Responses to How Can I Gain Humility

Responses to “How Can I Gain Humility?”
By Fred Pruitt

(These are public comments by blog readers regarding the article, “How Can I Gain Humility?)

Roel: Excellent word Fred. Still some people keep saying: “I acknowledge I have no righteousness of my own and can do nothing of my own and am empty. Therefore I ask the Lord to help me.”

Fred: They still see their personal selves as someone who needs help, and can do it “with God’s help.” It is the false “self” God is after first, not the emptiness. The false self has to completely go away in our faith. And God must be the One Who does it. Jesus said, “Whoever does not forsake everything he has, he cannot even be my disciple.” The bottom rung of the ladder and the most tightly held, is the self itself. That is the bottommost “death.”

So in Jesus’ wording, forsaking all we have ultimately must include the self itself, since that really is ALL we have. The rest of it are just projections from the false self. Just like on the Cross Jesus had to die for Satan to leave humanity in Jesus, the last vestige for most is the “responsible” self.

That’s the final hidey-hole of Satan in an independent self consciousness, that “I” am still driving this ship, because I consider it my “responsibility” to do so. To drop out of that self is like free-fall in skydiving. Will I be caught, since I’ve just stepped off a cliff? Am I being presumptuous, tempting God?

Everything must go, and up until now, few find it, because one cannot find his life until he has lost his life. That’s why people avoid this altogether by obsession on the end-times, or politics in my country, healing, right doctrine, fighting the devil, prosperity, etc. God’s will is done but most of that is distraction, since most are doing it in a separated consciousness.

It’s the self itself in the end that becomes nothing, not even a quantity into which God can dwell in His quality, speaking existentially, not doctrinally. Now, only the Spirit brings us to that consciousness, but like everything else, we enter in by faith. It is virtually impossible to get this across to someone who is not yet at the place to see it. Speak the words anyway. Chances are one day they will bear fruit. In fact I’m certain of it. Thank you, Roel!


Risto: It was some time in ’11 when I started reading NPG’s writings and then yours, Fred, thinking to myself, ‘Could this possibly be true? What these guys state seems to be in accordance with the Scriptures, but could it (Gal. 2:20, for instance) be literally true?’ It took some time for my brain to approve of and settle in, but when it did, it was a done deal (which it, I must point out, had been in the spirit realm from the very beginning, but in my case metanoia took a while).

Fred: Risto, thank you so much for your words. You come across in English much better than I would come across in Finnish! I know the incredulity you experience, because I do, too! It is too wonderful some times to believe it could be true! And yet, it is!!! It is wonderful to share it and know others know the same joy also! Thank you for writing me again. I always am blessed by what you say!


Dennis: Gotta say Fred that since first coming across your writing in 2010 I have been through the darkest times of my life. The condemnation and self accusations have nearly killed me a few times…and every time when I would come up for air, it would be the memories of how every time I read your messages they would bring me back into rest, that would be the beginning of a turn a round for me. Thank you brother!

Fred: Thank you, Dennis. The fact that you get encouragement and Life from these posts are my greatest joy! You’re the “goods,” Dennis! When we experience stuff like you describe, we might say (and not be inaccurate) it is temptation from the enemy, but it is REALLY the Spirit exercising us per Heb 5:14 and 1 Pet 1:6,7, for the greatest purpose of all — simply put, fulfilling Rom 12:1.

How often over the years we have exhorted ourselves or it came from preachers and others, that this was something to strive for, that we might fulfill what Paul is talking about. But we now know things don’t work that way. Only the Spirit can do this. And for some of us, the negatives on the way to the day we recognize He HAS DONE IT, seem like suffering in the wilderness or worse, in outer darkness, and for a long time we hang to the idea that there is light at the end of the tunnel but at the same time we wonder if we can go on another day. We’re fed up with hunting for it. I surely was.

But the Day of the Lord comes for us, when we say in completion, “Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord.” But we’re not talking only about Jesus of Nazareth. No, we speak of ourselves in Him! THAT’S where we find Him, but not just Him, but ourselves in Him and He in us. That is where our personal liberty in Him occurs and the “completion of the Gospel,” in us. “The Word made flesh.”

He comes into our deepest spirit by the Holy Spirit, but He doesn’t stay buried. Instead, He is the Christ as me and presents His Body as a Living Sacrifice as me. Just as Jesus said to the people in His hometown synagogue, “This scripture is fulfilled in your hearing,” which of course made them madder than wet hens, we do the same. He announced Himself to them, publicly taking the mantle of His Office. We take the same mantle the Spirit provides, and declare against appearances that what God has said about us is true!

For since He went away He continually “fills up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in MY flesh, for His Body’s sake, which is the Church.” “A body hast Thou prepared for Me.” Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled that scripture Himself, being the “Body prepared for Me.” And now we are “the Body prepared for Me.” It is in our flesh for His Body’s sake. We are now the body bound with cords to the horns of the altar, (Ps 118:27), for His Body’s sake.

And that is why it is so vital to embrace the negatives as God’s perfect negatives that lead to God’s Positives, both for yourself and all the Lord gives you! Praise God! Arise, shine! Thy Light is come! (How could we shine if we had no Light in us?) Like I said above, Dennis, you’re the real goods! Be not afraid, only believe!

Dennis: Amen amen amen! Today I listened to John’s gospel after a week of reading your posts from June till now. Honestly..I had to turn it off at the end of John 15…it was too much for me to handle. It was like all these explosions were going off in my heart and mind. The narrator was going too quickly….each verse was slamming into me like a big kiss from the Father…..your words were intermingled in it all….’he has come into you to manifest you…and you manifest Him’ something like that you wrote. All of the statements Jesus made on being one with the father, seen me seen Him, if you had known me you would have known the Father…don’t you believe I am in the Father Phillip? It was like —kiss!! hey dennis, have I been with you so many years and you have not known me? If you have seen yourself you have seen Me…do you not realise son that I am in you and you are in me? All I could do was cry and laugh at the same time.

Fred: Amen Hallelujah!!!


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