Jesus’ 40th Birthday in ME!

By Fred Pruitt

Though this is not news to many who know me, this is for me a very significant day, this Christmas Day 2012. The reason is that it was 40 years ago today, December 25, 1972, on a country dirt road, alone under the Christmas night stars, that Jesus Christ became alive in me, and I began to know that I had been born anew in Him!

I’ve told the story many times, no need for that now.

Except to say that it was as dramatic and real to me as was Paul’s day on the Damascus Road, and that the Light, which transfigured everything in my life and wholly brought the Life of Heaven into my conscious being from that point forward, has only solidified and grown brighter with the years.

That Light has stood every test, every doubt, every sorrow and joy. It has sustained and flourished in abundance or hardship and has never failed. Even my own fears and doubts and sins did not put it out, but only intensified its stream. My faith failed – His did not, but became mine.

The Light still shines, and I am able to say, not because it is what one should say, but I am able to say this because it is precisely true by my own witness, that the Light shines BRIGHTER, SURER, CLEARER, than ever before in my consciousness! (This is the credit of the Spirit and not to “me.”)

Paul speaks of God’s life in us being “above we all we ask and think,” and I have learned that it is true even now, even now. I was content for years to look to the “above all we ask or think” in the afterlife, but what great joy this Christmas Day, to know that even now, even now, this life in us is “exceedingly above all we ask or think.”

It really is!

As Jesus said, “Friend, go up higher.” (Lk 14:10)

Merry Christmas Day, 2012!


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