The Unction Comes With Blinders

The Unction Comes With Blinders

by Fred Pruitt

Whatever else anyone might say about the recent US Presidential election, for me particularly it was a tremendous temptation and somewhat of a “test” to confirm my own place in the world and the Body of Christ. The question put to me was along these lines: In the light of everything going on in the world now, are you going to keep to the path you have been given, or is it time for a new path?

Like all of us, I was personally challenged to question or tempted to doubt the validity of how I had seen God’s commission in my life. That used to be a daily, sometimes even minute by minute temptation that I endured for quite a few years, to doubt my “calling.” But a good while ago the Spirit so solidified that knowing in me, bringing me into a fixed inner consciousness of Christ in me as me, that it has withstood all questioning and doubting thoughts since then.

But that came under heavy fire during our recent political season. All sorts of accusations flooded my way. “You’re wasting your time with that!” “Why don’t you do something useful?”

“Lord, have I wasted my life going down this path?”

You should be out there doing this or doing that, many have said. It is amazing how so many of us think we have such clarity about what somebody else should do, when most of us don’t have that clarity for ourselves. Let me set this right. Anything “out there” and commissioned of God, we are all for it!!! But we all have our distinction in which the Lord has in some way said to us: “THIS is the one thing YOU are to do!”

We must come back to ourselves and to what the Lord has given us. And we find we are something very specific, and we keep ourselves as if with blinders on to keep to that specificity and nothing else. We are not keeping anyone out or keeping anyone from anything. It’s like going to McDonald’s and expecting only McDonald’s hamburgers. One would think it strange to find a Wendy’s hamburger at a McDonald’s. We have only one product. As Norman used to say, we are a “fiddle with one string.” When they come to us, let them continue to find the one-string fiddle — in plain sight — and not covered over with a hodge-podge of similar sounding (but very different) things.

WE must keep to our own emphasis as the Lord has directed, and to nothing else. This is not to disparage in any way God’s multitudinous streams out there which are making up the One River of Life that flows out of all of us. Nor is it our job to make any sort of issue out of where our emphases are different from anyone else’s. I am only saying that WE must stick to our guns, the ONE THING we have been given, and not divert from it. I don’t know if that is your unction from the Spirit, but it is MY unction from the Spirit — and not to get pulled into all kinds of side issues, like eschatology, the future of the earth as the kingdom of God, believer-supermanism, physical healing, temporal politics, and whether all are saved or not, etc. etc. etc. All those issues divert from the one main issue people avoid at all costs — THE SELF ITSELF! That’s why we press this point so firmly and repeatedly! This is where the real battle is joined, and where everything is overcome. Hence this central spot from which all things proceed — He in us and we in Him manifesting only Him — in and as our flesh and blood humanity!

So when they come to us, let’s give them Eternal LIFE, rather than who to vote for as our temporal leader!! Starting with showing them they are dead, and they have no “king’s kids rights” to demand or protect. He calls us to lose all. How did that gete lost in the Body of Christ?

Jesus calls us to die before he calls us to resurrection. Both in coming to know who we are in Him, sanctification — knowing we are buried with Him in baptism into His death and raised to newness of Life in His resurrection, and intercession — bearing about in our bodies the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus might be manifest in our mortal flesh — i.e., we go to hell for others if necessary! It’s kind of hard and perhaps even a bit inconvenient for our busy lives to think about “going to hell for others,” when the preacher says all we must do is give a hundred dollars and God will give us a new house!

Free As He Is Free

Therefore, how DO we set people free, when we seem to ourselves so beset with weakness and contradiction? The answer is that we are only allowed to view those “quirky self” things in order that we might know that we are NOT that, but only Christ in us. That is the message of the “truth will out.” It “outs” in us. The Life of Christ in us swallows up and lives in apparent human weakness and contradiction, out of which He appears in glory.

So, we do not have to worry about those issues, setting people free, leading them, etc, except to know that as we are led and free even so are they, and they will “hear” what the Spirit is saying in them, since we are doing the same before them. We have come to thoroughly know it is not about turning people into our personal disciples, but to Christ and the Spirit. They (as we do also) belong to Him and ARE HIM in expression.

Our hearts are His. Our motivations are His. We are not persons concerned about our public persona, but just simply living Christ in all we do, sometimes in what looks like trial and error, but sometimes also wisdom is proved by trial and error. We are then free of those self-thoughts, even as we desire others to be free of them, too. We can be free because we are free! We are Blessed and therefore a Blesser!

