Lets Give God Some Credit

A Sunday Meditation: Let’s Give God Some Credit

by Fred Pruitt

Let’s give God some credit. He is the Eternal One. (Take each of those words individually.) But He does this tricky thing, in that He is “out of time” as we know it, and yet He interacts with us “in time.” How does He do that?

The Holy Spirit is God now, in the temporal, in us! And then by the Spirit, it is the same with us as it is with God in His heaven, in that we live “out of time,” and yet interact, “in time.” One part of us sees inward into the Eternal and another part of us sees outward into the temporal, but they are not two sights, but each the same with a different viewpoint but wholly “together,” or “one.”

(Some may say they don’t know about this seeing process and it sounds like something we “have to do” and/or “complicated,” etc. Actually, it is just something that is always going on in us in the Spirit and we may have no awareness of it. Just as in the human body, the brain works thousands of functions throughout all our systems every moment, and every bit of it is outside the realm of our awareness or consciousness. I don’t make my blood flow or my heart pump. But “part” of me does, my brain – the brain just leaves the consciousness out of it and runs it silently on its own. It is the same in the Spirit.)

In Ephesians, Paul describes everything about us in Christ using the word, “together,” and the Apostle John recorded Jesus’ prayer for His Oneness in the Father being the same as ours, since we are in Him and He in us. Everything points to this oneness, togetherness, everyone the Same Head and each of us the body with many members. Everything is operated and energized by the “Head,” and everything in the body does the will of the Head. How does it happen that this “spiritual body” of Christ, does His will, when to outer sight the Christian church on earth is as fragmented and at war within itself with thousands of different “sects,” as any other religio-political entity in our world.

The first thing to note is that not all those who take the name “Christian” are part of this body, because it is a “body” entirely of the Spirit, and having nothing to do with organizations and institutions of men. Not that those who are part of those organizations or institutions cannot be a part of the “true” body of Christ. But obviously it is not by virtue of an earthly membership but by the Spirit.

As far as those who have come into the new birth of the Spirit, each of us individually is a microcosm of the Godhead — Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus plainly told us that through the Son we know the Father and that both have come to take their abode in us, and we in them, one as they are one. And yet in their oneness, there is The Father and there is The Son.

The enactment of it all, on earth as in Heaven, Who is also one with the Father and the Son, is the Holy Spirit, the Doer, Maker, Tincture, Revealer, the Outgoing Power of the Father and the Son to bring into heavenly or earthy substantial being all that the Father has seen and the Son has spoken, including and most especially the revelation and manifestation of the Sons of God, for which all creation groans with travail — of which we are all a part, both of the travail and also of the full birth.

It is in this internal sight within that we see this full “Trinity” in action. In the Son we have come to know the Father, the All in all. Paul describes Him as, “dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see, and as “the invisible God,” whose image Christ Jesus IS. The reason we cannot “see” Him is because He has no form nor is He an “otherness,” nor is He “separated” from us. God cannot be separated from anything because He is the All in the all. So He does not sit on a chair opposite from us knee-to-knee and talk to us like that.

(What about the “Thrones” and the “Presence” on the Throne in the Biblical visions? What I am saying is not a denial of any of that, because we will see all that God has said that we will see. It may be, however, that on “the other side,” those things will look differently than we imagine them now. But what we are talking about this minute is not really out of that image, but out of the daily “image of God” we live in as Christ’s abode.)

And in that regard, we can see that this invisible Father is not only the Source out of which has come all things, but most especially since He is in us, we can realize He is more than anything else, our “personal source.” What I mean by that, is that I am not somehow some hybrid being, attached “outwardly” to God hitching a ride to heaven. Instead, I AM the Life that came down out of heaven, the Living Bread, that if any man eat of Me, He will live forever. Have I just spoken blasphemy, calling myself Jesus or God?

Not hardly. It is simply the only thing TO say, because I AM the Life of the Son. (Do we speak as men, or the oracles of God?) And the bread I have to give to the world, is My flesh, which I will give for the Life of the world. Is this not the same as brother Paul, who wrote what we so often quote? “Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be manifest in my mortal flesh …. So then, death worketh in us, but life in you.” (2 Cor 4:11, 12).

Ultimately, to one degree or another, we all become aware of participation in this one great ongoing enterprise of Christ, the “working out” of His “Finished Work,” that of bringing Resurrection out of Death both in the world and beyond the world.

This is the eternal Privilege we have been freely given – full sonship with God, bringing forth the fruit of God in the vineyard of God, without end.

He who has ears ….


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