Catch-up On Janis

Catch-Up on Janis

Hello all,

For those interested, here is a little catch-up news on Janis.

She spent 17 days out of the last month in the hospital, first stay for 8 days, the second for 9 days, with a 10 day gap between them.

She has no heart damage due to the mild heart attack she had, so last week they were finally able to perform the colon surgery. We had a little setback in the hospital after surgery due to an infection in the wound, which took about 8 days to resolve.

I was able to bring her home last Wednesday where she will still have to convalesce for a while. She is still capable of hardly anything physical, but is getting stronger day by day. I’ve never had to tend a surgery wound like this, so it’s been a scary learning experience for me, but we went to the follow-up appointment at the surgeon’s office yesterday, and he said everything looked exactly like it is supposed to at this point. She still has weeks more healing to do.

All in all, she’s in good spirits, tempered by some pains now and then.

We thank all of you for your prayers, support and love! God’s blessings be with you all!

Fred and Janis Pruitt

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