No Other Answer in God

No Other Answer in God

By Fred Pruitt

(Excerpted from a past post — link at end.)

There is no other answer in the things of God than to believe Him.

It is so simple, which is why it is missed by so many. Most of us are like Naaman the Syrian, who sought to be healed from leprosy by Elisha. When he came to Elisha, Elisha told him to go bathe in the Jordan seven times, and the leprosy would be gone. Naaman left angry, thinking if all he had to do was bathe in the river, they had much better rivers in his country! He was looking for something a little showier from Elisha. Fortunately for him, his servant suggested for him to “do it anyway.” So Naaman obeyed the prophet, and was healed.

In this case, our bathing seven times in the Jordan is to just tell Him you believe Him. Trust Him. He is THE Person. He is Truth, the Way, and the Life, too, but in all that He is still The Person, which is why all of this existence is at its deepest core found to be Love, because God is Love. Love can only come from Person. We can make the easy choice to believe Him, because it is in us, simply by our word. That’s all it is.

At this point I am asking the reader to suspend theological thinking here, getting into the inevitable and unsolvable questions of “free will” and “choice,” or “sovereignty,” etc. Life is not answering those questions. Daily life is walking in the Spirit, and we find that negative situations occur, strong feelings overtake us, questions perplex us, and the only answer on our part to and for any of it is to walk it through daily. Speak our words. Do our deeds. Choose between alternatives. Take the next step. And the next. Say what comes into our minds. Choose you this day between … Be still and know that I AM God. Keep silence when we have nothing to say. Be a full and real person as you find yourself to be in the present moment. Trust the Spirit. Every day will be the same. Every day will be different. God is All and in all.

So we find out all our issues boil down to simple belief and faith, and all that means is that we are willing to receive God’s gifts. God says, “I will dwell in you and walk in you and be your God,” and we say, “Thank You, Lord, I will receive what You say!” That is all there is to it! Get up and start walking and talking.

What of the “belief” aspect of faith? Here is an analogy that might help.

If you take your clothes in to the dry cleaner, he will give you a ticket and tell you perhaps, “We will have this ready for tomorrow afternoon.”

We reply, “Thank you, I’ll be by tomorrow afternoon to pick it up.”

That is a faith transaction, based on belief. The “belief” is that I take the dry cleaner at his word, that the garment will be ready when he says. We don’t think about it maybe, but we have made a “choice” to believe what the dry cleaner says, and we expect he will be true to his word.

The next day, we go back and pick up our clothes. Assuming our clothes are ready, our “faith” (that he would have them ready at the proper time) was consummated or fulfilled. We had the “fruit” of our faith – our cleaned garments!

It is the same simplicity in Christ. I take God at His Word and simply stand there in that faith and refuse to budge from the belief that God performs His promises, and that He performs His promises personally in “ME!” It might not be the next afternoon like at the drycleaner’s, but at some point the Spirit in us will confirm that in us by inner consciousness. It will become not a “concept” in which we believe, but a “knowing” by which we live.

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