Which of You by Taking Thought?

By Fred Pruitt


Question from a reader:

Hi Fred,

I want to come to peace about something that keeps my thoughts going back to it over and over. I hope I can explain it to you clearly and I also hope when I receive your responds it will satisfy my thoughts so I can stop thinking about it.

Norman mentioned in one of his books that “the Father is the thought, the Son is the words, and the Spirit is what takes place in the physical. (ALL in ALL)

What if we go against our thoughts when making a decision? Sort of like, making ourselves look good to others so our thoughts are one thing, (maybe ugly, or could look ugly to those around us, unloving) We go against that thought that gives the appearance of being unloving and we choose the choice that gives the appearance of being loving, maybe even a scriptural answer. Isn’t the non-scriptural ugly decision just as much love and just as much Christ as the perceived loving one?

Do our motives for anything really matter? Even if we go against our very selves?

All out comes are Christ, All in the All, Love. Did I just answer my own question?  Must be Christ, the All in All, it must be love.

Fred please let me know what you have to say about this.




Dear _______,

I’m glad to hear from you. Thank you for writing.

First, that statement of Norman’s you quoted, “Father-thought; Son-word; Spirit-deeds in physical,” we have to take in a “sort of like” sense. What the “Trinity” is in God, is the same in us. Which means He is in us in Himself as a continual oneness, while at the same time these divine “processes” are felt and understood in our humanity.

So that what comes out, without taking thought, is the love of God through Christ, and we just look past any human thought or self-analysis as being the primary way by which we got to that point, but rather to the Way which is the Lord Who is continually past our understanding or ability to think. We do not “work” this life until we thoroughly know we do not work it. Then we just rest in His working, by whatever human process, motivations, attitudes, circumstances, etc., He walks us in and through. Period.

So I do not “think it out” as you seem to be doing, but just simply accept it all as Him, and do not second guess myself very much. I just take it all as Him. What other answer could there be? Has He not promised to keep us, to walk in us, to be the glorious presence in the earthen vessels that we are? So we believe it, not just because the words are written in scripture, but because His words of Spirit and Life have been ingrained in our hearts, and have become the “living human epistle” that we each are!

As we walk along we do understand it more, but even that greater understanding does not change the rock bottom reality, which is that it is no longer I, but Christ who lives in me, but now “I” am living this life, but it’s He. I know I am weak and in that I know He is strong.

So to answer your question, of course you will always have the back and forth of “thought” and “feeling,” “intellect” and “revelation”, but what we learn as the Spirit teaches us, is that these are all part of our involvement in the reconciliation of the world unto God. This is His “using” of our body, i.e., our humanity, “To bear about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, THAT THE LIFE OF JESUS WOULD BE MAGNIFIED IN OUR BODY.” (2 Cor 4:10).

Therefore through all that thought process, we trust that behind it all is He “Who works all things after the counsel of His own will,” and relax in the inward answer of God which manifests in our humanity as He determines.

It is ALL Him! Do not think He is separate from your human thought processes, nor your bodily functions, or anything else about you! He OWNS those thoughts and therefore we can trust our everyday working mind to be the house of the Lord, and then we can trust in His working as us.

Let us keep the simplicity of children while at the same time understanding some of the deepest mysteries that God has revealed in mankind.

I hope this helps. Let me know how you are doing!



4 thoughts on “Which of You by Taking Thought?

  1. “It is ALL Him!” I read this today as a new revelation to me. I realized I have been catagorizing certain traits, feelings and emotions as bad and these need to be corrected or even ignored (lots of luck on that one). It is being solidified in me now that I died and my new life is Christ. He is my all in everything that is me. I really can live free. Total salvation. Thank you Fred.

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