Our Desires Are Pure

by Fred Pruitt

An excerpt from a longer recent article: The Food and Purpose of Faith

And as the Spirit moves us along, inwardly teaching us every day, we begin to realize that even our “desires” are pure. When they first come, these desires, the immediate battle that is joined is in these desires being something “for me.” If “I” desire it, even if it might be good for another, the “for me” has to be taken out of it, and this “for me” is ever before us as a temptation, every hour of every day, to accuse us and tell us we are not really for others, that we are still living for ourselves and always will be.

Desire pushes us out, where we are immediately faced with this struggle. This is the Spirit’s perfect place, for as it overtakes us again in a fresh way that it is always, “no longer I, but Christ,” we experience a “death” to whatever we get out of a thing, which then “purifies” that desire as holy and of the Lord, because whatever that desire may be, once we have seen this, then we begin to have the object of our desire in clearer light. It then becomes a “desire” to see the end result of what we have believed, fought for and finally declared!

Prayers are prayed and we leave them to God for their fulfillment. But this is different. Once we give our prayers to God, we are not involved anymore. But in this we are totally involved. We have thrown everything on the altar fire, burned up in the consuming fire of the Deity, coming out the other side as beneficial and gentle light, and in that new light we see the object of our desire in that new light and purity. Jesus did not just pray to the Father to save everybody. He became the forgiveness, salvation, and reconciliation of His Father in His mortal flesh, and through the Cross, Resurrection and Ascension, He gave these “gifts” unto men, that that same Divine Life unto Life which was His, is now ours also.

And that throws us into action. It becomes no longer just something we can “declare” God is doing, but now it being very personal and individual as well, we are joined with Him to gain the resurrection – not the resurrection of our bodies in the final day – but the resurrection Life showing up in that object of our desire. It is a divine commission, which sometimes dearly costs us, and because we are His and He in us, we are glad to pay the price, because we see the Life coming out of it. As did Jesus, in the same way we “endure the Cross despising the shame, for the joy that is set before [us.]”(Heb 12:2). What is it that is set now, before us? “To bring many sons unto glory.” (Heb 2:10) Same as He.

Because of that we cannot rest outwardly (though inwardly always peace in the Lord) until we see our desire accomplished that God says will be to the benefit of the whole world. Even as Jesus relied on the power of the Father to bring Him out of hell, for when one is “dead” one cannot help or raise Himself, even so we, with trembling fears and conflicting emotions, willingly account ourselves as “sheep for the slaughter,” that the world (our individual worlds) BY US might be saved. The incarnation of Christ is complete at this point, as far as this earthly existence is concerned. He has become fully formed in us now. And as this is true, HE has made us safe in Him to throw our full might and attention toward these ends He has established and set before us.

For the joy that is set before us – “to bring the “many sons” to their glory in Christ, which is the same glory the Son had with the Father before the world began. (Heb 2:10; Jn 17:20-23). THIS is the “Shekinah” glory everybody is clamoring to see. The Old Testament “Shekinah Glory” that filled the temple of Solomon, is but a shadow or a parable of the True Shekinah, which according to Jesus’ prayer, is already present in everyone of us Who are His.

Therefore we have no further need to go hither and yon trying to find some outer manifestation that will somehow be our witness or to bolster or solidify that faith already in our hearts. Why should we? Why go looking for what is already in us and ours? It is already IN us! And that being the case, WE ARE NOW this glory in our worlds. And that Glory is infectious, because it overtakes everything around us, purifying everything, accomplished everything that the Father desires BY US!

So here it is in short. We desire. We die to “owning” that desire, as Abraham died to Isaac, yet holding true to the Promise that God gave him concerning Isaac. (“In Isaac shall thy seed be called.”Gen 21:12) Isaac was the “Seed-bearer,” the line of Abraham which when it came to physical fruition finally in the Lord Jesus Christ, became the blessing of all nations. And Isaac was part of that. He could not be left out. For the Seed to continue, it had to continue through Isaac, but if Isaac were dead, how could the Seed then go on to its next bearer, who would be Jacob later. Abraham had to “give up” Isaac in the flesh, but Abraham’s eyes saw further than that; he saw what God was up to. He was no longer just a child, one of the throng, knowing only the “acts” of God, but now he was grown up, and had been taken into the intimacy of God, and God showed Abraham his “ways.” (Ps 103:7).

So Abraham gave up Isaac in the flesh, but kept him in the Spirit, saying to the lads waiting with the donkeys, “Abide here with the ass, and I and the lad will go yonder and worship, and come again unto you.” “I AND the lad.”

So therefore we do not give up our desire, but instead God takes it out of the flesh (for me) and translates the same desire (for his son to live and bear more sons) into the Spirit, and in that light Abraham received Isaac back, “as in a figure,” Hebrews 11;17 says. In other words, he saw it, the truth, the resurrection, already in the Spirit, and in revelation and Spirit, he received Isaac back from the dead before he had even taken his life. Though he “died” to Isaac, still he did not give up his desire for Isaac in the Spirit, and out of that came “And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice.” (Gen 22:18)

That is what Job meant, or we understand when Job said, as referred to above, “Yet in my flesh I shall see God.” This is it, right here.


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