Nov 1st Update on Janis

Hello everyone,

Catching Up with Janis

Just another catch-up with my Janis’ situation. She’s been progressively improving since she left the hospital the last time two weeks ago.  However, a couple of days ago she began feeling bad again until yesterday when she was G/I sick all day and through the night. We had an already scheduled appointment with the surgeon this morning, so we showed up at 9 AM to see what was happening. After examining her, Dr. Juhl decided to re-admit her to the hospital. She has apparently contracted another bacterial infection in the operation area. Dr. Juhl decided to admit her rather than try an outpatient visit, because he wanted to run more tests and get her over this hump. He’s a good doctor, and in the hands of the Great Physician, so we have no worries there! She’s been pretty sick again, but I feel good about this new step. We have to get her well! Amen, that’s what it shall be! Thanks again to all of you for your support in loving us, praying for us, believing for us, and for everything else!

Fred Pruitt

November 1, 2017

One thought on “Nov 1st Update on Janis

  1. Glad Dr. kept her in there so they can get her well from the infection. Thank you Father for healing Janis and keeping them both strong in you. Looking forward to a good report Fred.

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