Follow-up to The Light Shines in the Darkness

By Fred Pruitt

(The following is the response to the person whose questions had instigated an article posted last October, “The Light Shines in the Darkness.” My friend wrote me in his response that his life now seems to have “gone to pot.” He had been a real “church” man and now found no joy there anymore, and further that since he had come to believe that Christ and he are one, and “let go the reins,” so to speak, that all sorts of problems and temptations that had been problems in his past, were now coming to back to him, and he thought he was losing control of himself. What to do? What to think?)

My friend,

Perfect!!!! You see, all the outer had been buttressed up by rules and regulations and keeping yourself holy, and that becomes our crutch, that at least we keep ourselves from this and that and we make that to be our holiness. But there you are, it’s all gone to pot, as you say, all the outer trappings of behavior and attitude that you have thought were the proof of the pudding in you, now taken away and it seems that once the restraints are loosed, everything is going haywire.

And it is exactly to finally push you into that corner where you can do nothing, can rely on nothing, can confess nothing, can only be nothing. You are at that final place where it can be only God or nothing. You cannot pull yourself up by your own bootstraps here, because the Lord has removed the bootstraps. He is your bootstraps, and from here on out He does whatever pulling up there is to do.

So we’ll watch and see how He does it, and in the meantime you have been basically “killed,” for you find no joy in life anymore, it all having gone to hell. God is faithful, and you will KNOW Him faithful in you. Be not afraid, only believe. “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning!”

8 thoughts on “Follow-up to The Light Shines in the Darkness

  1. Fred,

    Great advice, dear brother! Sounds like our friend is experiencing what Paul experienced and described when he penned the words, “But God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world has been crucified to me and I to the world”. What a wonderful place to find ourselves to truly experience Christ in us as the “Resurrection and Life”!

    Your writings are a blessing…

  2. uncanny…funny…that you appear in front of mine eyes agian with the same message that you pinned me down with long ago(it seems). You are like Elijah the troubler of Israel to me, goading, pricking, Israel the eternal schemer! Then at other times you have been as the Jordan river to me, small and inconsequential as far as big ministries go(delusions)yet effectively washing me clean of my leprous independant sel disease! You are a true friend of sinners brother. Just cancelled a bank loan application in which I had not been honest about whether it was for a personal of business nature. I repented to them. But it is as you say Elijah…I can do nothing to help myself(old one) for he dogs my steps and blocks my path wherever I turn. So here I sit by the Brook Cherith waiting to be fed by a stupid bird, no friends, no limelight, no glory, just hiddenness and waiting. Remember me , remember me cries Joseph from the prison cells…remember meeeee….then 3 more years unfold..hahahahaha

  3. oops, the stupid bird that feeds me is in fact the Holy Spirit, sorry for that!! He faithfully brings to me only that which He hears from the Kings table, where the Father and Jesus fellowship together, where the wall paper is covered with our faces. I accept what that sweet bird brings to me at the Brook Cherith.

  4. You know what I love about this Fred? You give hope to the hopeless and light to show our way is God’s way. I have felt the way this person feels too and there is a sense of panic that somehow I got it wrong or that there was some itty bitty thing I should’ve done and didn’t and it wrecked the whole train but then there is you and your writing showing that it’s all ok. God is in the train wreck and it is all Him. You make me come out of my hiding and realize i am in the LIGHT! THANK YOU!!!!

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