Update and Personal Note 2012 – 2

by Fred Pruitt

 To listen to this on audio, click here: Audio

Welcome to the first edition of what I’m going to call, Audioscribe. I recently bought Dragon NaturallySpeaking software so that I could dictate to move to the computer and so that what I say audibly, I can also have in a written form as well. People have been asking me if my audios were transcribed and likewise people been asking me if I written pieces are up on audio, and this is an attempt to solve that problem. As I get the software trained more and more it will be more and more accurate. Right now it can take your dictation fairly well and get it pretty accurate. I’ve been working with it for a couple of weeks but so far it’s not doing transcribing very well. In other words, it has the ability to take recorded pieces of audio and without playing it just to take the transcription right off the computer file. And it’s amazing to watch it work. But it still has too much work to get it right so as I train the software more and more what I have to say that is been pre-recorded will be in both written and audio for now.

The first announcement that I’d like to make is that the Sloop John B is going to be sailing again. Now you have to be of a certain age to know what the Sloop Sloop John B is but suffice it to say it means that John Bunting and Fred Pruitt are gonna get into John’s white Ford Taurus again and take to the highways to go around and share with our brothers and sisters in Christ who we really are. And it’s the most exciting thing in the world to be able to do this. It’s a great privilege to be able to do it with John Bunting and it’s great privilege to go around and meet new friends as well and see old friends again.

John and I have been doing this now for seven years and were going back to places where we’ve been from the beginning and we’ve seen phenomenal growth from the beginning of our travels to where we are now in ourselves and we’ve seen the growth as well in the people that were we’ve been able to go see. And thanks to some of the new fangled means of communication Internet, Facebook, e-mail, and what I’m trying to do now with making everything audio and written, we’re seeing more and more new people through the Internet, through Facebook primarily, into our websites — my blog which is thesingleeye.WordPress.com, and the Norman Grubb website by DeeDee Winter, which is normangrubb.com, and then also our Christ-as-us site managed by Linda Bunting, and that’s christasus.com, and John Collings handles the technical and other for the Norman Grubb site and the Christ-as-us site and in consultation with me on my blog.

So back to this trip John and I are taking. We’re gonna be shovin off in mid April and we may have stops in Alabama and Louisiana, but will spend most of our time as usual in Texas going on from there to Oklahoma and Kansas. We have planned stops already in Tyler and in Arlington and in Overland Park, Kansas. And we have tentative things as well that we have working for Lubbock, Lamesa, and in Rockwall, Texas as well. Anyone in the Texas area who wants to know where we’re going to be just e-mail me through my blog or you can e-mail Linda Bunting at b13984@iglou.com

Well like I said, this is an experiment and so my audios may be filled with commands for the voice dictation software to do things like “parentheses something” or “quote something.” All of that will be in it and I hope hopefully it won’t be too attention altering. This is it. This is a new thing for me. And so as you can see this first one is a little iffy but as we go if I get used to talking I have great hopes for this! So praise the Lord! God bless everyone! And let me hear from you. It’s gonna be another great trip. That’s it for now


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