From Living Soul to Life-giving Spirit

From Living Soul to Life-giving Spirit

By Fred Pruitt

(Everything below is from the public Comments Section on the VIW blog. I have done a bit of editing and expansion on the original.)

From Stephanie

Hi Fred, I am enjoying all of your posts and so thankful for them. I have a question maybe you can answer. It says in the Bible that the first Adam was a living soul and the last Adam/Christ was a life giving spirit. So did Adam have union with God the way we have union now with the Father/Jesus? Thanks for any insight


From Fred

Adam and Eve “came alive” into some sense of union with God. That is the only way any of us ever have fellowship with God, by His uniting of Himself to our inner selves. There is no objective, “outer God,” from Whom we stand apart and “worship” from afar.

We worship God, as Jesus told the woman at Jacob’s well, “in Spirit.” Spirit is not physical and has no physical location which we can relate to in our outer way of thinking. People will immediately think of scenes in Scripture, descriptions of the heavenly Throne, where sits the “Ancient of Days,” as described by the prophet Daniel. Is that not a scene where people stand “apart” from God, and minister unto Him? There are quite a few passages like that. How then, do I say there is no “outer God, from Whom we stand apart and ‘worship’ from afar?”

Now, first of all, I am certain that at some point we will “see” sights like those described in Scripture. Except that in the heavenlies, we shall know even as we are known. Everything we know in this life is a symbol (or as I have often said, a parable) of life in the Spirit. We can know some things during this time only in their “symbolic” or “parabolical” sense. When we go to the other side, all things will be plainly revealed, with no shadow or symbol or parable.

“And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the Kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! For, behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:20,21).

There is great depth in that passage and we could spend quite a bit of time on that alone. But for the moment I want to point out that what Jesus said to them was PRESENT TENSE! With no equivocation (not that He ever did any of that, but sometimes “we” do) He laid out the pure Truth.

It even included the Pharisees who were giving Jesus a hard time, if only they would have had it. He answered their question by saying the Kingdom of God was within them. They were the “you” in Jesus’ Word. TO the Pharisees, He said, “The Kingdom of God is within YOU!” He did not say, “The Kingdom of God is within” only disciples or believers. It was a blanket statement, a fact for the whole human race! That is the ONLY place we will EVER find the Kingdom of God, and that includes the “afterlife.” Within!

That tells us a couple of things. First of all, in some way all those “scenes” in Heaven of Thrones and strange Beasts and Angels, etc., are within us in the now! The Kingdom of God is always and only an eternal Kingdom, where all things occur in multitudinous simultaneity. *(See note) The Marriage Supper of the Lamb, the Throne in Revelation, Daniel’s visions, Ezekiel’s visions and every other “heavenly” scene Scripture describes, all happen in their various particular eternal moments, though outside of time. And all of that is “within” us. In “time” we see all those things on a linear “timeline.” However, in the heavenlies, things do not occur on a linear timeline. That which is eternal is always, but we shall also see and experience all those things in “plain sight,” and not through the dark glass of time and space in physical bodies. The symbols or parables EACH come alive not as symbols or parables, but living truth that blesses and edifies and manifests the glory of God.  *(Note: Multitudinous simultaneity means that everything in the universe all occurs “simultaneously.”)

Second, those visions and revelations are only available as we move into the “heaven” within us. As Jesus said no one would see the Kingdom of God except that they are newborn in the Spirit. (John 3:3). To those who have yet to do so or who refuse to do so, they can only see the same scenes which to us are full of joy and the glory of God, like the mountain of God in Horeb, which the children of Israel, flesh that they still were, who were afraid even to touch the mountain, for fear of death. They only saw lightning and fire and felt the trembling earth, because that is all the flesh is capable of seeing or experiencing.

Surely we are sent to find and bring along all the lost and wandering children, friends of Jesus. What kind of shepherds, stewards of God’s house, would we be if we ceased to reach out and pull God’s precious beloveds out of the miry clay or snatch some right out of the flames of destruction? There are lots of wounded Samaritans out there, desperately hoping someone will come by and tend to their wounds and treat them kindly. Have we not been called to be in such a time as this? The world is in fear but we know that, “A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.” (Ps 91:7), and, “I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.” (Ps 4:8)

Back to the Garden ….

We are not really told the specifics of their fellowship with God in the Garden, but it is obvious from the story that their lives were breathed into them by the Creator, and the only “breath” we can associate with the Creator is the Holy Spirit. In both Greek and Hebrew the word for Spirit is “breath.” — but as far as Adam and Eve were concerned in their day, they did not know or have the consciousness of the union life they were living.

Life after the Garden is not some punishment God has put the whole human race through to teach us a lesson. Instead, from the beginning it has been the Father’s way that His sons, (all of us), would learn who they really are by the experiences of their lives. God wants our union with Him to be a conscious, knowing union, in which we know we are one with the Father and the life we live is the Father’s life expressed through the sons that we are.

Adam and Eve “fell” because they had not yet learned who they were. Still, truth be told, they never would have learned while living in the Garden where there was never anything to disturb the peace. All the stresses, strains, mistakes, sins, good deeds, etc. – all the things we experience in life – God uses to bring us to maturity in Him, as it says in Heb 5:14. Now, to be clear, I don’t mean God wills evil, only that He wills freedom. So it isn’t that God gives us a disease, or causes deaths in our family, or causes our business to fail, “to teach us a lesson.” If any of those things DO happen, even things purposed not by “nature” or “chance,” even things purposed by evil, we see them as the Father’s Cup (Jn 18:11) for us and we then seek to see by faith how each “negative” thing God uses for good.

All of this stuff we experience in life, good and evil, God uses first to teach us who we are, then He uses the same stuff as material we can share with others that they might find life out of death also. All good!

As far as Adam being a “living soul” and Christ the “Life-giving Spirit,” that is exactly what I am talking about. Adam and Eve never went beyond soul desires, sights and sounds. Even though they were “in” Spirit, they didn’t yet “know” Spirit, just the outer world of the Garden. That is why the Tree looked good to Eve. Now, for us, once we have come to Christ, we begin to grow out of that soul-focus as the Spirit begins teaching us Who we are, i.e., we are now the “Life-giving Spirit” as us! You are the Life-giving Spirit if it so be that Christ is in you, and so am I, and everyone else in whom Christ lives. Ok, that’s a quickie explanation, hope it helps somewhat. Thanks for asking, Stephanie. Blessings, fred


From Stephanie

Wow no one has ever really explained it to me like that. That is so beautiful Fred. I seriously have tears in my eyes. I am going to print this out as I do all of your posts from your blog. They are so helpful and life giving. I want to share them with everyone. Thank you Christ in your Fred form. I cant thank you enough. I hope you know how important your posts are and the truth that  pours out through them. thank you for taking the time to explain that to me sweet friend!


From Fred

Well, Stephanie, my thanks to you as well! My blessings are your blessings!

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