From What Trough Do We Eat Part One

From What Trough Do We Eat?

Part One

 by Fred Pruitt

“Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.”  (Gen 3:23)

Other than the general task the Lord God gave humanity – “be fruitful and multiply” – there is only the one method that the Lord God names for man by which he would “earn his living,” as He shuts Adam and Eve out of the Garden — that man should now till the ground from whence he was taken.

What is the “ground” from which they (and indirectly us) were taken? Gen 2:7 says, “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground …”  The first part of the ground from which they were taken formed their bodies. The created substance that had become “earth” or “ground,” became the building blocks of everything that is physical about us. It is all the same physical building blocks, coming out in many forms, everything from rock, dirt or volcanic spewings, to precious metals, natural compounds, herbs for balms and elements to produce energy.

All the visible phenomena in the world are composed of only one set of building blocks (something mankind would not know scientifically until the dawn of the quantum physics era in the early 20th century). It is the interaction between the subatomic particles, protons, neutrons and electrons, that forms and composes atoms of different distinctions.

Atoms of different elements have different qualities from one to the other. Yet all atoms are composed of only three major particles, which are universally the same no matter what elements they compose. They are electrons, protons and neutrons.

Electrons have a negative charge and rotate around the nucleus much like planets around a star. The nucleus is composed of protons, which are positively charged, and neutrons, which have no charge. There are not different kinds of protons or electrons for different substances. They are all the same, which makes them like our written alphabet. The 26 letters in the English alphabet can compose an almost infinite number of words with different meanings, per how the letters are arranged. The same distinction happens in forming elemental atoms, in that what makes each element different is how MANY protons and neutrons make up the nucleus, along with a corresponding number of electrons.

It isn’t very complicated but I might not be explaining it well. An example is the simplest element, hydrogen, which is the most plentiful substance in the universe. An hydrogen atom consists of a nucleus of one proton and one neutron. Orbiting is one electron. The next simplest element is helium. Its nucleus contains 2 protons and 2 neutrons. Two electrons are orbiting the center.

We understand that this is more than farming the earth. To “till the ground from which we were taken,” is another indication that Adam (we ourselves) turned away from God toward the outer world. In that outer world, we sought our sustenance and our lives.

In Paradise (Eden), they did not “work.” At least, they did not “work” to sustain themselves in any way. They freely ate of the fruit of the Garden which sustained their bodies, and they walked with the Lord God in the cool of the day, which sustained their spirits.

It would only be speculation, but they could have made themselves a dwelling place, or established paths from one place to another, or perhaps many other things. Those “projects” were not for their support, but would have been out a real desire to lovingly shape the Garden as they saw fit.

But all that changed when they were put out. Whereas they may have labored in love and abundance without stress inside the Garden, outside of it Life was no longer directly available to them. From then on everyday life was hard rigor and earning our bread by the sweat of our brow. That remains true today.

Once out of Paradise, knowledge of the fact that God is our true sustenance and our true life even in our ignorance and darkness of spirit was lost to the wandering children of Adam. Whether Adam and Eve had realized it or not, they had been living in that perfect place and experience where the Word Jesus quoted to Satan later was their living reality: “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”  Literally, physically, they were sustained from within by the Word and Power of God already within them. They didn’t know that of course. Even in the Garden their infant consciousness could not perceive Him as He really is.

In the freedom that we as living expressions of Him were given, in Adam we experimented with turning away from God Who is inward in us. We turned from Him Who is already All in all in us, toward the outer land, starting with our own bodies and souls. Tucked somewhere in there our new boss provided us with a false identity, complete with nametags with our own names on it, façades to ourselves as well as to the world, projecting a persona that becomes an impregnable citadel, where all intruders are kept at bay.

The real treasure of the entire universe is found in Christ in the depths of our own being, where we also discover our true selves hidden in Him before the foundations of the earth. But the enemy had moved in and taken over, blinding the minds of the children of Adam as to their true nature. From the beginning we were spirit persons living in flesh bodies, now under the dominion of the “prince of the power of the air,” whose lusts we (the entire human race) do

But who can live out of his true self anyway, because until we find our lives which are hidden with Christ in God (Col 3:3), we can do no better than to think in ourselves that we are alone in the universe, caught in good and evil – responsible to both!? That false persona then extends itself outward into the whole outer world. That is where the satanic false light, the dark light that entered our first father and mother in the fruit of the Tree, sets up shop. That dark light feeds and fuels this persona it has created with proud lies, that it is itself alone, entitled to what it wants, and that it only takes its own effort, ingenuity and whatever personal disguise is necessary to get it.

