Spring 2012 Trip Report 1

Spring 2012 Trip Report 1 — Slidell Louisiana

by Fred Pruitt

We had a truly tremendous time in Slidell last night. (4/21/12). A group of folks came over, none of whom we had previously met, and hardly before we sat down, questions were asked, and we were off, non-stop for 2 hrs. Great group, great openings, light bulbs coming on, recognition and “YES YES YES” in the eyes of some of the people, as we shared who we really ALL are in Christ, which boggles the imaginations of us all. For how can mere mortal human beings possibly consider union and oneness with the Creator of All, and to take into ourselves the unbelievable Good News, that the image of God, which is Christ in us, has been restored to us in the Resurrection, so that our normal regular mundane looking and feeling human lives are not “just” that, but expressions in human form of He Who is Above all, in all, and through All? And yet the miraculous mystery of all this is that it is TRUE, only waiting for us to reach out and take/receive this unimaginable Gift! “Whosoever will, let him take of the Water of Life freely!”

Like I said, it was the BEST SESSION EVER!! Unfortunately, I forgot to turn on the digital recorder, which I was holding in my hand — sorry! 🙂 But, we have 18 more days to go on this trip so I’m pretty sure the Spirit remembers what was said last night and we’ll get it recorded for everyone to hear, maybe tonight, where we are having another session in Metarie, another suburb of Nawlins.

More later …

Blessings to all!


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