New Update on All Articles List 3-8-17

New Update on All Articles List

Regarding the “Complete Alphabetical List of All Articles,” I am pleased to tell everyone that I have finally updated it. Its last update was June 24, 2015, almost 2 years ago. I had no idea it had been that long, and that it would be such a big list of articles that needed to be entered.

Well, I went and did it, and today (March 8, 2017) we have a brand new up-date alphabetical list of pretty much everything on the  blog.

There are nearly 700 articles on the blog now, and I am overwhelmed at the thought of categorizing them. I know the titles don’t always tell what they are about. If anyone would like to help out a little bit, I’d love for some folks to write very short synopses of any articles you’d care to write about, and then send them to me and I can put them with the articles. I don’t want criticism or analysis, just a little explanatory synopsis so a reader can see what the piece might be about.

Also, if anyone would like to do the same for some of my audio talks, that would be great!

So enjoy your new Complete Alphabetical List of All Articles!

Thank you for your comment.

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