Fall 2015 “Grateful We’re Not Dead” Tour

Announcing the Fall 2015 “Grateful We’re Not Dead” Tour

By Fred Pruitt 

They said it would never happen again! “They’re down for the count,” some said. Others predicted, “They’ll never get it off the ground again!” Some even said, “Who needs ya’, anyway? Nobody travels around any more – we have the internet!”

But we think differently! Things happen when we meet each other! The Spirit comes out in a new way every time. “In person” still means something, because we all need each other and the gifts we each bring and there are just some things you can’t get in cyberspace!

So this coming Friday, November 6th, John and I are dusting off our suitcases and boarding his car for our first trip together in over a year. God willing it will not be the last!

It’s a “small thing” we do. But all good things start that way. It is fair I believe to take to heart Bildad’s prophecy to Job to be also for us: “Though your beginning was insignificant, Yet your end will increase greatly..” (Job 8:7 NASB)

Please join with us in prayer and faith, and if you are on our general route and near one of our stops, please join us!

John Bunting/Fred Pruitt Itinerary November 2015

1. Friday, Nov 6th – From Louisville to Columbia MD.

2. Sat, Nov 7th (With Pastor Don Curtis in Clinton MD, Home of Marvin Jeffcoat for afternoon session.)

3. Sun Nov 8th, At Christ’s Church Waldorf MD with Pastor Curtis 3413 Gough Dr. Waldorf, Md. 20604

4. Mon Nov 9th – Fri Nov 13th , Jack and Alice Corcoran 4 Sagamore, Dr. Simsbury CT

5. Sat Nov Nov 14th, Travel day to Wayne Kraus

6. Sun Nov 15th, with Wayne Kraus, 2751 Midvale Rochester Hills MI 48309

7. Mon Nov 17th, Neal and Jean Reed, 5 Mohawk St. Fredericktown, Ohio. 43019

8. Tues Nov 18th Home

Anyone interested in more information in general or about specific meetings, please email me, or if you know the host go ahead and contact them, because they will have the most up-to-date information. I didn’t want to put everyone’s emails and phone numbers on a general list, but anyone needing those I will be glad to give them to you.



3 thoughts on “Fall 2015 “Grateful We’re Not Dead” Tour

  1. Praise God the TOUR shall go ON. I agree 100% with your comments, Fred. Jesus will be giving His Message Live, one by one., thru YOU., in the Fred and John form I have been and will continue to pray and believe. I am excited to see what He has planned, for He has went before you, preparing the way. He is your front guard and rear guard , plus has His bubble of protection around you, as David said in Ps. 91..You are Blessed by our Great Big Wonderful GOD. In His Love , Jean

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