Most Read Posts Since July 2010

Most Read Blog Posts Since Blog Started in July 2010

The following are the top 100 most read Voice In the Wilderness blog posts in descending order, from July 22, 2010 through April 21, 2014. “I Don’t Feel or Hear God Anymore” continues its multi-year lead, ahead by quite a bit from its closest contenders!

  1. I Don’t Feel or Hear God Anymore
  1. Hearts of Flesh
  2. “What’s The Best Book On Grace You’ve Ever Read?”
  3. Get Axe Laid to the Root
  4. Complete Alphabetical List of All Articles Revised Apr 21, 2014
  5. Is the Spirit “Perfect” and the Soul “Being” Perfected?
  6. Videos
  7. Obstacles in the Promised Land?
  8. God Does Not Want You Out of the Way!
  9. Audios
  10. Why Did Jesus Hide the Truth in Parables?
  11. Free Will Book
  12. The New Wave Is Here
  13. The Meaning of “Being Yourself”
  14. Moving From Relationship To One
  15. Shedding the Consciousness of Sin
  16. The Real Purpose of Law vs. Grace
  17. Entering God’s Rest
  18. How Do We Handle Difficult People and Situations?
  19. Axe Commentary – Audio
  20. Condemnation — Get Over It!!!
  21. The Basics: Christ As Us
  22. Feeling the Presence
  23. So, You’ve Got Free Will, eh?
  24. Basics of Union
  25. Living in the Light
  26. Shouldn’t I Be Better?
  27. Independent Self, Not Religion, Is the Problem
  28. About Norman Grubb 2011
  29. Another on Entering Into His Rest
  30. Single Eye Seeing
  31. Total Human Liberation
  32. Seeing As God Sees
  33. Moving From Sight To Faith
  34. The Ultimate Risk of Freedom
  35. Has God Forsaken Me?
  36. How Do I Enter the ‘Promised Land’?
  37. Struggling Against Habits–Romans 7 Dilemma
  38. Shouldn’t We Be Harsh on Legalism?
  39. Oneness Through Involuntary Servitude
  40. What It’s A Joke
  41. The Heart of the Matter
  42. Walk Before Me and Be Thou Perfect
  43. The Food and Purpose of Faith
  44. Until Christ Be Formed in You – Part Two
  45. Now That I Know Christ Is In Me, Shouldn’t I Be Better?
  46. The Renewing of the Mind
  47. Sin_Consciousness_vs_Christ_Consciousness
  48. Joy to the World
  49. A Little Broader Panorama on the Rom 7 – 8 Transition
  50. What If Deliverance Never Comes?
  51. On Earth As It Is In Heaven
  52. Rideouts’ Great Work in Thailand
  53. Isaac Is Here, Let Us Laugh Now!
  54. Asking, Seeking and Knocking
  55. Parables — Revised
  56. Why We Say “As Us”
  57. How Do We Grasp Our Union
  58. The Light Shines in the Darkness
  59. Is God Still In Me?
  60. The Torment of Fear
  61. Why Was Esau Rejected?
  62. Dealing With Depression 2012
  63. What Does the Bible Say?
  64. What If My Teacher or Pastor Sins?
  65. Looking at OT with NT Eyes
  66. Fixed Inner Consciousness
  67. Regarding “Men Have Forgotten God”
  68. Farther Than Light Can Go
  69. The Law of the Spirit or the Law of Self-effort
  70. Be the Mess You Are
  71. Christ in Life’s Nitty Gritty
  72. Making Sense of Spirit-Soul-Heart
  73. How Much Are We the Vessel for Another?
  74. Aroma of Life
  75. Seeking God’s Kingdom
  76. How Do We Know We Are ‘Fixed’ In Him?
  77. Does My Ego Get In The Way?
  78. Toward A Divine Nature Understanding
  79. Universal Salvation and Other Matters – Part One
  80. Discerning Soul and Spirit
  81. Possessing Our Possessions: On the Brink
  82. The Young Man
  83. Four Questions: The Devil? Choice? Obedience? Rest?
  84. If Any Man Be In Christ
  85. Proactive or Reactive?
  86. What_Is_Gods_Rest
  87. Consciousness of Christ: the Why of Everything
  88. The Greatest Work
  89. Moving By Faith Into the Promises
  90. Issues_Concerning_Prayer_–_Specific_Words_of_Faith
  91. Attending Church? Pt 1
  92. Dialogue on (Almost) Everything – Pt One
  93. How Do We Set People Free?
  94. Christ In and As YOU!
  95. A Winter’s Day
  96. On Being Lazarus
  97. Why Is Union Not Embraced More?
  98. Possessing Our Possessions Series
  99. He Must Increase__A Change in Priesthood

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