Welcome to the Adventure of Adversity

By Fred Pruitt

(The Daily Email from www.christasus.com had an excerpt from Norman Grubb on “The Adventure of Adversity.” Norman’s words brought out the response below which originally was written to those with whom we have been bonded in Christ for more than 30 years. But I thought I’d share it for everyone because this is all of us.)


I think maybe on evangelistic billboards, instead of inviting people to Jesus “who will meet all your needs,” we invite them to “Welcome to the Adventure of Adversity.” Nobody would sign up!

 And yet, the Pill we swallowed (Jesus), was tasty and delightful in the mouth, but became bitter in the belly, as the Lord took us on His journey through Life. It’s the “tough stuff” that makes us; all of it is necessary; all of it hurts. Ah but the adventure! “What hath God wrought?” (Num 23:23)

 In the beginning we could not stand the thought of pain. Now it has become our friend. Behold –“What God hath wrought!”

 Nothing has been left out. All has been put under His feet and ours as well. All. Think of all that “adversity” has brought! It has always been the people. Because adversity can only be about “people.” It can only be about “love.” In no other way can we be raised up into the fullness of Christ than to see His Triumph in hell. Heaven is for sissies. Hell is where you get the people. So we had to go to hell. And stay there until we bring all my sheep out.

Well, praise the Lord! It is surely bittersweet. But tears of sorrow bring tears of joy. Praise God for “The Adventure of Adversity!”

It is no secret Janis and I have lived in many places. So I have a special affinity with UHaul trucks. I always laugh when I see one go by with “Adventure in Moving” in big bold letters. Yes it is. Moving is quite an “adventure.” But it has always led to new life. New people. An expansion.

It’s a hard saying for a lot of folks. Eat His flesh and drink His blood? Is this not what we do every day in heaven in hell? His Flesh is the bread of heaven and His Blood cleanses all and we are what we eat and drink. We eat and drink the Lamb’s Life and people now eat and drink us.

But it’s still a hard saying. But where else are we to go? “Thou hast the words of eternal life.”

The Adventure of Adversity!




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