. No man was ever given a greater truth about ourselves in God. I am telling you the truth.

God’s love and purposes are the “why” of this experience and this path. It is not punishment, and if it is reaping what we have sown, we have to learn to see that in a whole new light as well. God purposes everything toward our “good.” If we made “mistakes” in the past and are living in circumstances that seem like the reaping part of what we have sown, we cannot consider that from a negative sense, as if it is punishment. For if we can fully comprehend the goodness of God, we realize He does not “punish” us whatsoever, but only loves and raises us up into sonship in him. A dunghill becomes a paradise in Him, and a source of life to others. You may not “feel worthy” of this, but it does not matter what you feel about it. It is simply that Paul said of himself, and I think when he said it it also gave leave for all of us to say it, too, if we believed it, that he always bore “about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be manifest in my mortal flesh.”

Brother, it seems to me it is like you have been stripped bare, and have only God in your corner. He sees you in Christ as righteous and whole and complete. He sees you as holy and set apart unto Him. He sees you bearing about in your body the dying of Jesus in your weakness and infirmity. And He sees that same Life of Jesus showing up, manifesting, in the person you are.

Just continue to believe Him. He will walk you through, and live in you to be you throughout it all.




From: ________

To: Fred

Dear Fred, I read your last email to me again this morning and with tears in my eyes, praise God for your word. It truly is a helpful and calming word. I waited a while to reply so that I could only respond with what rests on my heart in the quietness of reflection. Your words are life Fred because I know they come from one who has been with Jesus. I trust you know I say this not to please the man but to witness to the spirit of God in the man. Christ in us the hope of glory. I value your words and ministry and they go a long way to help me see clear through the fog of it all.

I have been listening to the wilderness messages and have just finished reading The rest of the gospel…. You and Dan have been good company with me and my four walls. The good news is my mother who never would look at union material saw Dan’s book and is now reading it, I think God has nudged her and I pray it leads to a richer experience of the gospel for her, having been in a more anglican church base all her life.

Fred I pray God provides more opening doors with the message He has given you and John and that you have continued joy and progress in your work and ministry.

Bless you brother

5 thoughts on “The God of All Knowledge and Comfort

  1. I m just not getting this truth of Christ in me or the union part. I’m missing something. What you think. Is Norman Grubb’s teaching still in print. ? You think that would help me to get it ?

    • Hi Jerry, I’ll be glad to reply to yours but it may be a few days. I’ve got others who have asked similar things ahead of you plus my wife is in hospital just had surgery. But hang in there, I will get back to you. To answer your question regarding Norman Grubb, yes his stuff is still in print. You can find some at our sister site, Also Yes, they would be helpful to you, I believe.

      • You also asked what “keep your heart with all diligence” means. Simply standing in the faith of who you really are in your spirit. You are united to Christ in your spirit (1 Cor 6:17), and it is out of that inner union that you find the truth of your life and your own fullness of self in Him. It’s the same as when He says in John to “abide in Him.” It means remaining in the truth that you know within you. Things will assault you and tempt you and tell you you are not in union with Christ, that He does not live in you and direct your life. To “keep your heart” is to simply remember who you are and the temptation will have no strength in it.

Thank you for your comment.

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