Update and Personal Note 2011-4

Update and Personal Note 2011-4

By Fred Pruitt

“Free As He Is Free” (See new links below)

How do we set people free, when we seem to ourselves so beset with weakness and contradiction? The answer is that we are only allowed to view those “self” things in order that we might know that we are NOT that, but only Christ in us. That is the message of the “truth will out.” It “outs” in us. So we do not have to worry about those issues, setting people free, leading them, etc, except to know that as we are led and free even so are they, and they will “hear” what the Spirit is saying in them, since we are doing the same before them. We have come to thoroughly know it is not about discipling “men” to ourselves but to Christ and the Spirit. They (as we do also) belong to Him. Our hearts are His. Our motivations are His. We are not persons concerned about our public persona, but just simply living Christ in all we do, sometimes in what looks like trial and error, but sometimes also wisdom is proved by trial and error. We are then free of those self-thoughts, even as we desire others to be free of them, too. We can be free because we are free! Blessed and a Blesser!

We transmit to others our own reality, i.e., “Christ in His own freedom as me.” We don’t “teach” freedom as a concept (what is allowable, what is not allowable), because it immediately falls into the legal realm, where we still want to find the edges of this freedom, some borders, some rules we must keep somewhere in the forefront for self’s-security’s-sake, so often we invent phrases like, “Of course whatever you hear from the Inner Word will line up with the Written Word,” and others similar. We cling to those “safety” places, as I see it, less out of conviction, but more so out of having a safe “place” to anchor this freedom.

But true freedom defies all that and doesn’t live in that rational level. It does not answer those questions. “The wind blows … so IS everyone who is born of the Spirit.” People ask sometimes, what does this union life look like? Or what would this love look like expressed? Give me a picture, a model.

We give them the one they may not expect, in that we ourselves are the picture, the model. The answer is, it looks like the “whoever” in which the Life is showing up. That is why Paul told the Corinthians that they were the letter he had written. Paul didn’t tell them to go study more, get with it, dig into the torah — though they may have done all of that — but simply told them that the Life was now showing up in them as them. “You are now the life,” he was telling them. Yes, definitely an earthen vessel, but not just an earthen vessel, but a vessel filled with the Water of Life, out of which is flowing rivers of that Water.

“Now,” he tells them, “Your stony hearts have been reborn, and have become hearts of flesh.” Ah, is this not the purpose of God? Hearts of flesh feel everything, experience everything , apprehend everything, behold everything as taken into them, seeing no separation in what is outside and what is inside.

I maybe should not get carried away, and just conclude with this. We live a Spirit freedom and an Unbounded Love. That freedom and love is who and what we are, and we cannot help but to be it. And it is catching. A contagion of Life! That is who you are, and undoubtedly you are flowing out as He is continually flowing in!


Our recent trip to Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas was a great example of the above. Everywhere we went the Spirit had gone before us, always preparing the folks and circumstances in special loving ways. It could not have gone better.

I have a few new talks from the trip uploaded to the podbean site. Tony Maden even uploaded a video of one of our nights in Overland Park, Kansas.

Here are the links for the new audios and video:

Growing Up in Consciousness: http://christasus.podbean.com/2011/05/05/growing-up-in-consciousness/ (Wetumpka AL)

God’s Purpose for our Union http://christasus.podbean.com/2011/05/05/gods-purpose-for-our-union/ (Broken Arrow OK)

Nothing Can Separate Us: http://christasus.podbean.com/2011/05/05/gods-purpose-for-our-union/ (Broken Arrow OK, John Bunting)

Knowing Our Oneness: http://christasus.podbean.com/2011/05/05/knowing_our_oneness/ (Waldorf MD)

Video: John and Fred Share At Graves Home: http://christasus.podbean.com/2011/04/20/john-fred-sharing-at-graves-home/

Thanks as always for everyone who gives us encouragement, inspiration, comfort and financial support. All is appreciated. Click here: New Support Link

Thanks to all, and the blessings of the Lord flow and flow over you each like pure water of life!

Fred Pruitt, May 6, 2011



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