Responding to A Daily Thought Comment

Responding to A Daily Thought Comment

by DeeDee Winter

This was a comment and response to the CAU Daily Thought from Friday October 24, reprinted below.

Daily Thoughts

Always in Peril
By DeeDee Winter

We have a neighborhood bible study with several women. We are in Acts and I have a book by Barkley telling his thoughts on it. There was a line that just stopped me. Counterfeit Christianity is always safe. Real Christianity is always in peril. It made me think of Paul and the Judaizers who always followed him trying to squelch the wholeness, finished work and freedom that he brought them and that we also have in Christ. There is not one thing we have to do. There is not one thing we can do. There is not one thing wrong with us. No sin; no Satan, except to tempt us to the truth of our fully redeemed selves.

It struck me in a new way in reading Jesus words to Paul “Why do you persecute ME”? Who was Paul persecuting???? Christians? NO! Christ who had come a second time in them; really Him! Truly an amazing God we have!


I am on the CHRISTASUS WEBSITE and it sends good nuggets my way…daily bread to reinforce the Christ life WITHIN…letting you know my appreciation for it.

Your note this morning about counterfeit Christianity is safe…true Christianity is in peril is INDEED a good way to see the truth of the Christ within persecuted.  Another thought, even CHRIST WITHIN US IS PERSECUTED BY our self life the old Adam nature is in constant battle and FIGHTS THE CHRIST WITHIN where our Christianity is in peril BUT as we yield to HIM…HE FIGHTS THE BATTLE AND IT IS WON IN HIS NAME HIS NATURE ALL THAT HE IS POSSESSES US MORE AND MORE  till WE BE NO MORE BUT CHRIST SEEN IN FULNESS.

Question: is there any websites that do daily thoughts for young married couples with children…meeting them right where they are in all life’s struggles…daily life issues?

Happy is that people, whose God is The Lord….

DeeDee’s Response

Hi __________!

You have no idea how glad I was to see yours….a real touch from God! Let me tell you why….it landed in my Junk Mail folder, for some reason, that I NEVER look at, but just did and there yours was…and it was not from 9 months ago!

No, I know nothing for young marrieds. Actually what we share, on the Christ as us site, as well as on the Norman Grubb site, is mostly for the Christian who has failed at living the “Christian” life. That failure can happen at any time in our life. Age has little to do with it.

One thing that you mention is actually exactly the opposite of anything you will find on either of these sites. “CHRIST WITHIN US IS PERSECUTED BY our self life the old Adam nature is in constant battle and FIGHTS THE CHRIST WITHIN”

Actually there is NO “old Adam nature” in a born-again person. DEATH to that nature is what took place at the Cross and in each of us when we believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior…the old Spirit of Error OUT/DEAD and the new Spirit of Truth IN…living and moving and having our/His being! That is what Paul clearly states in Romans 6-8 & Gal 2:20 and in knowing this all the other Scriptures shout it at us also. The difficult part for believers is that most churches teach what you have stated…two natures, black dog/white dog…the “counterfeit Christianity” of the CAU daily today.

What does hang onto us are our old grave clothes of a separated mind-set that the Holy Spirit so ever-delicately unwraps from around us. It takes a ‘season’ for Him to fully settle in the full truth about ourselves….to raise our consciousness/awareness of His life, and none other, within. I pray you will drive your stake in the ground today and say by faith that you are DEAD and Christ is your life. Keep saying it until He makes it real to you. Then no matter what happens or how you ‘appear’ to yourself….by actions, reactions….you will say, “Here YOU are, Lord.”   The onus in on Him to live your life….and He will/does!

Please keep in touch…

Love in Christ, our life…


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