Faith and the Burning Bush

Short Exchange between Ole Henrik Skjelstad and Fred Pruitt

From: Ole Henrik Skjelstad

To: Fred Pruitt

Subject: Faith and the burning bush

Dear Fred,

A while ago I posted on Fb: “Faith is knowing without knowing”, but I was unable to qualify the statement then. Last evening I was reminded about what I posted, perhaps because I am reading the Axe again and I am being blessed by it. Notably your account on Moses and the burning bush spoke deeply to me this time around. So what is faith? It has to be facts – substance – we speak from our center where we indeed know. Our challenge is that our reason and emotions do not know what our spirit knows in its union with the Spirit so thus we face those inner wars and doubt. However, since we are dealing with substance what we have taken must reward us, as it were. It is like eating. We take the food, but have no control over the digestion system or know how it works in all its complexity, but nevertheless what we have taken will profit us – new energy, the sensation of being satisfied etc.

What spoke so deeply to me this time concerning the burning bush was that it was God who spoke out of it. My voice is His voice. Wow, what a leap of faith to believe that it is actually so. But, when I did two evenings ago suddenly the verse about coming with boldness before the throne of God came alive to me in a new way. And even prayer and the word of faith took on a new dimension. I once posted on twitter: “Prayer is God listening to Himself” and I believe that is true, not least because of the burning bush.

Love you!

From: Fred Pruitt

To: Ole Henrik Skjelstad

Re: Faith and the Burning Bush

Dear Ole Henrik,

You know, I was thinking something very similar this weekend. I was thinking about where Paul exhorts for prayers for govt officials, rulers, etc., as well as the many times Paul opened his letters with a declaration of what he had asked for them in prayer, the eyes of their understanding being opened, etc., along with his almost constant reminder to the brethren to pray for him, that he might have boldness to speak the Word, etc., and the same thought almost as you had struck me. I thought, if God is all those voices praying (and is He not?), then what is the point of the “prayers,” since He is, in effect, praying to Himself? Whether our prayers for our society or our prayers for spiritual things, it’s He praying to Himself, so what’s the point of it, since God is simply asking Himself to do what He Himself wants done? And then the ton of bricks fell on me again!

What have we continually said since we saw it? What is the fulfillment, the “ultimate” of the incarnation? We know Jesus is just the beginning of the Incarnation, the First Seed, but He is the First Seed of a Great Tree, each of us being branches which in turn support other branches (as outgrowths) which in turn support other branches ad infinitum.

Now of course these are not just “tree branches” but Sons, sons with “life in themselves” as Jesus said of Himself, “For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself; 27 And hath given him authority to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man.” (Jn 5:26, 27). Well, there it is! Where does God expect the Life to show up? In the Son! This is what pleases the Father, the Son Who fulfills all His will. And in that fulfillment, the glory of the Father is expressed in the glory of the Sons, because though the victory has been declared in the invisible, it is the Spirit by the SONS who bring the victory into visibility.

Remember when Jesus was praying aloud publicly and said He was praying that way so that they could see the the Father always listens to the Son, (Jn 11:42) – that is the answer! Though God has decreed these things from heaven, it is by us and our prayers and faith that these things are brought into visibility, whether in the spirit or flesh. WE are the speakers! Therefore these exhortations to prayers in the New Testament are what flow up from the kingdom of heaven inside us, and even though it is we who speak the words and by those words bring out the light of the world and salt of the earth, it is out of the Father’s mind in us, who willed specifically us to be the enacters of whatever the Lord is bringing into the world.

So, while we could say that “prayer is God praying to Himself,” that is incomplete. We are a necessary (to God’s plan) part of the picture, and cannot be left out. WE are the whole reason for everything, to bring forth God’s vast family of Spirit Sons who do all the will of the Father.

Anyway, that’s about it for the moment.

All love,



6 thoughts on “Faith and the Burning Bush

  1. In order to get the complete picture, I was reminded of Ezekiel 36:37: “… This also I will let the house of Israel ask me to do for them …”
    It all starts with God in the spirit, then it gets into the soul into realm “for them” where our desires come in view, showing the mystery of one united self.

  2. Fred,
    I have enjoyed your writings and was wondering if you are still traveling and sharing the message of “Christ In You” I would love to meet you in person and talk to you about coming to San Diego. God is working here, and many are having their eyes opened to this wonderful truth. If that is impossible, I would love to come to one of your conferences. Let me know!!

    • Hi Jerry,

      Thank you for writing! Yes, I do still travel. I didn’t know of anyone in San Diego who was along with us so I’m glad to know you are there. Our oldest, our son John, lives there, but he is into other things. He liked it after being stationed at Pendleton. I owe him a visit! I haven’t been to CA since 2010, but hopefully this next year I’ll get out there. If possible, I’ll be sure to look you up!

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