Report from the Field 1

by Fred Pruitt

Last night (Thurs, Nov 1) we arrived at our friends’, Bob and Beth Crawford, in Columbus OH. Tonight and tomorrow we are meeting with a group we’ve never met before, which is always exciting, to see the Word spread. And yesterday in Fredericktown, we had something very unusual happen. Our hostess, Jean Reed, had invited quite a few folks to be with us in their home yesterday. Not one of them showed up.

But while we were waiting, we saw a young man with long hair go by the front window, walking his dog. I said, “Hey, that guy looks like John Lennon,” (and he did until he got close up), and Jean said, “That’s our next door neighbor, I think I’ll go invite him in.” So she did just that, and he said yes, he would come. When he came in he was very wary and confessing that he is a Christian, had been “filled with the Spirit,” but because of certain things about him, no church would have him. Long story short, we had one of the greatest impromptu sessions on “union” we’ve ever had, and he was drinking it up.

And at the same time, Jean got a phone call from someone in a neighboring town, wanting to know about our visit. She had been into “union” since the early 80s when she began reading Union Life Magazine. She had been living there all this time and we’ve been to Fredericktown about 6 or 7 times, but never knew she was there. She said she loved NPG and wanted to meet and hear us, and she was incredibly excited and “lit up” about it. So after the first guy left, this lady and her husband showed up, and we had another impromptu “glory session,” that couldn’t be beat, and they left a couple of hours later greatly edified as were we. I told Jean it was like one of Jesus’ parables, where everyone invited to the feast had excuses as to why they couldn’t make it, so they went out into the “highways and byways” bringing people in from off the street. A wonderful work of the Spirit.

And we’re looking to more of the same as we are here in Columbus for the next two days. Thanks everyone for being with us in Spirit.


4 thoughts on “Report from the Field 1

  1. The size of the crowd doesn’t matter, does it? Two or three will do just fine.
    Where and when will you be in Conneticut?

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