Finding Love in The Hiding Place

Finding Love in ‘The Hiding Place’

By Fred Pruitt

The most moving film to me of the 1970s was Corrie Ten Boom’s “The Hiding Place.” It was a very professional production by Worldwide Pictures, by the Billy Graham association, telling the story of the Ten Boom family (who were Christians) hiding Jews from the Nazis, until they were found out and sent to concentration camps. All of them perished except for Corrie, who was “miraculously” released due to a clerical error — something very rare for the Nazis. She went on after the War to tour the world with a living message of Christ and His love, even forgiving the Nazi guards that abused her and so many others. It was always a special movie to me that was made more special by the opportunity with John Bunting to travel with Harry Boyd Williams, who had been with Billy Graham for 20 years from the 1960s to the 1980s. As we were driving through the San Francisco Bay Area on one of our excursions, I asked Boyd if he had anything to do with the movie. He said that yes, he did. His job was to be with Corrie as her escort and helper when she would come to the set. Not a bad job! Anyway, Janis and I were talking about this movie last night wondering if we could find it and share it. Well, here it is on Youtube. There are quite a few uploads of it but this one seemed to have the best quality that I saw. It’s a deeply sad and tragic story, but the triumph of faith, in the midst of such unconscionable wickedness, turns it into a victory of the love of God over all evil and evil intent. If you haven’t seen it, watch it if you can. The Spirit will grab you!

(FYI — The film is uploaded in 15 segments that should play automatically. )

The Hiding Place

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