Our Trip and Gal 220

Hello all,
John and I have been in the Melbourne/Palm Bay area for a full day now, and we will wrap it up tomorrow before we leave for Wetumpka on Wednesday. This is been one of the most satisfying trips we have had thus far. We are so delighted to see the lights coming on, eyes lit up with joy, when people begin to realize the magnificence of our salvation that we experience in coming to understand that we are not ourselves alone (indeed, we have never been), but that we are now inwardly one with Christ and in Christ, and that the life we are living is His life expressed in the world by means of our everyday humanity.
We were very blessed to have gotten the video recording when we spoke at A Grace Place Church in Bradenton last Wednesday night. Unfortunately, different technical difficulties have prevented us from recording our other sessions so far, which we will have to address before our next trip.
That doesn’t stop me from giving a short report, though, because this trip has been so rich in Christ in so many ways. We have had opportunities to speak where we had not been able to speak before, and there seemed to us to be a greater understanding and receptiveness than we have experienced in the past. This was our third visit to the Sarasota/Bradenton/Palmetto area, and it is wonderful to see “seeds” planted in the past beginning to come up and even bear fruit.
We moved on to our current location in Palm Bay on Sunday, where our friends had prepared a little get-together for us in the back yard, sitting around the fire ring. Then today we had two sessions meeting at a local ministry’s conference room, and during the afternoon we delved into some serious questions with our current host, Max Ahlgren. Max always has a way of pulling the deep water out of the well, and the Spirit obliged us in our meetings and with Max, so that it has been an incredible day. We expect the Same Spirit to do the same thing tomorrow, when we will also have two sessions. Wednesday morning, we’ll move on to our last stop on this trip, Wetumpka Alabama.
Finally, I have copied a back and forth from the comment section of my blog, that I thought would be very appropriate for a whole lot of people.
Here is that short exchange:
Dear Fred
I sure do see a lot of the same situations, or circumstances in my life. Just when I begin to think”I” have it all “figured out”, when I think I am living in Gal 2:20,my “self” is brought to “my” attention,and I realize I am STILL pretending….Wanting to be spiritual, wanting to be a teacher, letting everyone know what I know,me me me me! Ah, dung!, lol. . Seems every day is a new beginning; every day I have to get into Gal 2;20. I guess it’s part of the process. This article is timely… Thanks, ___.
Dear brother,
Thanks for writing. You are experiencing temptation, that tells you what you have believed has not happened, and that you are not living Gal 220. It is not dependent whatsoever on you. It is not about you “getting it.” You ARE the living reality of Gal 220 in your everyday humanity, complete with all the thoughts, feelings, and temptations you have always experienced, and most likely will continue to experience. We all do.
The only victory is in our faith. Faith, in a sense, is like a marriage vow. You say, “I do” and it is so. Don’t wait for “something to happen.” Don’t wait until you have it “figured out.” One can never figure it out. You are living the mystery of Christ in you, and you live the life of the Spirit,, “the wind blows where it will, you hear the sound of it, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it goes. SO IS EVERY ONE WHO IS BORN OF THE SPIRIT. The operative word is — IS! Agree with God, not your feelings or your temptations. They may always run contrary to the true reality, and that’s where we learn one of the most important lessons we ever learn, which is to trust in the invisible which you can neither see, feel, taste, etc., and plant your feet on the FACT that Gal 220 is true in you, and that you ARE Christ living in your form. Once you see this, by the Spirit, you will realize what a great simplicity it is.’

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