Coming Very Soon–To A Blog Near You

by Fred Pruitt

A complete, navigable list, for all the articles on “Voice in the Wilderness.”

When there were only a few articles individual ones were easy to find. But as the number of articles posted has grown, it has become increasingly difficult to find particular articles, especially older ones. It is even getting hard for me to find them, and I have access to the original files.

We now have 277  posts (articles) on the blog. They have been arranged since the beginning into particular categories. But over time the original categories have become stretched so that there really need to be more categories, and the articles in each category re-evaluated and some moved to more appropriate categories. Most of them would fit in more than one category, so sometimes I have a hard time deciding and just put them in “General.”

In the meantime, however, I have gotten through almost half the articles, arranged into a navigable lists according to their categories. When I finish, which I hope to be by the end of the weekend (I have to do all 277 articles individually), readers will be able to have easy access to any article at any time.

Just keep the prayers going for me that after I get this sorted I can keep up with the organization after that. I am much more concerned with “content” rather than style or organization, but I believe the Lord is strong in this weakness.



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