This “outer world” toward which we turned, is only a shell of the inner, and as is any shell, it has no real sustenance (ability to sustain and grow life) in it. Therefore, this “outer world” of our bodies and souls, the false sense of “self” the dark light uses our bodies and souls to generate, and all the “stuff” we think we need to preserve and add to our lives, is the ground we were sent out to till.

Farming the earth is only a temporary sustenance. The “temporary” has never been what the Lord God was looking for. “Temporary” is not the ultimate plan. All these histories in Genesis are talking less about individual histories, earthly real-estate or moral lessons, as they much more are presenting Christ to us in every facet.

God is not after, primarily, that we get our temporal sustenance. Certainly, He maintains us in every way in this temporary world, but that is not the point. Eternal Sustenance, farming of the Spirit, is His point. This type of farming can only come out in the new birth, and all these lessons are to awaken and enlighten that man. The old man does not get it. It is impossible for him. However, we are not the old, but the new, if we have been born again in Jesus Christ. We are in the fellowship of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. This new man is what we are addressing and describing.

As we are in the “Temporary” in the moment, it is also true that we are in the Eternal in the moment. The Lord God purposely through the fall sent us out to till that particular land, to the intent that we might find, by earnestly tilling that ground, the absurd futility of it. We are farming in soil that is has never had any substance to it, and will never bear fruit.

Of course, we find it is God’s perfect purpose that we come to know that the “shell” bears no real sustaining fruit, nor is it able to produce the satisfaction of life that we were seeking in it. It is like a meal that fills but has no lasting nutrients. It seems to fill us up, but after a time we feel the emptiness and the gnawing hunger again.

The GOD with Whom We Have To Do

The Lord God, Who is plural in Hebrew, Who is more than the human concept or experience of “personal entity,” is One. There is no other but He. “Besides Me there is no other.” Consider that statement in its literal meaning.

There is simply “no other” except Him, Who is eternally Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A description of this eternal Three Who are One God, is not possible. I know the stock answer and can recite it. But I would rather not, because this is beyond definitions – at this point they only cloud our understanding. Father, Son and Holy Spirit in a sense can only be lived, which is what Jesus promised in John 17 – we are one in them and they are one in us. I am only in awe at the mind-breaking, word-failing contemplation of this mystery. “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee, the only True God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.” (John 17:3)

Outside of this God Who is All and in all, there is nothing. What is outside of or not included in “All?” There is no outside of God. There is no existence, no “being” except in Him, as a particular expression of Him, Who is the inner truth and reality of All, in every all. There is simply NO other! All the persons who live, have their being and their movement in this All and in all God.

All these “other persons” (human beings, angelic beings) are not “God” in the sense that they are not the source of their own being and life. However, in an operative and familial sense, all these persons have been created to show forth the glory and majesty of the Living God.

However, to Man alone is given the glory of sonship, through Christ the Son, and as sons in The Son, each becoming co-heirs of all that to which The Son is heir. That does not mean that He keeps the Lion’s Share but throws out what He doesn’t want or need to the rest of us to share or fight over. On the contrary, this co-heir-ship means that each of us inherit it all, and this is a limitless All. That is what The Lamb inherited from His Father – the entire universe, and absolute authority over anything in that universe!

“By Him all things consist,” and therefore since we are in Christ and of Christ, nothing that is Christ’s is not also ours and at our disposal to expand further that which has no limit. Since His inheritance is limitless like a river that never runs dry, we can come every day to withdraw from our Father’s ATM, not only those things needful to sustain our bodies and souls, but everything up to and including ALL of it – everything in the account! And after we had withdrawn it ALL, our receipt would show that our balance is still, “ALL!” Of course we could never contain it, but that is the point. Because we are not hoarding for ourselves, food for others now becomes our main business.

Through the vision of God, which is our gift that enables us to see as God sees, we are able to penetrate past the outer shells and see the Father, above all, through all, and in all, through every form to its individual center. And there we see God purposely and intentionally, All in all, whether evil or good, darkness or light, hell or heaven – “If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.” (Ps 139:8)

Because God is Love in Himself and only Love in all His outpourings of Himself, the “all” that we see manifest and unmanifest, no matter the source, is all God’s Love accomplishing only His Love purposes.

No matter how any creation may misuse itself or others, still the being of God in which all live and move and has existence, is only love coming through all things. It cannot be anything other. We are perhaps not far enough back from the canvas on which this is painted, to see how it is good and works the good of God. Still, no matter how far our sight could penetrate, God would be deeper still. And the younger and last is continually dying for the elder and the first. The Last Adam redeems and restores the First Adam.  And in First Adam being raised into Second and Last Adam, only one Adam emerges – the Son of God, and the Seed of Christ, all the sons born in Him, a multitude no one can number.

End Part One

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