Time in Sarasota and New audio

March 1, 2013 11:30 PM
 Our time in Sarasota is almost over. We’ll head over to Florida’s east coast tomorrow to visit our friends in the Melbourne/Palm Bay area. I think it is our 8th visit since John and I began traveling together in 2005. We’ve been so busy with folks I haven’t had time to do much “reporting” on what has been going on. Almost as soon as we arrived Wednesday evening, we were off and running. We had a dinner and a great well-attended meeting that started not long after our long drive from Rome, GA. Then yesterday, Thursday, we did the same thing at our host’s (Charlie Pendergrass) house, finally wrapping up today (Friday Feb 28) with a men’s Bible study and prayer meeting early AM, then most of the rest of the day at the Living Word Coffee House and Bookstore, which has lots of tables and chairs and even private rooms for groups. Different folks came in and out during the 6 or so hours we were there, and I just uploaded our first audio from this trip — “Give What You’ve Got.”
To listen to audio: http://www.spreaker.com/user/fred_pruitt/give_what_you_ve_got

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