Update and Personal Note 2011-6

Update and Personal Note 2011-6
By Fred Pruitt


How goes your summer? Wow, it goes fast!

We’re going to slip in a little R & R next week, headed across to Texas, to be with our precious friends, Gary and Dee Dee Winter. After we spend a few days with them having nothing but fun, we’ll have a visit with John and Janie Collings for a day or two.

When we get back after a week or so, I know it will be time to roll up the sleeves and get on to the next things.

One thing I am extremely excited about, is that I have finally started my commentary series on “The Axe Laid to the Root.” I am doing the sessions in both audio and video, take your pick. I recorded two episodes yesterday, “Introduction,” and “In the Beginning.” It all went well until I went to turn the camera off when I was finished, only to find out the camera had quit about six minutes into the 30+ minute video.

I had a dilemma, because I had done it extemporaneously, and could not possibly say the same things again, and I liked how that part went. However, I am separately recording the audio, and the audio got the whole thing. There is a pretty good few minutes on consciousness, and I did not want to just scrap it. Therefore, I went ahead and put that particular one on the audio site. Maybe I can work out a video for it soon. Hopefully I can knock out a couple more before we leave next week for Texas.

You can find links to the “Commentary” on my new “Axe Commentary” page on the blog. All the links, both audio and video, are there. The “Axe Commentary” page. https://thesingleeye.wordpress.com/axe-commentary-audio-and-video/
Again, thanks to all of you for your willingness to look into these wonderful things of God. I appreciate every note or response, do my best to answer everyone (though they do fall through the cracks every now and then). I am thankful for so much confirmation from many of you, and that all helps keep us going and going.

And of course we appreciate especially certain ones who have in various ways helped us out as gifts from God. A special thanks to all who support us financially. It is never taken for granted, even a “small” gift, because all of them are special touches of the Lord that fill me with tears. By this means God continually confirms Himself and our path through the saints who want to help us get this Truth of Who we are, out to the whole world. Thanks be to God!

All previous “projects” — books, articles, CDs and DVDs — I have talked about in the past are still on the table. I only speak the word given. He is the One Who gives the increase. One day!

What joy to be able to speak the Words of God. What privilege, what glory! How many many times over the last few years I have wanted to give up. Often I felt like no one was listening or cared. But the Spirit would lift me somehow and bring me back into the Day, and we still march on. The need is out there throughout the whole world. And we know we exist to meet need, because first and foremost, as sons of God, we are other-lovers. “Need” draws out the Father’s Life from us. As God told Abraham He was blessed by God and became a “blessing” himself. And we are the same, both blessed and a blessing outward from us. We are the favored of the Lord (all who call upon the name of the Lord Jesus), and all His intentions for us are the best best best, “exceedingly above all we ask or think.”


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