The Entirely Different Closing the Gap

By Fred Pruitt

(Adapted from a previous article)

I wrote something a while back that contained the following paragraph:

“But there comes a time when you enter into rest, because the “rest” is God Himself, and then out of that rest we live out of, or our lives are coming out from, God, rather than something separate like hearing what God “expects of us” and then we (as if we are separate) going out and trying to apply or do it. This is entirely different. We have discovered the invisible but always flowing spring of the Spirit within us, so that whatever we need is provided when we need it. Need understanding for something? — there it comes! Need this or that? — there it comes!! Now that doesn’t mean there might not be a little turmoil or a little sweat involved, but by whatever human process that might ensue, it is all out of the life of the Spirit which is out of a life of rest in God. That’s what Jesus was describing when He said His life “came down from heaven.” It is a given life, flowing in grace, effortlessly, every moment of every day.”

When I re-read the paragraph above, it jumped out at me that I still wanted to close the gap some more. Ultimately this is a gap that words cannot close. One has to actually see it in himself for the gap to close. But that is God’s business, because mine is to continually keep closing the gap between separation and oneness in our consciousness.

Maybe my words should always be prefaced with a sentence like, “It is something like this.” Because “it” cannot be pigeonholed that way. So to describe “it” is in some sense not looking at it right in the face, but as it were a little askew or from one side or another.

I like how John Bunting always prefaces his medical explanations of things for us non-medical folks, with a similar disclaimer — “Ok, picture your intestines like this (he uses his hands to demonstrate), but, you have to understand, it’s not REALLY like this, but this is a good way to understand it.” And then he launches into a semi-technical explanation of whatever it is, and we listeners all nodding our heads at the technical part with unpronounceable words rolling out of John like a native tongue and we feign understanding to some degree.

But that’s that. This is this. And “this,” when using words, can only be communicated by parables and pictures and the plainest simplicities.

Now here is something of what jumped out at me above. When mention is made of “needing something.”

I wanted to further say that, while I am most certainly talking about practical tangible things which show up when you need them, and also things like understanding and wisdom, but mostly what I wanted to stress and with this underline this point, is that what is really “coming out of God as a gift” is ourselves! This is where the rest, rests.

This is the underlined point. We are the rest. That is why we can walk in it. The rest has become us. Perhaps previously we were seeking to enter the rest, as if it was someplace outside of us, something we didn’t have or did not partake of except in too brief snatches, or a different room we had only put a toe or shoe in before.

But the “result” from entering or having the rest enter us is that, like truth, like light, like salt, like the person of Christ, we ARE this rest. (As we walk in truth because we ARE truth.) We don’t seek it, look for it, pine for it, wish for it (as well as the other things mentioned above), we realize we walk as rest walks. We talk as rest talks. To paraphrase Forrest Gump: “Rest is as rest does.”

It requires no analysis of behavior. It is what it is in all situations and events. To be technical, it is HE walking in us as ourselves walking. It is us, thinking, acting, doing, meditating, praying, watching TV, going fishing, doing nothing, staring at the ceiling, taking a bath, using the bathroom, playing with the grandkids, opening letters from friends, opening mail with window envelopes stamped, “Past Due!,” and yet in all that it is He, but not so that we would notice. We live and it is He. We think, decide and act, and it is He. We don’t think (about who we are) but just act out of our own inner truth, and it is He. We do nothing and it is He. But it is just us. No tricks, no mirrors, no smoke, no subterfuge, no emperor without clothes who we say has clothes, just us living as funny looking us and it is the glory and light of God in blue jeans and sweatshirts on the couch on Saturday afternoon.

Christ is the spoken Word, Logos, Sign, Outraying, Manifestation, of the Father. He came to us. The flow is outward from Him. Even our turning inwardly toward Christ is only His Spirit encircling Himself, loving Himself as us loving Him after He has loved us. There is no end. Love just keeps going and going.

So the real rest is not emotional peace or self-assurance, not increased knowledge or depth knowledge of scripture, but the outflow of God the Father through Jesus Christ the Son by the Holy Spirit as an unending river of Living Water that branches out through particularly me and particularly you. The river encompasses the entirety of our humanity. Yes, it is a divine river, because everything seen in its true light shines. But it is for our sake a human river, of life begetting life, through love loving in humans loving humans.

The Lord God has plenty of angels. Now this is a time for Him to reap His humanity He has begotten in us. That is the “fruit” He reaps from the earth!


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