We transmit to others our own reality, i.e., “Christ in His own freedom as me.” We don’t “teach” freedom as a concept (what is allowable, what is not allowable), because it immediately falls into the legal realm, where we still want to find the edges of this freedom, some borders, some rules we must keep somewhere in the forefront for self’s-security’s-sake, so often we invent phrases like, “Of course whatever you hear from the Inner Word will line up with the Written Word,” and others similar. We cling to those “safety” places, as I see it, less out of conviction, but more so out of having a safe “place” to anchor this freedom.

But true freedom defies all that and doesn’t live in that rational level. It does not answer those questions. “The wind blows … so IS everyone who is born of the Spirit.” People ask sometimes, what does this union life look like? Or what would this love look like expressed? Give me a picture, a model.

We give them the one they may not expect, in that we ourselves are the picture, the model. The answer is, it looks like the “whoever” in which the Life is showing up. That is why Paul told the Corinthians that they were the letter he had written. Paul didn’t tell them to go study more, get with it, dig into the Torah — though they may have done all of that — but simply told them that the Life was now showing up in them as them.

“You are now the life,” he was telling them. Yes, definitely an earthen vessel, but not just an earthen vessel, but a vessel filled with the Water of Life, out of which is flowing rivers of that Water. (Remember, the early church did not have Bibles as we know them. All writings were hand copied in those days, and very expensive. Jews would have been familiar with the Scriptures and many of them were trained in them, but the Gentiles had no reasons to have Scriptures then. So we can’t really derive a “concept” that you can’t be fully right with God unless you are getting hard into your Bibles on an everyday, regular basis, when obviously that would have been for the most part an impossibility for most believers in the primitive church. It was decades before the writings of the Apostles and the Gospels were gathered together and passed around. The Spirit was quite sufficient for the early church! Many today believe the age of the Spirit was over once the “Bible” had been solidified, and my contention is the age of the Spirit has never been over because it is always the age of the Spirit and remains the ONLY way in which we may approach God – in the Spirit.

As Jesus said to the Samaritan woman:

“But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth:  for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is a Spirit:  and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”  (John 4:23,24).

I’m not trying to be difficult but that does not mean “tongues,” and “charismatic style” worship services, though they might be included. But this is a broader definition of Spirit and Spirit-living. It is an entire reorientation of our inner selves, and to begin to know the indwelling Christ and the indwelling Spirit on a permanent basis, and to no longer see and reason after the flesh, but to see and reason now after the Spirit – which is Life and Peace! It is about LIFE — 24/7 — and not just church services!

“Now,” he tells them, “Your stony hearts have been reborn, and have become hearts of flesh.” (Ez 36:26). Ah, is this not the purpose of God? This is not a “bad” definition of flesh. This really is saying he heals our hearts so that they become fully divinely human. Compassion. Hearts of flesh feel everything, experience everything, apprehend everything, behold everything as taken into them, seeing no separation in what is outside and what is inside.

I maybe should not get carried away, and just conclude with this. We live a Spirit freedom and an Unbounded Love. That freedom and love is who and what we are, and we cannot help but to be it. And it is catching. A contagion of Life! That is who you are, and undoubtedly you are flowing out as He is continually flowing in!

We continue to be tremendously grateful for all the help so many of you have been, in so many ways. This is family business, and I’m glad we have family to help with the business.

May God bless you all in Christ, knowing that “as you have received Jesus Christ the Lord, even so [i.e. in the same manner, by faith!) walk you in Him.”

This is a present living fact when we are in Christ and Christ is in us — we have become one person living, functioning, and manifesting the love of God in our world.


We’ll conclude with a bit of “trip news.” It has been an interesting year. Only the Spirit knows the reasons, but John and I were not able to get out and take a trip this past year. We had thought we would be able to go to the northeast this Fall as we have done so many times, but things did not work out. The Lord kept us here for various reasons. No need to go into any of it. Our hearts have been with you all, but our bodies have had to stay home this year.

I know I’ve said this a lot (said stuff I’m going to do and didn’t end up doing, like a politician sometimes does), but it is still our intent to get back out into our car and visit, encourage and share with as many of all our precious ones as we can. I look to that starting early next year.

Last, I want to mention the subject of finance, which I address rarely. Every once in a while, I think it good to send a general reminder that we live primarily on what the Lord sends through His people. Thanks again to those of you who send for our support to help us get out this most important Word to the world and Body of Christ. Anyone interested in that may check here:

This will be my first time typing this for this season:

Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. Thank you Fred for all that you do to be a blessing to the Church! Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Much love to you and Janis

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