As the Waters Cover the Sea

As the waters cover the sea

By Fred Pruitt

(This is the last chapter of Hearts of Flesh, published 2005 by WordPress.)

In the beginning of this book, and indeed throughout it, we have spoken about experiencing no hope, despair, failure and barrenness in some sense as prerequisites to a “heart of flesh.” Truly, it is by experiencing and living life in all its sweets and bitters, positives and negatives, that we discover and live the Divine within it, and are found to be fully “human.”

And now having found God in love in the midst of everything there is, how does our world look to us now, and what purpose do we have in living in it?

Years ago, when I was a very young man, one night I found myself standing at the edge of a high plateau in the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. It was high summer just after dusk, and looking out eastward into the unending sea that is the Great Plains, I was overcome with the nearness and vastness of the infinite landscape in front of me, that even in its infinity was framed and overshadowed by the Big Sky all around. The stars were so real and vibrating so close by, that a nighttime military map exercise became a moment transfigured in starlight forever. I didn’t “know Him” yet, but there He was, bigger than life anyway.

A thousand other such stories I could tell, and I think most of us, if we thought about it, could tell similar stories. Different places. Different facets. But there is no one on earth who is without epiphanies, without glimpses of God here and there.

By grace and mercy those epiphanies have come up like sprouting seeds in our lives, testifying to truth and love and sometimes being demanding of us because in an epiphany, we see something miraculous, something “higher” than ourselves, and it holds tight to us like an ideal we know is true but is perhaps for a long time seemingly out of reach.

But we can’t let it go. We’ve seen something, even if nobody else believes it, and though maybe ethereal, impractical, illogical and impossible, especially to someone such as ourselves, embarrassment be damned anyway and we plow on like big bulls in little china shops with the expected results.

But the vision grows. And with the expanding vision the heart bursts out of its cavity. Because now we know the vision is far vaster than we first thought, and we see that love exceeds all boundaries and is without any limitation.

And this now is the fullness flowing out of our hearts and minds and affecting everyone around us with light and glory, just as the stars shine so elegantly and vibrantly in the Colorado sky.

The stars shine; the rain falls; the heart bursts, and out of it the love of God fills everything. In all the valleys and over all the hills. As the waters cover the sea.


Almost everything in the preceding articles is lovingly based on scriptural understandings that I learned first from the books, and then even more from the life of the person who taught them to me by being them in front of me. He was the missionary, Christian leader and writer, Norman Grubb, who when asked by a friend in my presence if he’d ever “been to the Holy Land,” replied (in his proper Cambridge English), “My dear, I AM the Holy Land.”

Later on, what began as principles I learned from Norman failed, and I attempted to forget it all for years. No could do, however, because though I threw away the syllabus for a long time, the “law” of how to believe and live in union with God, one day I saw the “Royal Law of Liberty” in a new light, it having come up completely of Itself. Even more surprisingly (because I was no longer looking for it), in my loss, weakness, and even forgetfulness of it, it (the Living God) suddenly by grace became the Inner Rod of Iron I had believed He was so long before and which for years had seemed so elusive to attain.

And when it did come, that Rod of Iron did not come as rigid engravings in stone tablets, but as Emmanuel (Christ in me) in a heart of flesh.

Taken from last chapter of Hearts of Flesh, published in 2005 by Authorhouse. For further information click here – Hearts of Flesh

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