Spring – The Season of New Beginnings

by Fred Pruitt

(Originally published as part of a previous article) 003

Here it is, spring in all its glory! Each time of the year has its special wonder, and sometimes it is hard to pick one season over another. But the times I experience the greatest “joy” in nature is definitely spring, spring when the cold ebbs away and the warm spring winds begin to come up from the south. The sights and smells of spring bring spontaneous praise out of me, to know the land is alive again, ice has melted, and months of gray give way to vibrant color of all hues and shades. Spring is a victory every year, a victory over the want of winter, bringing hope and light and the eternal promise of resurrection.

I wrote the following a couple of days ago to Ole Henrik Skjelstad:

I was thinking along those lines one day this week. I went out to go somewhere, the store most likely. Our driveway is behind and above our house, a flight of stairs up to the alley where our car is parked. It’s an exercising walk!

Our house is surrounded by large oak trees as well as other kinds of large hardwoods. We are on a slope, the side of a small mountain, so that the back of our house slopes upward into mostly forest — pines, dogwoods, wisteria (lilac), vines, bushes, etc. I always enjoy just the walk up to the car or the mailbox and behold all that in wonder just for a few moments.

But it has been overcast now for several days, and all this spring splendor has been somewhat muted in the gray light. I have appreciated the overcast for what it is, but I so long to see the color. The colors without bright sunlight seem washed out. You know the color is there, your brain tries to compensate the best it can, but still it leaves me longing.

This day I was thinking about that and I realized something that surely I have realized before, but it is always nice when it comes again. I realized that the color is there, and the only difference in my sight had to do with the quality of the light coming in.

Gray light is diffused sunshine — same sunshine but distributed through water molecules into a dullness and lack of clarity. Ever try to focus better in gray light? To me things are fuzzy, having no clear definition.

Oh, but bring in the sun in its full glory! The colors vibrate, they pulse, they celebrate joy joy joy, the Light is come! Here the light is pure and unhampered, unaffected by humidity above, bringing everything into its true hue, clear as a bell like looking into a clean mountain stream all the way to the bottom.

Now we can clearly see this is how it is in the Spirit. The abundance of pure light comes from singleness, and when it comes that way, there is no doubt as to its purity or credibility. The proof is in its pudding, the pudding being the entire landscape inward and outward having been flooded with light, which brings out nothing but praise and thanksgiving. Just on a walk up to check the mailbox. As you said above, Ole Henrik, God delights in living our common lives and beholding His creation through our eyes, and pronounces it good. “If thine eye be single, having no part dark, then thy whole body shall be filled with light.” Amen!


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