Video Recorded Live at Christ’s Church, Waldorf Maryland

Click on this link to hear John Bunting and me speaking at Christ’s Church, Waldorf MD, October 31, 2010.


2 thoughts on “Video Recorded Live at Christ’s Church, Waldorf Maryland

  1. Hi Fred, I don’t know much about these things. When I went to play this the volume is way to low even to hear it. I checked all my volumes at this end. Is there anything you can do at your end? Thanks
    Susan Bentley

    • Hi Susan, thanks for asking. I didn’t record this video and it is on the church’s website, so really it is out of my hands. But I will tell you that if you listen for a while, the volume gets better as it goes along. I had trouble listening to it, too, the volume was way low and my sound system in my pc is just a regular one so it couldn’t pump up the volume much. But eventually for me it got to a listenable level, and is adequate for the rest of the time after that point. I wish I could edit it somehow, but I’m like you. I don’t have the equipment or the software, etc. So I just do the simple things like this blog and let the more technically unchallenged handle those things. I do appreciate your interest. Thank you for getting in touch!
      Bless you,

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