Daily Thoughts-Taken Over

Daily Thoughts – Taken Over

By Fred Pruitt

A while back I wrote the two paragraphs below. Eventually it became part of the “Daily Thoughts” that are sent out every day by the ChristAsUs website.

Somebody recently said to me, “We have to wake up every day and let God take us over.”

I said back to him, “No, I LIVE taken over! I go to sleep taken over. I wake up taken over. I walk around taken over. Like getting married – I did it once and now it’s a done deal! For me to live IS Christ!”

I also frequently use it when we have our living room chats, in order for people to understand how TOTAL what we are sharing is! A lot of us, after we have come into the awareness from the Holy Spirit that we are joined as “one” with Christ WITHIN, still struggle with ourselves for quite some time afterward. Part of it is that is incredibly hard to let go of self-judgment, of self-condemnation, of self-accusation.

In fact, it is impossible for us to let that stuff go away from us, because it is hard-bound in our “flesh,” and the only source of rescue, as always in everything – EVERYTHING – is the Spirit of God Who is within us! The Spirit is the cruse of oil that never runs out, (1 Kings 17). He is the “Breath” or “Wind” of God. He is the Revelator of Christ and the Father. It is “by the Spirit” that we are joined to the Lord so that we are “one spirit.” (1 Cor 6:17).

And it is to this “one spirit” in and with Him that I want to turn our attention.

Every time I have read that piece, as well as many others, I experience a deepening of that which I already know to be true. It is the same with this.

I wanted then to clarify a little more the “meaning” of our Life in Christ, and the outcome.

“Taken over!” That’s what I said, and put it in both the present and the past tense, and we of course leave “the future” to the Lord.

But, the idea of our being “taken over,” expresses a duality of selves living in the same location – ME! Here am “I,” and here is “The Spirit” taking “me” over. Now, to be fair to myself, I meant “oneness” when I answered that brother that way. I was emphasizing by saying I was “always taken over,” the fact of our oneness.

But yesterday a whole new flood of meaning came over me, and the phrase “taken over” lost its lustre to me.

In a nutshell, we have been saying for more than three decades, that we are “one” person with God in Christ. And when we see each other, we see Christ in His human expressions as Becky or Bob, and bow down to Him there in our hearts, and thus “serve” Becky and Bob as if they were Christ Himself. (And Becky and Bob do not even have to be ‘Christians’ for us to “see” them as Christ and serve them in that way. How else will they ever hear? If they are on a path and encounter US Who are Christ walking around in the earth, they cannot be unaffected.)

If we “lose” ourselves, as in a death and a resurrection in the Spirit, on the resurrection side there is no more island-I. Island-I is somewhat another name for “independent self.” I just call him “Island-I” because I am stressing how we human beings think. Island-I is alone. Island-I can’t stop wanting himself to improve. And “Island-I” dies hard; it’s a real struggle, and that’s GOOD!!!! The reason I delight in watching others struggling in a tug of war with Island-I, is because I KNOW the Spirit’s work is being done!

But back to the resurrection side of things. On that side, we were raised up by the power of the Father, working through the Spirit to enact what Christ had called into being and for which He suffered torture and death. On the resurrection side, we have lost ourselves and we do not take them back.

“Now wait a minute,” some might say, “What do you mean we do not take them back? I thought you said, ‘we get ourselves back.’”

Yes, that has not changed. But what has changed, is our consciousness. We cannot resurrect with the same consciousness we had before we suffered our death. When I say we “lose ourselves” on the resurrection side, what might be more precise to say is this: Only the new creation resurrects. The old thoughts, old struggles, or self-issues, do not go through the portal of death and resurrection and come out the other side just the same.

All of that drops away in the resurrection. When I come out, “I” no longer “know myself after the flesh.” The flesh-man has gone, drowned in baptism, and the new man has come, in the power of the Spirit.

The new man is just one person. That foundation of the “new man” is union, Deity spirit-self uniting with human spirit-self, and is “one,” not two. We are not dwelling side-by-side in some place inside my body, but only as “one.”

When you see me, you see Him. There is no room for two. There can be only one jockey on the horse.

And that brings me back ‘round to “taken over.” That phrase has its place and time, but for our purposes I want to move from “taken over,” which is elementary, to “one,” with nothing left anymore to “take over.”

This is how I would reply now:

Somebody recently said to me, “We have to wake up every day and let God take us over.”

I said back to him, “No, I LIVE but not me, it is Christ. I am Christ when I sleep. I am Christ when I wake up. I walk around and it is Christ walking around. Like getting married – I did it once and now it’s a done deal! For me to live IS Christ!” There is no other possibility.

2 thoughts on “Daily Thoughts-Taken Over

  1. Thanks Fred for sharing which helps each of us to see the way of God more perfectly as did Aquila & Priscilla. Acts 18:24-26. This is each of our/His ministries,and privilege. The Christ life is spontaneous and not static just as rivers by their very nature are free flowing,always for others.

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