Rideouts’ Great Work in Thailand

I received this below from John Collings, regarding the work Norman & Debbie Rideout have been building in Thailand for nearly three decades. This is good stuff, glorious stuff!!! The attached pdf file is Norman’s and Debbie’s actual newsletter. This is just tremendous stuff, what the Lord is doing by Norman and Debbie.



I wanted to make sure you received the December Newsletter from the
Rideouts.  Their website www.therideouts.com is currently being updated and
will be ready around the first of the new year.

Merry Christmas,
John Collings

—–Original Message—–
From: Norman Rideout [mailto:normride@loxinfo.co.th]
Sent: Thursday, December 09, 2010 1:33 PM
To: John Collings
Subject: December update

Greetings from ChiangMai,

I pray everything is well with you all. It’s hard to believe that Debbie and
I have been back in ChiangMai two months already. We arrived the first week
in October to discover that immigration had failed to give us our re-entry
stamp in our passport before leaving for the States even though we had
purchased it. After searching the office high and low, we were unable to
produce the receipt. This resulted in a required trip to Laos in order to
re-enter the country properly again. Prayerfully everything should be
resolved by the New Year and our status will be back on track.

After returning to ChiangMai for the second time, we found a house on the
north side of the city that we had been seeking for a long time. Because of
the burning and pollution in the south of ChiangMai, Debbie has been sick
alot with lung and allergy conditions. We’ve lived in that area for 11 years
now, and felt that we needed to move to cleaner air. Many of our team
members are quite happy that we’ll be more accessible to them as well. Our
plan is to move around the 20th before the New Year holiday hits. Pray for
us that the move will go smoothly.

I’ve been traveling to the mountains and spending time with our teams since
we’ve been back. They are quite busy this month in particular with
evangelistic outreach efforts. The curiosity about Christians among the
unbelievers runs high during the Christmas month more than other times of
the year. For this reason the Karen churches take full advantage by
celebrating Christmas all month long. Lot’s of Karen believers are traveling
in caravans of pickup trucks from village to village every week with a goal
of reaching out to the demon worshipping Karen in their areas. I rejoice
that this month many Karen will come to know the Lord Jesus through these
efforts. I feel so blessed to be able to walk with people who have such a
fire for God. I’ve attached a brief newsletter with pics of our travels that
I thought might be a blessing to you all.

We enjoyed our trip to the States in the summer, and our visit with so many
of you. We are so blessed that you pray for our family and teams and support
what we do together with the Karen here in Thailand. You are a blessing to
us more than you know. Debbie and I thank you along with all of our team
members and their families. We pray that you have a blessed holiday season
and New Years  with your family and friends.

God’s richest blessings to you all,

Norman and Debbie Rideout

Click here for December Newsletter 2010

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