Short Trip Announcement

Short Trip Announcement

John Bunting and I will be with Mic Fuller and friends in Sarasota, FL, March 24th and 25th. There are a few activities planned. Please get in touch with me or with Mic to find out details.

We will be in Wetumpka, Alabama (just outside Montgomery), Monday March 27th and Tuesday March 28th. Our hosts will be David and LeOla Postlethwait. Please get in touch with me or with LeOla for details.

And that’s that for this trip. It may be short, but the Holy Spirit will make it count!

Hope to see you out there on the sawdust trail!

4 thoughts on “Short Trip Announcement

  1. Hi Fred and Linda. I’ve been getting your emails for quite awhile now and am so thankful for the truths that you speak. I see that you’re going to Sarasota at the end of the month. I’ve been considering a move there and wonder if you would be willing to ask the believers there if they’d be willing to let me get in touch with them? My phone number is 919-414-4064. Thank you. Victoria Hill

    • Hi Victoria! My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. The best thing to do is to email Mic Fuller, who is coordinating our time there. His email is I hope we get to see you! I had forgotten you messaged me through the blog and was wondering why I couldn’t find your message in my email. But I found you here! Thanks for being with us.

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