Aroma of Life

by Fred Pruitt

It’s amazing what Paul said about to one we are a savor of life, and to others the stench of death.I don’t know, maybe I’m too influenced by the evil orphanage ladies in Shirley Temple movies, but they seem to be everywhere, always seeing death and sin in the midst of life and glory.

But by mercy and grace we see death swallowed up in the midst of life so that there is only life in the end. Life and death, and heaven and hell, are only life and heaven in the end, and one moment’s touch of eternity opens everything as it really is, which is that heaven is filling everything. Everything is filled with golden light.

Somewhere somehow I have seen it for myself.

Not some great mystical vision of being taken into the seventh heaven, just inexplicable inward confirmation of the truly Real coupled with, every so often, here & there, visual or emotional or intellectual or physical glimpses of the eternal diffused into every moment.

Basically what I’m struggling to say is that eternity is begetting time, and the kingdom of God is the eternity Who is begetting our Time, and our lives in that Time are His begetting, therefore they are His Joy, His Power, His Life, His Love, and that He fills the Whole of it, the “it” being the Life He has begotten in us.

The life He has begotten in us is what we say over and over, “We ARE HE living in our human form!!”

To embrace this is to go past everything. It is the most dangerous thing in the universe — because it can be heard so wrongly. You are He? It is like an atomic bomb in the hands of a terrorist.

Yet this is the way to go. It is the heart of the matter. You are HE! It is built into humanity to discover Who we really are.  Perhaps we can turn away, or refuse the inward call that thunders in our innermost being, but in turning toward the Light to receive (which is faith) the Christ of God, thinking we are taking Someone and transacting with something from outside ourselves, eventually the Spirit brings us to the completeness of Who we are in consciousness, knowledge and understanding, and in that totality we realize that all along this has all been coming out from our innermost being.

Rather than something given us from or by something separate from us, we find we are discovering our own true eternal selves, begotten in the Spirit by Jesus Christ and safely hidden in Him, until the time of their fulfillment. We come to see that we have never really received anything whatsoever from outside, but all along He has been welling up in our innermost secret place, wooing us in everything, every circumstance, every encounter, until He has finally caught us and joined us to Himself in a holy mystical marriage of one spirit (human spirit united to Divine Spirit = One [1 Cor 6:17]), even as we are one flesh with our spouses in our earthly marriages.

In our early experiences we try to tackle the impossible job of trying to “be like God,” which is actually the original sin of Lucifer which caused His eternal fall into darkness and wrath. We are doing it in ignorence, however, because we are starting out with a false independent consciousness of ourselves and we only know separation and “trying to be like.” But by grace, we come to finally ask the question: “Who can measure up to being Him?” Who can really “try” and live God’s life of absolute love? It is just at this point we are at a crux. If we think we are capable of hearing and applying God’s love life by the sheer strength of our will and “with God’s help,” we are doomed to futility until that notion has been completely disabused in us. The flesh (human self-effort) cannot appear before God. Come back later.

“I live yet not I but Christ,” and “To me to live is Christ,” and “Christ is all and in all,” are to us either tall statements or tall tales. Tall tales to some to debate about, but tall statements of a truth so vast and so cataclysmic and so mind-wrenching as to go against every thought, belief, experience and knowledge we ever thought we had in our whole lives. It is enragingly blasphemous in almost any circle to say “I am Christ living — and so are you!”

Now that is either insipid liberal schmaltzy artsy bullcrap or the most volcanic BIG BANG totally mind-orgasming riddle-anwering-mystery revealed out of the most secret depths of eternity, that is when you look into it, as mind-boggling and brain-hurting as looking out into the stars on a clear night and trying to imagine how far infinity is. It is mystery revealed before our eyes yet hardly comprehended. It is beyond us to consider with our minds, and yet we are in the midst of that infinity. We are not looking out “AT” infinity, but are part of it!

“Ye are the light of the world, ye are the salt of the earth ….”


“I live yet not I but Christ …. “


This is really indeed the salvation of the human race!

Exodus 3
13 And Moses said unto God, Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What is his name? what shall I say unto them?
14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of
Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.


8 thoughts on “Aroma of Life

  1. What a bold and absolute truth for this new year. God living His life of love. This is what people have to have. I have already proved to myself that nothing else works. Fred I never get tired of hearing these truths. Thank you.

  2. Yes! Somewhere at some time his life clicked inside of me and I knew that he was the one living through me. It has nothing to do with my behavior but with the reality of his life. I often listen to another voice and forget that it is not me who lives, but I KNOW that it is Christ who is living! Thanks Fred and bless you for your constant encouragement in Christ Jesus!

    • Bless you, Sheila. Trust God to be the listener in you and the One inside you Who knows the Father’s voice. Don’t worry about whether you are attentive enough or listening correctly. It’s not your job but His and trust Him to do it. You are one with Him, and it is plain from that point that it is not we living, but He, and yet still as if just me. It is He in you Who is the perfect listener, He in you who orders your steps. He in you Who will never leave or forsake you. How could He? Hasn’t He made you (us) His precious Bride?
      Thanks again, much love,

  3. Fred, As I read this truth, I thought I would explode,as God confirned in my heart what He is continuing to open my eyes to see. As you say, Fred, I use to see God all outside and NOW, I KNOW and SEE ,HE is an inside jobby and He does bring us to full cirle,”Salvation”.Thinking on Corn. 2:14–Aroma of Life, we are He living in our human forms, is a “bomb”. What can we say, there is no other way, seeing I can do nothing. I’ve been thru lots of hoops {and some religious} but I am finally seeing it is all “HIM”.As I think of a candle{ we the candle of light} and how the aroma smells so good, He in Us is not only the light but the aroma. And being ONE with HIM, WE ARE the Light and Aroma to the world.What a DEAL! As said, we never get tired of these truths and encouragments. Thanks, Fred! Gal 2:20 Praise to YOU, GOD!!

    • Dear Jean, what a wonderful comment. Thank you. What glory all this is, it is too much to contain. One would burst at the attempt. Paul’s testimony to the Lord has become ours as well: “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us …” (Eph 3:20 KJV). This is what we are living in, Jean, this continual outpour out of God’s eternity flowing through our lives like a mountain river in spring. It’s the truth, Jean! Hallelujah!

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