Completion in the Self

Completion in the Self

By Fred Pruitt

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(This is actually the third correspondence with the same brother. The two previous ones were Divine Spontaneity and Being Filled and Staying Filled in the Spirit.)

I am so glad to be corresponding with you.

So let’s discuss a little bit what you have shared with me about your experience. I like what you have come to, that He “has you,” period! It’s not you, It’s HE – and yet it is you!

Since I am among a number who have been associated with sharing union for many years, we have seen how people progress through different stages of understanding of their union. It’s fairly similar for most of us.

I forget who coined the phrases, may have been Norman, but here’s how we put it years ago and it seems to have held true through these succeeding decades.

We all start out as “wrong self.” What does that mean? Am I speaking of “original sin,” as taught by ancient traditions. Now I’m no scholar, but this “original sin” has been taught by some to mean God has imputed to us either something like a “sin nature” or a direct inheritance from Adam and Eve which includes “imputed sin” in the package. “Imputed” means it is credited to us as our true state even though we’ve done nothing to warrant it. According to that understanding, we are born that way – sinners sinning from birth.

Will try to get back to that thought in a bit. It’s very important to see this, because when we see what the problem has been since the beginning, and that it has a solution, causes the sun to come out, makes bells ring and birds to sing!

From Adam onward, the human race has been in the thrall of the dark spiritual power, and not evil in itself. If we can see it like this, quality and quantity. We humans are the quantity, that contains and expresses a quality. The “quality” we have received through Adam and Eve, that came originally from the serpent, is “good and evil.” A deception, the most subtle deception ever worked, the basic idea of which makes human beings self-gods, not actual real gods, because just as their father the devil has done, they break off in unbelief from God’s will in order to assert their own. In the minds of those so-deceived (as we all have been at one time or another), it is in them, in their own power, strength and force of mind, to be good or to be evil. That self thinks, incorrectly, that it is in charge. But nothing could be further from the truth!

Years ago I saw things like this: there’s God, there’s me, and there’s the devil. A thought could be from God, the devil, or “just me.” I thought there were three separate voices going on in me, again, God’s, the devil’s, and mine. I saw the part that seemed to be “me,” had the responsibility to figure out which of the other two voices was which. Then, once deciding if I was hearing from God, the devil, or “just me,” I had the responsibility to “yield” or “resist” as the case may have been.

That proved finally to be a nightmare. Why? Because I didn’t seem to be able to tell the difference. When we’re walking in fear, every step is suspicious. It was that very issue coupled with the difficulties I described to you in my recent emails, that finally brought me down to the bottom when I knew I couldn’t go on any longer with all that responsibility on my shoulders. I told the Lord, “I QUIT!!!”

That’s when “wrong self” ended in my consciousness. It was now time for that wonderful, almost “magic” period, “No self,” to begin! When we’re “wrong self” (either someone who is still under the dominion of wrath, or someone born again who has not yet experienced this renewing of his mind), it’s ALL ABOUT the self.

When we’re “pre-Christ,” it’s about how we can elevate our selves, or get something for ourselves. Life is about what “we” get out of it. It is the same in Christ before we see, except that for those who are following on the trail the Spirit is leading, if it’s about “elevating” ourselves we are concerned with our stature or which “level” we’re on. But it could just as well manifest in trying to “debase” ourselves to become more pleasing to God. Again, still all about the Self!

But when we “lose” that self, we also lose the sense of its overall importance. One of the most glorious days in my life was the day I realized, by the Spirit, that it was no longer I, but from now on it was Christ. I walked around for weeks stretching into months, saying over and over, “Not I, but Christ.” Everything that came my way was “handled” the same way, “I can’t do it, but He can.” It was joy, it was Life. What had preceded all that had been a sense of “thirsting for God,” and now I was drinking from the well that lived in my very being and it was no longer a parched dry and dusty desert, but a green lush landscape that was now watering all my world!

How wonderful, for a time, to continue to believe, know and say, “I don’t love, but He does! It’s not me, It’s Him! I can’t do anything, but He does everything! Hallelujah!”

As one who has experienced that liberation and have known many more who have known that liberation as well, I can tell you God is REAL in it. He comes up in us and becomes one “me” with “me.” Life becomes then an ongoing opening of heavenly Life in our mortal flesh.

So when you say there’s “no input from you,” what you’re describing is exactly what I am talking about. You’re in the heart of “being,” and be content to be there as long as the Lord leaves you there.

There will be more later; we call it moving into “right self.” Gradually you lose the sense in the forefront of your mind (it always remains in the background) of, “It’s not me, It’s HE,” and it will be more and more “just you” doing this and that, but the subterranean always present foundation of this new “just you” isn’t “just you” at all, but “you + Christ equals the New You.” In a sense, you’re just yourself, and live as just yourself, but underneath you always know it is forever, “Not I, but Christ.”

I’m told you Irish have the expression, “Is it yourself?” Well, here’s the answer! Yes, it is yourself, but it is even more so, Him in yourself.

You said in yours it is also a scary place to be. It can be, because you’ve in effect loosed yourself from the proximity to the shore, and “launched out into the deep.” Yes, I can testify, He is still your strong tower, your defense, your Protector, He Who works in you. You question that He provides that without a little help from you – a little bit of your “effort.”

This is where union comes in, oneness. You are “one” with Him. The Father is not looking for you to be always asking for help, but rather to live in the permanency of the Divine Favor, Grace, Mercy and Love in which we walk and bask every moment. Oh, sometimes if we want we can refill our canteens with some refreshing new water, but He Who Keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps, and at all times in all circumstances we can “lay … down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.” (Ps 4:8).

You’ve come to “rest,” brother!

“There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.”  (Heb 4:9,10).

I’ll get back to you on people you could possibly fellowship with.

God’s blessings brother!



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