Update and Personal Note 2015-1

Update and Personal Note 2015-1

By Fred Pruitt

Happy New Year 2015!

God’s purposes and God’s people (which is “anyone” who wants to be one), will be revealed, fulfilled, and overflowing with grace and love THIS YEAR as never before. Jacob Boehme wrote in the seventeenth century that in the last times, the scriptures would be fully revealed in their true meanings. “The mystery of the kingdom of God must first be unfolded and explained out of its types, [before it] becomes wholly manifest.” Daniel prophesied something very similar in Daniel chapter 12. This is our time, our era, our eon.

Accordingly, our part in this is to continue what we have been given and doing. Which means that the first purpose of this update is to announce that John Bunting and I are currently making our late winter – springs plans. As far as our travel years go, this past year saw John and I travel less than in any previous year since we started in 2005. That might have given some the impression that we are slowing down or cutting back. That would be an incorrect impression. What else can we say but that we have received a lifelong and undeniable constraint by virtue of Who we are: “For the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up; and the reproaches of them that reproached thee are fallen upon me.” (Ps 69:9).

We are looking this year to share again with friends from the past as well as many new ones who are popping up in our midst. If possible, it would be wonderful in some places to have 2 or 3 days so that we can really dig into the deep things of God with those interested.

As usual, we go on the Lord’s daily provisions so that we are not chargeable to those we visit. We have freely received; therefore we freely give. Though of course people do help us keep going as they are led by the Spirit, and for this we are profoundly grateful! Though we say all our provisions come from God (and they do), still 99% of the time the agencies God uses to provide for us are always human, since for eternity this is the way God operates and will operate – by His eternal sons manifesting the invisible Father, loving and blessing all things in the kingdom of Light.

That just makes the human agencies by which He provides for us to be even more precious to us, because through them we are able to “see” with even our fleshly eyes the grace and miracles of God coming to us in concrete form. They are the precious dear ones who Jesus would call His brother, sister or mother – “For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother.” (Mark 3:35). What Jesus was telling them is that the kingdom of God is a family affair! It is mothers, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers, as well as human fathers, who comprise or inhabit the kingdom. How does one join the family? We know the answer to that, when we enter into Christ we are automatically a part of this “household of God.”

But understanding that “will of God” thing seems to be difficult for most people. It needn’t be difficult. Jesus IS the will of God. Though we could elaborate, this is not the time for that but just the time to say He walks out His will in our lives when we know Him. It is always, from day one, “It isn’t I, but it is Christ, and now here am I again, being “myself” AND it is Christ, being “myself.”

Back to our trip plans. In past years, we have taken a trip sometime between January and early March, usually to Florida and/or places nearby. Our second trip, usually April or early May, has historically taken us to Louisiana, Texas, and a couple of times Oklahoma and Kansas.

Though this will go out to our entire mailing list, I am addressing primarily the people who live in or near the above-mentioned areas, who might possibly like to host John and me for however long we are wanted (no more than 2-3 days usually – 1 day is still ok, too), and would be amenable to having some people in or getting together at some location, so that we might have some in-depth sessions, part “lecture” probably, but hopefully generating personal discussion and application.

I don’t usually try to do much “selling,” but I’m going to break that tradition in this note just a bit, because I just want to emphasize as strongly as I am able, the tremendous liberty, power, gravity and absolute love that rises up in us in a consciousness, from the Spirit, of Christ in us as us. Things are heating up in the world. Our answer is not guns and bombs, but Christ in POWER, and Christ in LOVE! The Sons of God are rising, forgetting that which lies behind, and pressing onward for the prize of the high calling. What is the prize? MORE SONS!!!!!!

That is why I believe so strongly that we must continue to travel and share the good news. On paper it doesn’t look like our little traveling show and the meetings we have could make a ripple in the vast wider world. But that is not the case. We ARE making a ripple – and it’s becoming a bigger “WAVE” every day!

Here is what it will be in that Day (and for those who see it, we are “in that Day” even now):

“They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain:  for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.”  (Isaiah 11:9).

That’s what we are about, no more, no less.

Any readers who would like to get on this bandwagon, or would like to attend after we get something together but cannot host, please contact me or John or Linda Bunting. My email address is fhpjrrom@gmail.com. John’s is jb13984@iglou.com, and Linda’s b13984@iglou.com. I really look forward to hearing from you.


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